change in penis size

While on Finasteride and after Finasteride the size of my penis has changed. It is really strange how it has changed. I try to explain it.
The penis has lost girth. Furthermore, in its normal state (i.e. when not errect) it does not shrink to its “healthy” normal size. Instead it stays longer and thinner (less girth).
A good example is going for a swim in cold water. Usually, before Finasteride, my penis shrank to a “mininmum” size due to cold water. Now, after Finasteride, it does not shrink at all. It is a very uncomfortable feeling all the time. I will never get used to that in my life. (For example, the glans is no longer protected by cold water etc.)
Has anyone a similar problem?
What can we do?

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yes i had it too

mine was more thin in the very middle, that made a hourglass effect.
in months of observation, i noticed that was shrink mainly in upper right side.
so i got wrinkles in the middle
(like a person that lose lot of weight)
the glans and the lenght were unaffected at all

is documented that prostatectomy
(and i guess all kind of prostate damages)
can cause shrinking.

doctors don’t believe this is possible with fin.
it is better do not insist too much because they may think that u r mentally ill (koro syndrome)

i read that u want try “hard stuff” to reverse sides.
be careful keepup

Thanks prop for your description. It seems similar to my case.
I also got wrinkles in the middle, especially on the side where the uretha is located.

Your description matches mine almost identically.

Before i got this, i got shooting pains in my penis…do you have any experience of that?

I don’t think any size changes are permanent per se. I’ve had a few fluctuations of my condition in the past few months and both times my penis size was back to normal.

I do think the tissue is different though. I’ll try explain how. Basically, it’s looser…when flaccid for instance, if i hold it by the middle fo the shaft it is able to droop sidewards in to create literally a 90degrees angle. WTF?

Head usually barely swells when erect. On the rare occasion that I get a full blown hard-on its the same size. Usually shriveled up like its cold when flaccid. I remember it always being “plump” when flaccid before I crashed.

I’ve had some success pumping up flaccid size with Omega 3-6-9 (fish oil) and Vitamin E. Wonder if that’s improved things at all for others.

I take vit E and have been for a while and no success here. I have gone through a decent period where my penis felt and looked normal for a while but the hourglass shrivelled shape is is back, and so is the paleness and general dead look.

I do worry about the stuff in this blog

Maybe it is hypochondriac behavior to say that it ‘feels’ like something in that area is damaged, but it really does

there are already threads on this topic. please do a search before creating a new topic.

Things that have helped me are applying vitamin e oil after showering, biochem natural whey protein powder after exercise, and marijuana in very small doses. Vitamin D also helped briefly.

Mens Rea and Dubya,
it seems we have a very similar condition. It is also the same size when I try to get an erection.
Mens Rea: “if i hold it by the middle fo the shaft it is able to droop sidewards in to create literally a 90degrees angle. WTF?” -> I have exactly the same.
I am a long-term sufferer and in all the years it has never changed.

i had noticed some improvement in my situation, but the little improvement in girth don’t fluctuate in my case.
it’s hard to describe and also it’s easy to give unobjective osservation
i feel it more thick in my hand, and since now seems not recede.

Did you have it before or after you used Fin?

Did it happen overnight, or over cause of a time period?

Any improvements mate?

I still have this. My penis doesn’t shrivel up like it used to - when flaccid its longer and skinnier. WTF. Girth loss erect and flaccid. Ive kind of just got used to it…

I think its improved a little over the past year but i still feel this is a semi-permanent change

i have the same issues, my penis is like an hourglass now and completely bends like a 90degree angle and just feels ‘light’ like a feather.

as well as terrible ED and no libido

…please tell me you guys are getting better

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I’m getting better :slight_smile:

But progress is slow, not straight and i do have devastating setbacks

Has anyone else experienced their penis taking on an hour glass shape after dropping a deuce? And where exactly in the Merck pamphlet did it say “if you take this drug, your penis will turn into an hourglass after taking a shit?” I read the entire pamphlet but didn’t remember coming across this small piece of info. I know Merck would never hide side effects from us.

it “seems” that girth is sloowly recovering

i have hourglass, but yr by yr i regained some.
is still noticeable in pre erection phase, not when erect

acceptable but however not like pre fin standard

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Ive experienced this. Must be prostrate related :frowning:

It’s certainly one of those weird symptoms that are most definately there but yet very few doctors can take it remotely seriously.

I experience it to a very severe degree. When i need a shit my dick goes really, really weird. Although at the minute i am in recovery so not right now.

Ditto for me on the hourglass. It does improve sometimes only to revert to the hourglass.

never seen before stopped fin

it happened in months

i guess my situation is very similar
when flaccid is longer and skinnier than before

an important thing,
the glans seems the same size and strangely it didn’t shrink even with cold

here a possible hypothesis in a case similar to ours