Connective tissues Detoriorating

Today I noticed my white hairs turning black but at the same time I noticed connective tissue especially in the wrists has decreased massively.

I’ve developed neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, wrist pain and trap pain. Joints hurt, muscles hurt and so do my tendons (which burn). My stomach has also being weird to digest stuff. My night vision has massively decreased and I see floaters often.

Does this mean it’s over for me? I have an estrogen problem too? Do I have what Douglas had?

Will I soon be in a wheelchair?
Will I never be able to go the gym again?
Should I kill myself before the real suffering begins?

I know I should’ve listened to you guys but please have some sympathy. I’m ready to cry, I’m scared my life is truly ruined now. Every joint clicks when I move it, I hear clicking anytime I move now.

This is likely the result of me taking 1mg Adex last week and crashing my estrogen. I will have to kill myself soon probably guys. Please remember me.

How can you specifically pin point connective tissue deteriorating?

Hang in there my man. You’re not destined to be doomed from the adex you took. Just cause others were harmed from it, doesn’t mean you were. You’ve been taking a bit lately, and it’s really hard to pin the side effects of that versus your PFS symptoms. Please slow down.

You’re estrogen might be bouncing back up. Give it time.

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Normally my wrists have two pretty obvious tendons. Now only one is visible on either side, the second is hidden under the skin and thinner. I press on it and it burns really bad. They kind of also look ‘thinner’ my wrists, but could be imagination.

Not to mention if I get random pain and can identify it, I press down and it seems to be another tendon in my arm and it burns too. The day after I took an AI I walked to a friend’s and my ankle hurt for hours after. Then the tendons at the heel of both feet began to hurt but I thought nothing of it, just thought probably low E2.

I can literally make anything crack now by moving it. My neck, left arm, left shoulder, wrists, ankles they’ve all began making clicking noises when previously they hadnt done this before.

I also feel excessively like I need to go to the toilet, like Konflict said, i think the combination of an ai and meth has given me the very fatal disease that killed Konflict and Douglas.

I’m scared man. I’m absolutely terrified. Something’s going on and I don’t think it’s normal. I hope it’s estrogen I haven’t had a trt shot so could explain it

Don’t compare yourself to the worst case scenarios, man. That’s just not good. You could be overcoming this in a bit. Let your body do it’s thing and recover your estrogen. Do you think it’s possible your super anxious from coming down from the amphetamine? Have you slept much?


Yeah I haven’t slept and I could be super anxious you’re right but that doesn’t explain the pains and joint clicking man. Also my digestion has just been off recently things haven’t settled right.

I noticed I was even constipated while on meth… That’s insane… How is that even possible?

Dude. I think I could end up like them, it’s been a week and everything cracks and my joints/bones hurt not much but it’s going to get worse right?

I fucked up by trying treatments but I just wanted to get better. I think any of us can understand that. I just wanted to feel a little normal again, now I’ve gone and given myself chronic pain and made myself permanently disabled (possibly)

Even as I wrote this post. I got a random burning pain in my bicep. Why? Why is this happening? It’s never happened before and it’s aligned the same time as joint clicking, digestion issues, constipation, having to piss a lot, visual floaters, decreased night vision and I can’t see the two tendons by wrists very visibly anymore. Doesnt that mean they’re Detoriorating?

Can a doc do a test to tell me whether it is or if my bones are in good shape?

I really want to comitt suicide, I just keep running into problem after problem recently. I feel like this world is a cruel place (companies like Merck, wars, animal abusers) I wouldn’t mind distancing myself from it. Sorry for the tangent.

I wish I had the balls to kill myself, life has gone from fun to a living nightmare recently.

Can anyone help or do anything? I’m desperate at this point I’m pleading for help I know isn’t there.

I just want a normal life now not even a good one just normal would do. I fucking hate this. Why can’t we get guns in my country I’d be done with this already. I’m so distraught by PFS it’s awful, I can’t believe it exists. I really can’t believe I’ve got it.

I can’t believe this is my destiny. I used to believe in destiny fate everything happened for a reason. But this is all to cruel to happen for any reason to anyone.

There you go again. Assuming the worst will happen. You have to do something to relax, man. You’re still only 6 weeks out from quitting. You’re a fresh new member. There is reason to have hope.

