Changes in body hair?

I know this has been covered.

I am getting white facial hair on my face which was dark brown before?
Chest hair is growing dark and thick?

I’m 21.

lost hair below my knees, look like lady’s legs.
pubic hair are light and withoug any male pattern

I’ve noticed that to my leg hair is not thick anymore. :’( this is a nightmare.

I lost leg hair too… But its far from being even something I worry about given the other side effects.

Makes me so fucking angry. That everyone on this forum is suffering from this shit. Things’s are just getting worse, fucking rediculas. :imp:

How are your stools? Get any hemmroids? Any liver pain?

Well there hard, and only go once every two days. Not urinating frequently. Do get pains in my liver.

Yeah I don’t go much anymore… Digestion is all messed up… Liver pain, hemmroids when I drink more than 3 or 4 drinks. Its unreal… If it makes anyone here feel any better (which I doubt it does) I imagine in 10-25 years when more is understood about the human body, doctors in the future will regard the doctors of today as barbaric for prescribing this stuff to people. It’ll be seen as the equilvalent of midevil medicine.

Why is our digestion screwed up?

My favourite conversations with my doctors - me -"Does DHT do anything besides hairloss? I thought we need it for strength and muscle gain that’s why there’s products like creatine?" doctor - “DHT is a non-essential hormone in men after puberty” me - “I’m only 21 will it be okay for me to take, did you see my blood work?” doctor - “I think you’ll be fine, DHT serves no purpose except hairloss”.

Urologist - “this is all pschosymatic i can assure you your levels will not keep dropping, just keep taking viagra”

Has something to do with androgens. Could be multiple reasons all relating to androgen metabolized hormones, enzymes (5AR2), and so on, end result is we don’t know for sure. You should realize by now “why” is a relatively pointless question here. You have to think of it this way, many things in the body are interconnected and affect/effect eachother, this is especially true for PFS. Whatever the root cause behind all this is… it goes far, far, far beyond merely effecting sexual function. Sometimes I’m surprised this drug hasn’t just outright killed a few of us, in a way it can. For awhile, for me the depression and anxiety made just being alive a struggle. Take away the drive to survive in an animal, out in the wild where fighting for food and shelter are daily tasks… the creature would be dead within a week. Thats what this shit did to me for awhile, just didn’t even wanna live in the state it put me in for awhile.

For Digestion You should Try garlic. Helped me a Lot. I think it could rebuild a liver enzyme, what fin has blocked!

Just Try it.

I don’t wanna sound paranoid but do you guys get burning tingling feeling in your back?

since I take l-thyroxin my pubic hair is slightly becoming brown again , but I have Thyroid issues otherwise you won’t get it .( I mean L-thyroxin)

Yes, a drastic increase.

(Urologist - “this is all pschosymatic i can assure you your levels will not keep dropping, just keep taking viagra”)

BTW - Your Urologist is inane, in more ways than one.


u severely need more fiber. go buy pysillum husk… the first time u take it, i guaruntee u will feel a poop coming out. also, start eating more fiber rich vegetables and this will auto correct, u will start going every day.

Magnesium citrate at bedtime. Works great for me.

I don’t know what happened, but I had change in pubic hair as well after crashing… and I’m about 1 and a half years since my crash and it has returned to normal. Color, length, strength, etc. Very strange.

I get a cool tingling around my chest.
Yes my legs are bare below the knees. If you look at a golf course sometime you will see that all of the old men are missing leg hairs on their calves.

But why?

from what i’ve read I believe it can happen from thyroid issues, nutrition or steroid use.