Coronavirus and finasteride DHT inhibition

Hi, sorry for my bad English, im from Spain. Recently, I observed that some of you have discussed about if PFS will be positive or not for Coronavirus infection outcome. One of you said that IL-6 which is crucial in inflammatory response and which excessive levels cause a cytokine storm and causes the death in people with the virus is elevated in PFS in animals’ kidneys. But I found in other study that DHT is a cause of increased levels of IL-6 which is in some way contradictory with whats said previously because what finasteride cause is an inhibition of DHT and DHT increase IL-6, so I’m very confused now.

I think @George25 that we just don’t know at the moment.

As far as I know, nobody here has had Corona virus. Since lots of people report changed response to illness anyway, at this point it’s difficult to predict the response, let alone when you take into account the things you’re talking about.

At this point, the best position will probably be to protect yourself as best you can from Corona Virus.

I’m sure we’ll find out more with time, but at this point, unnecessary risk is to be avoided.

While you isolate to avoid Corona virus, please take the time to complete our survey. It is very important that as many pfs patients fill it out.


I think this is the perfect opportunity to get PFS awareness. If one of us gets it and gets very sick we can claim it was because PFS exacerbated the virus. Or on the other hand we can say we are immune because of PFS. Either way it will get recognition.

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Yes, the 0.00…% will get PFS recognized, just like people have been saying since the start or this website, careful you don’t shit gold too while you’re at it

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Conversely, it could be the opposite. People only have so much headspace for one subject and ANOTHER health story probably wouldn’t get much traction.

People are getting very sick and dying already. Getting Corona virus and then being ill in a different way probably isn’t much of a story, unfortunately.

Please look after yourself and don’t risk your health.

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From my experience, PFS has boosted my immune system and both the amount of times I get sick, and for how long I am sick, has decreased. PFS is probably good for Coronavirus, but still stay indoors cause it’s a rough sickness either way.

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I have corona virus and have had symptoms for the past two weeks. I’m starting to feel a lot better. I’ve had pfs for over a year now for what it’s worth.


Glad to hear you’re getting better @Hbcap I believe there’s a thread where awor is asking your experience with corona


Yes, if you haven’t already please report your experience here

Hmm, I found this:

Where are these studies that found that DHT increases il-6? There are numerous things to point towards finasteride elevating inflammatory cytokines overall in the brain, cns, and body as a result of shutting down of steroidogenic enzymes and neuroactive steroids which are highly anti-inflammatory and act as a natural bulwark against stress. Which causes depression, anxiety, insomnia (from dysregulated neurosteroidogenesis) in a positive feedback of inflammation. Some users here also have heart issues. Anyone have a graph of all the steroidogenic enzymes disrupted by finasteride use?

Regardless of whether or not PFS confers any benefits against covid-19, no one should roll the dice and be exposed to something so serious.

I also found this:

The article only shows that finasteride have a protection factor in heart damage and hipertrophy ,and says that 5a inhibitors together with ND worsened inflammation in heart tissue but the principal damage comes from ND not from finasteride. Im not a defender of this drug but omg this is just too much. We have been using finasteride for decades and no one never have had any kind of heart problems due to this drug.depression OK, low libido ok,brain fog ok, but never any kind of heart problem.think you all want to make this drug the seed of all devil conditions.