Constipation reliefs

Ive been using Visbio probiotics along with BB536 Strand Probiotics with great success

digestion and bowel movements have normalized after this past year’s struggle and im sleeping better too

i took antibiotics last year that damanged them im guessing.

research high quality probiotics, they might be able to alleviate some problems and make life easier. visbiome needs to be refridgerated. the bb536 strand from travelbiotics does not need to be

These have been working for a year for you? That’s great , I have struggled to find the right probiotic. I can’t prove it but I think they raise lactic acid for me that I have trouble clearing as well as start to cause Sibo.
I will look into these strains.

I haven’t used them fully for a year

I’ve had digestion problems for about a year. I couldn’t figure out how to get better and thought I needed pelvic floor rehab

Desperately I tried bb536 and got better. Then I stopped taking them and got worse

Now I’m back to taking them

What was the reason for stopping them if they were helping? Were they accompanied by other side effects?

no, i stopped because i didnt realize it was them that was helping and forget to re-order

[quote=“lakehouse, post:5, topic:50239”]
i stopped because i didnt realize it was them that was helping and forget to re-
Is it the Visbiome you’re using or yhe 5536 thats working or both? And what strain of visbiome and how many cfu. And are you on any kind of diet to compliment the probiotics???

No special diet

Bb5536 works for sure

Visbiome is being tried alone right now and so far it’s working but I’ll wait a week or two to see if the effects diminish

I’m planning to take bb536 for a while since my constipation is ridiculously high. How are your bowel movements rn? Like how many times a day?

Do it improves the sexual sides? How about the anhedonia/emotional aspect?

Doesn’t improve anything else but since I have panic disorder that doesn’t let me sleep it alleviates the extra trouble when it comes to sleep

The bowel troubles trigger the panic disorder when it’s extreme for me

As for how many Bowel movements, I would say normal amount for how much I’m eating

It feels normal

If I eat at maintenance weight calories then I’ll go 2-3 times a day

Where did you get BB536 Strand Probiotics? Dm me it you can I might try it myself

travel biotics/ travel probiotics from amazon

blue and white color

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Do you have any symptoms of candida ( chronic itchy rectum, facial skin fungus)if so sorry for the info , does the bb5536 help those symptoms?

i do not have those symptoms

quitting the visbiome

defnitely doesnt work for me. probably made it worse

searched the forum for visbiome and VSL#3 and saw 1 person got worse constipation from it

going to stick to the bb536


sleep getting better after quitting visbiome

using physicians choice probiotics which has bb536

gut improved today

still not fully recovered

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improvements still going

sleep getting better like it was pre visbiome

Has bb536 in it? Or that is the only ingredient in it?

only ingredient

I’ll be ordering this asap. I was getting by on daily metamucil until it started to loose its effectiveness just recently.

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