Constant Abdominal/Other Muscle Shaking

Has anyone else experienced a constant shaking or spasming of their muscles in any area? I understand that muscle twitching and weakness are common among PFS sufferers, but I am referring to a constant, steady shaking, trembling, or locking up of muscles. For example, my abdominal muscles have had a strong, steady, visible twitch in them for over 3 weeks now since my last crash. When I am fully relaxed, they are constantly twitching and you can see them actually move ever so slightly. When I do body weight exercises, such as pushups or a plank, the muscles in my shoulders shake and spasm a lot.

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I’m sorry you’re experiencing those symptoms, @Dknighten . I doubt this is the cause of your symptoms, but is there any chance you’re dehydrated? When I crashed, I would urinate very frequently and I was intentionally dehydrating myself so I wouldn’t be peeing all day.

Could this be the cause?

Report your symptoms here, man:

Officials need to know about this. Additionally, you should record the twitches and spasms if possible and bring them to a doctor. Maybe finasteride triggered something else in your muscles that could be brought to light by going to a doctor. I’m just playing the safe, conservative card with your health here. Best wishes.

I hydrate well with double filtered water throughout the day, pee is a light tint of yellow. I pee a lot too, In the mornings I have a very painful urge to urinate, it’s what usually wakes me up before my alarm. every morning. I’ve already reported my case to the FDA. The endocrinologist I saw prescribed Clomid as a first treatment option. I don’t know what doctors to go to for the twitching and weakness. It’s all caused by the same thing man, an androgen silencing or shutdown. Like the male androgen function has left my body, completely lol. Never would have thought something like this was possible.

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I’m really sorry, man. So are you taking the clomid? For the twitching/weakness, you could go to a PCP and they’ll probably run a metabolic panel with a CBC (your basic blood work). I’m suggesting this because maybe your kidneys or electrolytes are out of whack causing the twitches. I’ve heard of twitching in this disease, but it sounds severe how you described it with the abdominals involved in such a noticeable manner.

had a CBC run and nothing crazy showed up. I’ll try to find where I posted it. I haven’t tried the clomid. It’s still sitting on my dresser.

Can anyone else relate to constant muscle trembling. Like a very slight just tremor all over. When you activate muscles, like doing a plank or pushup, the stabilizers shake a lot and everything is very weak. But even at rest there is a slight tremble.

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I get the tremble too man. It’s especially sucks because for my job I have to use micro pipettes and work with tiny reagents under a hood and use precise movements. Some days are better than others, I feel like weight lifting sometimes helps the shaking. I’ve also been suggested clomid but have been hesitant with the worry that I’ll get worse

Has your skin and musculature changed significantly or is it about the same?

The muscle mass remains the same, but the muscle is not as hard as before. I don’t get a hard pump when I work out and when I flex my bicep I can press inward with my finger and it’s like spongy feeling and depresses

My muscles are extremely soft as well, but all of my skin has changed also. I can relate to pressing in on your bicep while flexed and it depresses a little bit. Everything is completely different.

Any changes with body odor?

Nah I still get Body odor normally if I don’t use deodorant or workout

This is 100% me

The muscle twitching and weakness, or all of it?

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I get them. They have been off and on for over 1.5 years.

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The weakness, twitching (though mainly all over my body) and shaking when exerting my muscles

How are you doing brother?

I had it for 2 months took b12 shots and it went right away you might just give it a try

B12 is a methyl donor, makes things worse in pfs/pssd patients. No need of unnecessary vitamins unless u are deficient of it.

Take the survey please.

I don’t care it worked for me and the shaking stopped few hours after I took it so I’m just trying to help

I believe the survey for people who passed 3 months it’s still my 2nd month

If you’re still in your second month, be very carefull with experimenting.