Cognitive impairment


Hey , i have an important question. is here anyone else that have so hard cognitive impairment that they are not able to read more than 5 pages of a book without head pressure ? i havent read a book since i stopped fin because its not possible anymore. i have the feeling thats so rare and im nearly the only one. so im asking here : is there anyone else with this problem?


Hi Milando.
I had terrible reading problems up til 6 months ago, couldn’t read a page even.
Things have gotten at least 50% better since I have changed my diet to a very low carb diet with no bread, no sugar, no gluten, no lactose in it.
I can now read again.


hey capelli that sounds at least motivating. can you tell me when you stopped fin ? and does time do nothing in this problem? only the diet changed it ?


if you do low carb, just remember it takes up to 3 weeks for your brain to adjust to ketones. after that you should see cog improvements


I stopped taking Fin exactly one year ago. For six months I tried to reverse my symptoms through Testosterone boosting exercise such as weight lifting and running up hills, but it did not make me feel any better. The diet has had a big impact, I started it back in august but went fully low carb by november.


One thing that has been great is eating pomegranate, it clears my head to a great extent.


Hi Milando.

How are you doing now?

Did you change your diet yet?


hey capello thanks for asking. i havent done anything yet but now 1 year after quitting (even 9 months after quitting it was horrible, constantly wanted to kill myself to relieve this head pressure) my head pressure is becoming less present. im grateful and hope it becomes better and better. rest of course the same but i give shit bout my sexuality now.


How is your vision? Does it feel strange when you step outside or look people in the face?


before yes but not anymore luckily. i also can read again without head pressure but my imagination now is very bad and my ability to read fluent too (before a speed reader) so i cant enjoy it anymore. what i also noticed what is still present. pre pfs i thought about the nicest things , i imagined and dreamed often bout things(while awake). but now when i try to do it its nearly impossible. to imagine myself laying on a tree 10 m above the ground. i cant imagine this „sequence“ anymore. its so strange. its like my imagination is away and i only see black as background of my mind. its hard to create locations in my mind. pre pfs i often imagined to have sex with someone(lol) but thats completely vanished. as all my other fantasies


When did your vision clear up? My mind is also blank. It’s like I’m always in a meditative state. I want my racing thoughts and wild imagination back lol


the last weeks its dramatically improved. i can look in peoples eyes again . and yeah bro me too :confused: its very hard when your mind is like you describe. hope this will improve too. when i have my old mind back i give a fuck bout the sexual sides, really


It’s been 9 months for me so if I improve I think it will be very slowly. Did you do anything?


in month 11 it improved so dont lose hope man !