change in penis size

what can i use to increase penis elasticity? what’s the drug that gives the best results in that area?

I know this is an old thread now but I wondered if any of you had seen an improvement in terms of you the changes in penis shape and size over time?

Mine changes shape during bowel movements too is now thinner.

I can’t believe I have this… This fits perfectly.

I’m experiencing this issue as well but after taking seroquel and zoloft

fish oil help me too.not 100% but i would say almost 40% improvement

I got increased girth after finasteride. I can say that every girl says that that’s porn star quality dick. Yet i have inconsistent ed problem. So i have incredibly thick dick without proper function.

I used aromatase inhibitor on my maxsimum daily dose i lost my girth but i got longer erections. I reduced ai dose and my girth came back and ed worsen.

Have you ever done any measurements to confirm that or have you just been eyeballing it?

On it’s height I cannot close my palm thats my measurement style.
When girth reduced i can grip completely and fits my palm easily.

depending on your hands…but sounds like easily 16-19cm in girth which is enormous. mine grew too after stopping finasteride. i would say within 2,3 years after longterm usage. is it still growing and how many years of growth did u experience?

I noticed it after a year from secession. I took measurements when i was adolescent but only length it was around 17-18 cm i did not take any measurements of girth at that time but i can close my palm and able to touch every finger with my big toe.

I when i started to loose erectile function i noticed one day it looked shorther yet i measured it and it was on normal height yet it looked like it retracted then I figured out that it was the thickness fooled me. I never be able to use condoms in Europe then once upon a time in states i saw Durex XXL and it fitted then i was sure that i have a weird dick.

It is like you cut 11 inch dick to half…

Yet as Pfs progressed i lost head erection completely but somehow i managed to became erect with pde5 inhibitors.

Before AI treatment my refractory period was two weeks and little orgasmic intensity.
After AI i lost girth but erection quality and sensitivity restored. Now i reduced AI dose because of mild jaundice and my girth increased and erectile function worsened.

And i have to add that every girl who saw it wants it badly… i had to tell them various lies like i have job problems or they are not that hot etc …

Now i have a porn star quality tool without proper function.

This is how I noticed a difference in girth as well, by how far my finger wrap around it. Yet, on my best days, it seems back to its old self. Rarer and rarer though.

I have visited countless urologists and psychiatrists all agreed on one thing except venous leakage, if you can achieve full erection, time to time how much it is rare Doesn’t matter… that means some thing wrong with brain not genitalia… and for venous leakage I did not do any tests yet but I plan to make an ultrasound.

It seems odd to me that whatever was improving your sexual functioning would also decrease your penis size. Does anyone have any theories?

It is not decreasing. it length did not changing I just lost girth which I do not worry because it returns to Prepfs size. May be I crashed estrogen too much, it also causes girth loss according to some forum members.

Same took serequel for a week got erectile dysfunction and quit now my penis does this