I’m thinking that constantly checking in on here is giving you some extra anxiety. Do you think that’s true? I know that happens to me. You should spend time away from here. Go be with family/friends. Play some video games. Go be busy, my man. You can check in on here at any time, but maybe a little break might do you good? Just my advice.

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It probably is but idk if I can do it man. I feel like this PFS stage is the final stage of my life before death, I feel like there isn’t anything left after this tbh.

I try to stay away but I’m lonely as it is anyway. I don’t like being with friends in my post pfs state I feel like I’m being a fake to them.

I really hope you’re right but the digestion issues happened and didn’t stop the day I took the AI. Now I’m getting visual floaters and all’s kinds of shit.

Pain I’ve never had before, everywhere! It’s fucking terrifying because Douglas and Konflict would’ve done anything to stay alive.

Furthermore. My memory is fucked now. Completely. I had to scroll up to remember conflicts name. To be fair I haven’t slept for like 40hrs so it could be that but still.

I promise you man I don’t think I’m imagining these symptoms. Douglas’s case lacks certain details mine has and Konflict I literally only just read his case and was terrified when every symptom sounds like what’s happening to me.

I just hope my connective tissue doesn’t go… I love the gym with all my heart, I have to commit suicide if I can’t even train. It’s literally not an option to live :frowning:

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I know that when I get worse I’ll make sure to say some final words to you and a few others before I do commit suicide but until then. I’m holding on to the hope you’re right…

Everyone who crashes their E2 feels pain. Especially joint pain. Search for crashed E2 outside the forum. Anyways, I’m going to get some rest and call it a night. I hope you can get some rest, too! Feel free to DM me if you’re feeling lonely or anything. We can skype too if you like. Sometimes a voice instead of messages is nice.

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For now, get some sleep @Junkieasteride. Come back in 24hrs or so.

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@Junkieasteride I have your same symptoms without having touched aromatase inhibitors. Who says it’s necessarily E2 crash? I developed it on low-dose TRT, so my E2 should have increased, not decreased. I repeat, you are too hasty and rushed, give yourself time…
… And watch less japanese anime, It’s just trash for debauched …

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IMO The best thing you could do right now is stop trying to cure yourself and give yourself some time for your body to heal itself.

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I agree with you but I feel I sorry that you’re missing out on some of the most amazing shows of our time all because Japanese people drew it lol

Today I noticed I have to really focus hard on things close or far away else it becomes blury.

Ive always had perfect vision in the past. 20/20 tested im gonna try some dry eye medicine see if it helps.

I can’t believe I’m going to lose everything.

The thing that helped me with severe anxiety and pain in my forearm and other joints are benzodiazepines. I’ve had severe constipation too and have used otc laxatives to treat that.

1mg of Adex is too high most people only take 0.25… and it’s not consecutively… and it’s usually when they’re on TRT only.

I would wait a bit, let your estrogens rebound they usually come back for most people since you only took 1 pill.

I believe you were also taking DHT additives and the DHT alone should have lowered your estrogens as they counteract each other. Give ti some time don’t mess with your hormones without testing, you need to know that your E was high before taking Arimidex.

When I had dry eyes it was because of low T. I once put a bit of T cream on my eyelids and it helped, not recommended however.

You may have lowered your T levels or some of your hormones on your protocol that caused the dry eyes.

Not started the dht derivs yet.

Today I woke up with intense pain in both legs mainly around behind the knee. I’ve never had anything like this before in my life. It aches so bad all over

Brother, I have been in your same situation for 6 months. My muscles, joints, tendons hurt. I have depression and anxiety.
I have not taken supplements except low-dose vitamin D magnesium and 8 drops alprazolam in the morning and afternoon.
When I go to the bathroom, the hemorrhoids break and I lose blood.
The only thing that works is the penis that 1 time a week allows me to have sex with my wife without cialis or viagra.
I have a son a job and a wife and I have to stay with them. I can’t lose the war.
Why are they at war now. We must be strong and pray. Sooner or later it will pass.
Don’t think about the gym if you can’t. Walk 30 min 3 times a week if you can. And leave the hormones alone that have nothing to do with it.

bout to shoot some test in case my estrogen never climbed back up. Gotta try everything man sorry.