About 5 years ago I tried something called Chrysocor which supposedly contained 80 hormones or precursors to hormones, and this was the only thing that helped with with libido and wood, this was amazing but the effects were short lasting only lasted 2 days and it was too expensive to continue not knowing if it would be a cure.

Here’s the only information I have on it.

The information here may not be exactly accurate as it was translated from a German Brochure

New in the preparation program of SANUM-Kehlbeck
A human placenta hydrolyzate for metabolic activation

By Helmut Körner
Published in SANUM-Post No. 15/1991, page 19.

In the medical literature, the therapeutic effect of placenta-extracts has already been reported for years. The term ‘placenta therapy’ has already been coined, for which an action mechanism was applied, particularly in the direction of an increase in the non-specific immunity (resistance). In addition to it, a stimulation of cell respiration and an acceleration of circulation of endocrines as well as vascular system were highlighted.

The Russian physician Professor W. P.Filatow (1875-1956) was the one, who had developed histotherapy in the terms of non-specific stimulation therapy, in which the physiological functions of the organism are affected mainly by biogenic stimulators. This doctor also pointed out that a placenta-extract contains such biogenic stimulators that exert activating effects on the metabolic processes, particularly on the oxidation process in the organism in general. In this context, the general stimulation of cell respiration is addressed. The beneficial pharmacological effects of the Placenta-extract on the ingredients are reversed, like it is presented particularly in peptides with hormonal character and in free amino acids.

Placenta therapy promises a manifold healing success
Against this backdrop came into being the preparation- CHRYSOCOR, a human placenta hydrolyzate, which is a new addition in the medicine-program of SANUM-Kehlbeck and can be delivered immediately. It requires the procedures used for the production of CHRYSOCOR, so that the content of potential allergenic proteins are sharply reduced. The placenta holds a variety of biologically active substances, with regard to the effect of which, cell stimulation in general is highlighted in the literature. In the literature, the following substances of the placenta were frequently mentioned: the proteohormone HCG, placental lactogen, Oxitocin, the Adrenocorticotrope Hormone ACTH, Melanocyte stimulating hormone and Vasopressin. An activity in the placenta extract was reported, which was similar to one of the Corticotropin- releasing-Factor (CRF). Besides the choriogonadotropin HCG and the placental lactogen, the placenta produces many other hormones; whereby there is a reason to believe that further hypothalamic hormones are present in the placenta. Of particular importance with respect to the effect is the Hormone ACTH. In his immunhistological study, Mc Cromick refers to the placenta as “the bulwark of the fetal defences against maternal immunological aggression”.

Placenta extracts are obtained by employing different kinds of production processes, each of which has great impact on the content of hormone-like active agents. Different therapy experiences arise, depending on each procedure of extraction. Traut reports recovery from arthritic problems with the help of the heat- treated placenta extracts. Livingston treated over 1000 patients having illnesses of the rheumatic form circle with the “Livingston placental autolysate”. Rosenthal mentions epicondylitis and gonarthritis as indications, while Szirmai reports of the treatment of peripheral circulatory disorders.
A procedure, as it largely corresponds to the production of SANUM-medicine CHRYSOCOR, results in an aqueous extract with a pH value of 7.2, which is obtained without employing ether extraction method. The aqueous extract, like other different extract forms, does not have any effect on the blood pressure and the muscle relaxation. Through the applied Hitz-steps, namely proteins and thermolabile substances are reduced in content; however, Adrenocorticotrope (ACTH) for example, is unimpaired through this.
Concrete opportunities for the success of the therapy are given
In the package leaflet for CHRYSOCOR, following are specified for placing the indications: illnesses and age-related functional disturbances of the male gonads, male climacteric, sexual adynamia, sexual asthenia, hypogenitalism, adjuvant in cell regeneration therapy. It is also specified that CHRYSOCOR is not known to have any side effects, reciprocal effects and contraindications. As for the dosages, it is recommended to begin with 1 ml. injection at a 2 days interval, and then increase the dosage slowly to 2 ml. Deep intramuscular injection (normally intragluteal) should be administered to the reclining patient.

Apparently human placenta is being used for beauty (i.e. anti-wrinkle) creams. Google placenta cosmetics for more.

This was the only thing that really worked for me so far, the results were amazing.

Human Placenta contains something, I’m not sure what that made me feel like I was 18 for a few days. If anyone finds more information on this, please post it here.

this is a supplement, not a theory.

It’s not a supplement it was an injection, that contained human placenta…I’m not sure what it was that helped, but it did start a chain reaction somewhere that made me feel normal for a few days. I just posted it incase if someone wanted to give it a try, it was honestly the only thing so far that helped me with a libido and instant wood that wouldn’t go down at the sight of girl.

It probably bypassed some some of our normal hormonal functions and gave me this boost.

I think this is something worth looking into.

It says it contains…

HCG — makes your testicles produce testosterone and also raises progesterone a tad

Lactogen —weakly mimics Growth Hormone and also prolactin

Oxitocin — hormone that makes humans feel love and trust towards another

ACTH —controls cortisol release

Melanocyte Releasing Hormone — PT141, a experimental drug that is aimed at raising the sex drive. i have personally tried it half a dozen times and it did not due much to libido but gave me erections 1-2 times i took it.

Vasopressin —don’t know much about this

Where did you get the ingredients list?

still not a theory and if an injection it belongs in the drug section.

Just going to revive this thread for people who haven’t seen to look at, I only tried a few shots of this as it was expensive and I don’t know if it would cure us long term.

This was honestly provided me with the best results, TRT came no where near close to the sense of well being, libido and erection quality of this shot. I think it only last about 3 days, but the effects of it felt amazing.