Coffee turns me crazy

I never been a coffee addictet and since i suffer from propecia sides i’ve completely removed it.
however, when i’m very tired and i can’t stay awake, an half cup of espresso coffee is enough to give me “a kick” and to work hard all the day (this happen once a week).
I noticed that when i take an entire cup of espresso (something very normal for most of the people) i turn super emotional, something completely abnormal… i can cry listening a song, i feel like i am under the effect of a drug, my brain stay hyperactive all the day, thinking all the time, i also turn very euforic without a real reason.
Someone also experienced the same?


A huge strong cup of sludge is the only way I can get moving most days. Doesn’t really effect my emotions though. I used to just start weeping randomly anyplace in the first few months off Fin but I think that might have been high e2. The fact that you can experience a “range of emotions” I’d say is a good sign. I don’t think most of us have that anymore.

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Yeah it is probably a good sign, I don’t ever seem to get upset now, or even feel sadness or love.

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Coffee is one of the most quick and wide acting substances in the body besides cocaine. I think juicing your body with espresso is Increasing dopamine. You are fortunate if it works for you. It used to work for me and now it just makes me shaky and tired. Sometimes if I have a little piece of chocolate, very low caffeine content, I get the same sort of rush of feeling and emotion. But the ability to do this has lessened over time and recovery periods get longer.

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thanks, i also think it’s a good think but this reaction to coffee is something abnormal!

Even smallest amounts of coffee makes me paranoid, anxious and depressed for like all day. I drank one cup morning, and im sweating in my room in anxiety right now. Never drank coffee before my symptoms though. Maybe its not drug related. But this is fucking weird.


The becoming overly emotional and crying is something I experienced when using progesterone. I became extremely moody and sensitive and crying about random things in the past of my life and especially to songs. Normally I am stone cold 99% of the time.

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Yeah but why amplified so much on me? I don’t have any mental symptoms and im not a depressed person either. Now im drinking wine to calm me down, it helps. Lmao.

Coffee completely fucks me and leads to a severe crash. If you aren’t a regular coffee drinker the caffeine will spike your cortisol acutely. I know for some people coffee is fine but those of us with high cortisol levels should approach it with caution based on my experience.

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Did you do a cortisol test? Just curious how you know you have high cortisol.

I got improvements of my ED on coffee. but its temporary

Caffeine raises DHT. It’s actually very strong. I take 400mg every day.

Yeah but only a blood test in fairness. It was heavily elevated on that but my symptoms are clearly caused by high cortisol - broken sleep, facial rounding, weight gain, bone loss etc.

Precrash coffe didnt have too much effect on me, was more like neutral. But energy drinks had an insane effect (taurine maybe?)
Extremely low doses of ampthetamines were the same. Crazy effect on my brain precrash.
But now when I drink one coffee I actually just get tried and more of the “space out” feeling which holds on for pretty long. Any idea what this means? Neurotransmitters again?

I wanted open a new thread about coffee. But let me write here. I just drank really small cup of standart coffee like 6 hours ago. And i have nausea, anxiety, bad thoughts and stomach pain. This is just not normal! I never drank coffee before Accutane so i don’t know if im genetically allergic to coffee. Even the smallest amounts makes me feel so bad for hours! Is this really somehow PFS-PAS related? I searched internet for similar normal peoples responses, couldn’t a
find a good info. What is going on?

I can’t sleep now and cried a little for really no reason in bed. I don’t want to connect everything to a drug i took 4.5 years ago but why others experience this too?

So what you mean is we have high cortisol baseline and when we trigger that even more with coffee we get this symptoms?

Do you drink coffee often? Caffeine is a powerful drug. You may just be sensitive to it.

I have found coffee to be disruptive for my digestion and it disrupts/reduces my sleep quality too.
Cola/soda drinks also cause the same problem as many of them contain caffeine.
Drinking tea is OK, but not too much as tea contains caffeine too.

Avoid coffee completely if you have PFS,
or keep it as a treat, e.g. for weekends only?

Drinking bottled water is the best approach.

Was drinking coffee in the morning. Feeling more confused with numbness-feel in the head and increased anxiety. I also got really emotional, is this supposed to be a good sign?

I don’t really need coffee to stay awake. I am doing fine without. Just wanted to try again.