Clinical Study of PFS Launched at Baylor College of Medicine


wow now its 5 years later :joy:

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Will this study ever be released?


Doubtful lmao


Do you think Merck is trying to censor the study ?

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Why doesn’t someone or several just go down there and ask him??

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probably not in our lifetime

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i would but i live in germany


I think it’s either that they didn’t find anything significant and worth releasing, or they’ve found something that would hurt Merck. I don’t see why it’d keep getting delayed again and again otherwise.

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Or they could have evidence that contradicts Merck and they don’t want to go off half cocked. It would be more prudent to collect more data and be 100% sure there aren’t any issues with their studies before releasing, because rest assured if it goes against Merck they are going to try to discredit it unless the evidence is undeniable. And even then they probably will.

That’s what I’m hoping the delay is from anyways


would be nice but i think thats wishful thinking


Not as wishful as people thinking they’re going to get a cure out of this study lol

But yeah, it is wishful thinking. That’s all we’ve got at the moment.


I feel like the only way we will ever find anything out is if Merk loses a big lawsuit and is forced to perform a study. The studies being done now are are child’s play. It’s like trying to catch a 200 pound tuna with a piece of floss.


Its amateur communication policy if you do not give a concrete update 6 years after announcement of the study. I dont care what strategic thought is behind this policy, its ridiculous no matter what.

Either state a concrete goal when the study will be released or admit that it will not be released for whatever reason. I dont believe in Merck conspiracy theories, its just a difficult medical issue which needs much more funding if you want a solution.


i dont get it. there have to be much more pssd guys than pfs guys but they are not here. im asking why and why they dont have something like the foundation? there are much more people taking ssri than finasteride

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Along with Accutane.

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yes !!

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Agreed. It’s ridiculous they haven’t released some sort of update


The people behind this study are certainly no amateurs, and they know that it’s a very serious matter which has a major effect on the lives of thousands of people. Also, it’s very naive to think that pharmaceutical companies do not have the power or intent to change the outcome of such studies. How do you think propecia was allowed to be put on the market in the first place? We’re just numbers in an excel spreadsheet for them.

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Because many people don’t do anything and the rest rides the home brew caroussel looking for a quick fix. It’s the same here. The various communities are not much different. We here are just lucky that Awor got PFS and not PSSD, because the difference between us and the PSSD and other communities is largely down to him. Most of us have done little or nothing to initiate research and to establish the Foundation. It was all extraordinary work over many years from Awor with help from a small group of people.

And while I understand the frustration that the Baylor study has been delayed that much (and noone is happy about it, including Awor), it’s not helpful to complain about it and indulge in baseless speculation. It would be more helpful to focus on more productive things.


The delay is fine with me, as long as we get an official update. I think a simple update on the delay is fine even if you are a Merck conspiracy theorist, after all they also announced the study in public. I do appreciate the foundations work and this appreciation is expressed in a monthly donation schedule. However I think feedback on how a communication policy or lack thereof is perceived by the affected community should be allowed.

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