Constant Abdominal/Other Muscle Shaking

I know I only took b12 twice cause that shaking wouldn’t let me sleep I’m getting better with time I believe
Good quality sleep is the reason I’m getting better I sleep like 10 hours a day

Glad it helped you.

I have muscle twitches / fasciculations often. They occur randomly throughout body.

I can control them well using magnesium citrate - 440mg tablet, one in morning, half at lunch time, one before bed.

Nothing else fixes it except magnesium citrate.

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Were ur magnesium levels low?

Never had them checked.

It’s not a one-off solution - I need a daily intake of magnesium. If I don’t take it - the muscle twitches return quickly.

It’s very easy to try it - magnesium citrate is cheap and widely available.

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