Confirmed Corona Cases Report Here

I hope everyone is doing as well as possible amidst the current Corona Virus pandemic. If you are a confirmed Corona case, please report your experience here.

Rationale to this poll

Roughly 20% of all survey respondents have found a change to their “Frequency of infectious or viral illnesses (including common colds, flu etc)”.

Please choose an answer for each point in time that most appropriately describes the frequency you catch infectious or viral illnesses (including common colds, flu etc) compared to BEFORE use of the substance/drug.

Their responses to the above question were as follows (all drugs):

From these results we can see that around 60% of respondents experienced a decrease in frequency of “infectious or viral illnesses”. Hence one could hope that we might be somewhat more immune to the Corona Virus than the general population.

The Poll

If you are a confirmed Corona case, please let us know how badly you were affected

  • Moderate symptoms (not hospitalized)
  • Strong symptoms (not hospitalized)
  • Hospitalized

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Please also post your experience and how you are doing below. If you feel you have Corona, but are not a confirmed case, you may also post your experience, but please clearly state that you are not a confirmed case.


The Person who had mild symptoms, what did you take beforehand if you took meds and how was/is your lifestyle? As far if you want to talk about it.


How are you doing, @Hbcap? Hope you’re improving.

Doing alright, thanks guys. Felt like a bad case of flu for two weeks (fever, chills, severe fatigue) with the addition of a complete loss of taste and smell. I’ve been feeling significantly better since Sunday. My room mate and girlfriend got the exact same thing.


I’m mostly better, but not completely, as I still have mild lingering cough and some tiredness. It lasted almost 3 weeks for me but I’m free to leave my building now.

You shouldn’t expect to see many confirmed cases, if any, until people can get antibody testing. The government messed up very badly when making these tests so they only give them to severe cases (hospitalizations) or people who know they got exposed to a diagnosed source.


Don’t be shy on taking Vitamin C,

Any more for reports?


I just had a nasal swab test at a drive-thru a couple days ago, I should be getting the results back soon.