Copper poisoning


Yeah this thread had to come.

Ive been researching alot in the past 24 hours and shoot me down if you want but this fits the bill exact.
I dont know where to start…Here goes…
*Caused by elevated estrogen…fin does this? Copper can also keep estrogen high…
*Wilsons can only be inherited…so it is only possible for some people to get it!! Does this explain the people who dont get better… peoples hormones return to normal as per merck manual but if you are someone with the “wilsons gene” you crash from copper.

Fuck it heres a link, just the first one on google…judge for youself … ndrome.htm

I have also read some medical books round at my fathers house and they said copper fucks with everything…thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, CNS,…

Some symptoms that jumped out at me…

Testicle pain
Muscle spasms
Metallic taste in mouth
Brain fog/Confussion
Loss of libedo
Joint pain
Unable to focus on anything(visual)
Urinary tract infections.
Bipolar(Manic depression)
Angered easily
“Spacey” feeling
Impaired motor skills
Memory loss

I fell like i have been poisoned by a heavy metal…i can feel it inside me
That means nothing but it is my gut feeling.

Plase do your own research and reply back and get tested for copper and heavy metals…properly…not just blood.
I will be as soon as possilble.

Btw one dude claims to be cured by this(reducing copper)


Please scan and post the articles. Thanks


I dont have a scanner and i cant be fucked finding one.
I’ll go one better though and get tested as soon as i can … that will show for sure either way.
Take a trip down to your local library, you will most likely find a good read about it there. :sunglasses:


Hey Tim, please keep your language in check. No need to “fucking” swear every second word. Thanks.


Yeah good call mew, i havent been myself lately :wink:


Have been to the doc and had blood test for copper.
I said what about hair and he said anything would show up in a 24 hour urine test, so i start that in the morning.
If this shows nothing i will try to get a hair test done before i try another avenue.



not sure if this helps

Sorry to all about the swearing :blush:


No, it doesn’t. This is NOT a scientific source of information, it comes from a website designed to scaremonger readers and sell them products to “cure” them from such purported ailments.

People need to understand that not everything they read comes from objective, 3rd party scientific resources. Please evaluate your sources before posting what is essentially spam.


This is why i say go to the library and read a book. The internet cant be trusted.


Lol - yet you post an Internet link. What’s the book(s) title or isbn?


C’mon golf you must know how to find a book with information in it that you want.
I put that link there after i said go to the library so…blah what do i care.
Im going through the tests so that will give me an answer either way.


i have searched google for “copper estrogen” and I got this link

seems excess copper can lead to estrogen dominance


so… you cant post the title of a book that your father owns? thats somewhat odd. just saying.


When i go to his house again i’ll get the name


A sign of prolonged copper toxicity is the manifestation of the “Kayser-Fleischer ring,” described as a dark ring (copper sediment) on the cornea around the iris. Here are some images of the ring (a google image search). … 08&bih=614

Does anyone here on the forum have this ring?

Also, attached is a paper from the 1970s hypothesizing that the manifestation of the ring may be correlated with the manifestation of neurological issues, i.e. speech, movement; that indeed were cleared up with treatment with a copper-excreting drug.

It seems the best way to start testing is to get a serum copper and ceruloplasmin test. And a 24 hour urine collection for copper excretion. For those interested, here is a link to a relatively inexpensive lab middleman for those in the US (


I got by “RBC copper” tested, which is what my doctor said is most reliable for this kind of analysis (rather than hair or serum copper).

It is exactly in the middle of the range. As a footnote, I’d like to add that my E2 has always been very low.


Again with your “filtering” of posts…! This is not spam! know it and I know it.
Are you waiting for a complete scientific manual on why we are all messed up? I can assure you, you wont get it in our life time…and you certainly wont find it on the internet.
This biased “moderating” has gotta stop Mew. Please. For the sake of everyone here.

If you keep disregarding all things natural then this forum is severely compromised. If anyone else agrees with me please chime in. We are making some very good headway with the Copper/Zinc theory. I dont understand why it keeps getting shot down. Having an opinion is one thing Mew, but if claiming that information on copper toxicity syndrome is now spam is a new low.

Also its commone knowledge that with this “Post Finasteride Syndrome”, no two people are the same in terms of treatments that worked, blood work or diagnosis of various imbalances in the body, be it hormones, basic blood work, vitamins and mineral imbalances - whatever!

This is a “Syndrome”. Not an exact science. In the same way Chronic Fatigue Syndrome carries a whole host of varying abnormalities and each patient must be treated individually. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also called “Gulf War Syndrome” - why? Because the troops who were over there fighting on the ground ingested so many toxic chemicals that it overloaded their liver, leading to metabolic problems that are identical to those of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It IS chronic fatigue syndrome. Find the toxin, and detox it, and most of the time, the problem is gone. I have a doc who specialises in it and he has just about seen it all. And he has very good success using liver detoxification profiles, hair mineral analysis, gut microbial analysis and other forms of CUTTING EDGE MEDICINE.

So what im saying is, just because the Copper/Zinc theory doesnt fit your circumstances Mew (and this is still questionable) it is totally not acceptable for you to dismiss this theory alltogether when we now have 5 people who have tested high for copper and god knows how many more.


Good work Tim. You need to think outside the box with this stuff and be pro-active. Please get back to us with the results, im sure you will. Good luck.


Yep it sure can Onlyhope. Thanks for the link…

I will tell you this. I have been to some of the top doctors in Australia about this. Like REALLLLY smart guys who will sit there in front of you and really try and nut this out together. These are doctors who are head doctors for professional football teams and professional athletes. And they SWEAR by Hair Mineral Analysis. Its cutting edge medicine…!

You will find that anti-aging doctors are miles ahead of everyone else including endos. You will also find that they incorporate vitamin and mineral tests as well as liver function tests. The big word is TOXICITY.



I went to the doc this morning about my copper results.
You probably saw my urine was out of range low. Doc thought my body was retaining it/not processing it, although he admitted he didn’t know much about it. He was extremly interested though.
He is going to suss out more on it and find the right specialist to refer me to, was a very positive meeting, i have finally found a doc who is interested. He has not heard of any fin related problems but fully understands why there could be such problems.
He says he has dealt with other people who have been messed up by metals but no one from copper yet. So i will pursue this “Quackery” to see if anything comes of it as i feel it is worth a shot.

Last week i supplemented zinc all week and felt a bit shit doing it, so i stopped. But yesterday and today i have felt much better so i wonder if the effects of the zinc are starting to show up. Im actually feeling horny as hell and my erections are bigger…just wont go up on its own :neutral_face:
Could be getting better with time but who the hell would know.