Cold and flu . i like it

The symptoms are less when I catch cold.
Is it because of cold medicine?
It’s better to live with a cold.

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I am the same. I think it is because the immune system get weaker and that boosts the androgens somehow. I saw an article that says the high levels of testosterone suppress the immune system and vice versa.

I’ve only had one cold while I’ve had this and felt great at that time.

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For two and a half years after I got fucked I had mild flu 2 times, I had only sore throat and runny nose for few days, no fever at all, didn’t have to take pills as my body was fighting the virus quite effectively. Before PFS I was constantly every winter with runny nose and sore throat plus I had proper fever quite often too. Now my immune system is deffinitely way stronger than before, actually I never had this long period of time, like now, without proper flu, never ever in my life.

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I will try to catch a flu this winter! I will sneak behind to sick and coughing people in subway. Let’s see how i feel when i got it! Haha Jokes aside, i don’t remember getting a flu or sick for years… weird. It could be a coincidance or something though. Idk.

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Do it.
You will feel the senses before the pfs.

You’ll feel exactly the same because you don’t have neurological symptoms.


Good read!
Looks like the immune cells and the androgens along with the AR live in a certain balance in our bodies. When our androgens get lower and the AR gets silenced, simply the immune cells take over. If I follow my logic, probably the immune cells stand on the way of the androgens recovery back to the normal levels. Has anyone on this forum tried immunosuppressive drugs and if the answer is yes, what is the feedback?

I took 2mg dexamethasone as part of a feedback test on my pituitary gland, and felt really good the next day. Obviously, I cannot discard placebo out of the equation. Dexamethasone lowers cortisol to near zero levels, suppressing the immune system somewhat as a result.

It’s better to live in pain.
Pfs are made of zombies without feeling.
The brain is the hardest hit.

I might say I stay sick to keep from getting sick.
I’ve also been sick for 20 years in a way. I also might agree with cdnuts first thought in that other thread.

please read this guys

“Histamine plays an important role in the sexual response and many post-SSRI sexual dysfunction (PSSD) sufferers experience relief of anhedonia as well as a libido boost during periods of illness (cold and flu). During these states, there’s a significant increase in histamine release in a bid to fight the infection”

In fact about 3 months into my crash diet, where I was eating a shit ton of vegetables the first thing I noticed was my fungal rash on my thighs and biceps, completely dissapeared, second thing I noticed was my ability to not get sick anymore, no coughing, no runny nose nothing, its like my immune system is ramped up…

I noticed this even before my genitals went numb, loss of libido…

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When I get sick I get sick bad, like it hits me harder than most, with a long recovery. Honestly don’t know why.

anyone read the link I posted about histamine and pssd?


I did, but IMO it isn’t just histamine tho

its interesting because I have low dht, and low e2, ,but normal high t… never took fin/prop/accutane ssri, but I have 0 libido, numb genitals…

I have not gotten sick in the last 3 years, and I have not had even a brief recovery, its been the same shit for the last 3 years…

So if you have’t taken any 5ar inhibitor and you have PFS-like symptoms, the whole story about changed gene expression loses its legitimacy I guess…

Only if you assume that the only way to change gene expression is through 5ar inhibition.


Yeah, true. I hope soon we will find out, the sooner the better