Clinical Study of PFS Launched at Baylor College of Medicine


Tigershull I though you going to Harvard in September.


I was intending too until I got put in the mental home, where I still remain now.

I’ve even had the kind offering of having some of my travel expenses paid for.

Fact is, I’m just too much of a mess right now to even leave this hospital, let alone travel thousands of miles across the world.

Sorry if I’ve let anybody down. I know I have myself.


You haven’t let anyone down. I don’t think there will be an issue getting subjects for either study. Hopefully this will lead to clues soon for a better way to manage our condition. Best of luck to you.


Absolutely, this study and others are not reliant on one person, so you have not let anyone down Tigers.


Thanks Davey/Boston


Did all the participants already show up there I’m confused , because this important thread seems kind of dead…
Furthermore I’d like to know what the doctors / scientific researchers did…


Yes it would be great to get an update on the progress of this study and the Harvard one. Are there difficulties in getting participants? What is the timeline for completion of the Studies?


Just wondering if anyone had been in touch with the researchers recently? Would be good to know whether we need to encourage more people to take part, or if the studies have been completed.


Also looking for an update, the funding for this study was announced 16 months ago. Have they secured all of the participants yet?


when should it be out?


Is this study still ongoing? Any news? It’s been years.


I found out in Dec or Jan that there was a major reason that this was postponed, one that will be, or should be, huge news. It is slated to be published this year.


This year? I heard middle of march? Hmm…at the end of the year they will announce that there will be a delay of several months? Tired…


Is this true moon man?


They are/were still finishing up data calculations.


Hi moonman, did you mean huge news as in exciting and positive (at least in the sense of offering promise of cure)?


I don’t know how he heard anything although I hope he did


Anything new??!?


Lol seriously


Would we at least get some kind of notification that they aren’t focusing on this study anymore or gave up on it or whatever if that was the case?