Chi's recovery post reposted

I don’t know whats worse, you discrediting a reported recovery and contributing nothing to the discussion or the fact 6 other people liked your post.

Seems like the logic on this site is that everybody here is crippled and fucked and if the cure isnt some pill or injection a person can take then the advice is useless. Not surprised seeing as we all looked to a drug to magically make hair grow back.

Personally I think Chi was on to something and I think we’d all be doing ourselves a favor by attempting to replicate his work.


Fair enough if he recovered I just don’t believe that herbs and any diet is able to fix this situation depending on how severe the case is unless someone can prove to me otherwise that epimutations which usually last a lifetime can be reverted back to their original state.

Epigenetic information is influenced by environment, diet, stress, Finasteride, vitamins, etc.
Of course diet, herbs might change epigenetic information.
On the other hand, we do not know what should be changed and what should not. So it remains risky to take any supplements.
However saying that this story is " a complete trip " is a complete trip.

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Think what you want @slavoushka follow his protocols, supplements and diets come back to me if it cures you or helps to relieve your symptoms I’ll be darn happy for you but my best guess is that it won’t help, everyone loves a positive story but they need a reality check as this disease will need Scientific interference from Scientists that’s the bottom line. Over the span of a decade the same “tripe” keeps repeating itself over and over again like a vicious loop rarely with any worthy results. I’ve read this forum back to front and from my own experience diet doesn’t really seem to have any impact on this disease and supplements have harmed more people than anything. The only thing I can say is time might have a mitigating factor with PFS why that is I have absolutely no idea and isn’t the case for everyone and certainly not with myself.

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I told that any sups remain dangerous until we understand the mechanism.
Time can heal - agree. Or time can make things worse. No mechanism - no idea.
Hang on, brother.

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I did a 1 month of clean carnivore diet plus 2 days of waterfast. And only thing that seems to change is some increase in my morning woods… I must do more maybe, but a month should have showed some improvements… i really don’t understand how Chi got recovered… considering that im maybe the mildest case in this forum and even i didn’t recovered with more strict diet than him.

But, i still suggest everyone to try carnivore diet to see some more results of others. Because other people improved with it here. Plus, i really felt healthy and energetic on carnivore. And there isn’t anything unhealthy about this diet. (Do your own research always) So you can give a shot.

I really think we can seriously improve PFS symptoms through food and lifestyle changes.

The problem is that we want to be fixed NOW and thats completely understandable, but thats not how it will happen at least for the time being.

We are the pioneers for this syndrome and the more people we have doing everything they can do to get better, the better idea we an get of what is wrong: Exercise, better diet, drug experimentation. We need people doing these things, is it risky? Yes, but what fucking choice do we have?

I have searched this forum high and low and have found that people have achieved recoveries thorugh many different means.


I also highly suggest setting up a goal to achieve outside of PFS in order to give your life a sense of progress and growth. Along with my PFS recovery efforts I am now studying daily to get my PMP certification. Knowing I am educating myself for a higher income has given me a sense of progress and growth I have long lost since PFS hit me.

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If supplements have the power to make things worse, is it so inconceivable that something can also make this better? Clearly this disease is not “unmovable” lots of people, even active ones on this forum, even mods, have claimed temporary recovery.

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I can’t see it if I’m being honest, if a simple supplement can reverse the several alternations in the brain, low vitamin D, glutathione depletion, depletion of allopregnanolone then please tell me where I can get this magic pill.

Chi doesn’t mention a single pill. It’s a painful lifestyle change, wholistic approach, and a couple years of time. I’m not saying it’s the solution, but MAYBE doing something this can start to reverse epigenetic changes.

A month of a diet is hardly anything I would be surprised if you got any permanent results from that

How many times has this been repeated guys, there is people that went to extreme lengths with diet and had little to no success, just look at the history some fasting for 10 plus days causing malnutrition. I just keep seeing history repeating itself over and over again like one big vicious cycle this eventually gets tiring. We need to start looking at the mechanisms involved here instead of jumping to holistic approaches to be our saviour. Like I said before there is something that is keeping us in this state and I have a firm belief that it’s to do with androgen receptors overexpressing (although other opinions may differ) which is creating a negative feedback loop that keeps the genes methylated how can this be overcome through diet? It can’t be anything other than this unless the DNA itself has been mutated. I think the genetic predisposition to this whole thing in the first place is that we simply already had higher than normal androgen receptors to begin with which can be validated by the fact that many people here were hypersexual and taking finasteride/endocrine disrupters created an environment that the body wasn’t able to cope with sensing too much of the substance that was being inhibited by these drugs/supplements and crashed the system sending multiple pathways haywire.


Of course and this is what the admin and mods are doing with their projects. And I’m not talking a 10 day fast, I’m talking a life style for change for years. And even if this doesn’t work, you will be leading a healthy lifecycle. So to put someone like Chi down who worked so hard to better himself is silly. Two years of strict diet and workout is not easy. I’m not saying it’s a cure but it’s better than smoking, being sedentary, and eating bad food. Also, I am in agreement that there is not magic cure or pill. And maybe I’m just more naive but I do hope some natural healing can happen.


If you are looking for a way to contribute toward the future, rather than expecting an instant recovery, could you please do your part by participating in the post-drug survey?


So what should i do? Staying in the carnivore diet and drug/alcohol free for at least 6 months to see some permanent recovery? I could really do that if thats a solution. But a month of a strict ketosis+ 2 days of waterfast is still something. (My protocol) I didn’t see any considerable improvements by doing these things. How doing few months more, can change anything significant? + why you, yourself didn’t try this already?

I just have some fantasies to end my life in near future if things don’t improve man. I don’t want to accept what happened to me, im not even sure what is the normal and what is a “healthy” body anymore. What should i try now?

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If I knew what to do I wouldn’t be on here but I’ve been following ozeph’s recovery closely and I believe he said it took 6-9 months before he had sexual improvements. Definitely don’t give up hope man hopefully something will come along. I’m personally on day 4 of the keto diet and eventually I’ll switch to carnivore.

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I would think that one should stay on the carnivore diet and stay drug free for at least 6 months which is half a year which is a massive amount of time, but its the answer to your question. Please report back with results.

Some things take more time then others. One thing that is consistent with all recoveries is that literally none of them are instant.


@Burito101, your post was edited slightly due to prescriptive comments directed toward another member.

Have you tried a similar diet yourself to any effect?

I’m on it myself as well. Hardest part for me is denying myself fruit juices

Allright. Im waiting your report back. Please don’t cheat and avoid anything besides grass fed meat, eggs and water. You can also add some 2 days waterfast between. I wonder what would be your reaction to this diet.