The pharmacology of neurotrophic treatment with Cerebrolysin: brain protection and repair to counteract pathologies of acute and chronic neurological disorders.


Has anyone tried this out other than braziliandude?


dailymail.co.uk/health/artic … erers.html


How did Brazilliandude do while on this?


I don’t know if braziliandude took it or not. Last he said he was taking Chinese herbs. About 5 months ago I spoke to him and he was in dire straits and depressed. He now says he feels almost 100% but he didn’t respond what he thinks this turnaround is attributed to


Braziliandude has made so many claims it’s hard to keep track of them. He has been recovered a million times and done five million different protocols. I would love for someone ELSE to give cerebrolysin a try. I considered it a while back, but I’m just not confortable with injecting myself with something.


yes…i actually bought the chinese herbs but did not use them, I sold them to florindo…which he said it was benefitial , im talking about quality of life…getting my life back! and cerebrolysin certianly gave that back to me…yes im still using it.


So you feel that cerebrolysin is responsible for your improvements? What has improved? How much do you take?


Brazilian dude, off topic but did you talk to your dad about donating to the PFS Foundation? Glad you’re feeling better but the research the Foundation is helping with is the only way for us all to get back to 100%!


Anyone else here use cerebrolysin? I’d like to get a reliable account on this.

Is anyone here willing to give it a try? I think the people who live in Europe, Australia, Brazil would have the best chances of getting some and trying it out.


Yes has anyone else tried it? More than one account would be useful ideally someone who can go into more detail.


IV > Injection > Oral

Best source …
nootropic.eu/shop/article_2/ … aid%3D2%26

Other sources…
drugsfort.com/searchadv.html … in&x=0&y=0

You can get a 20 day IV treatment for $400 at the Office of Dr. Ricardo Heredia in Chapala, Jalisco (Mexico). Many American Dementia, Stroke, Lou Gerigs, and (other nuerological conditions) patients go there for this.


Added to the list of things I am gonna try before I commit to TRT!

Anymore feedback on this would be great



Cerebrolysin - used for 5 days - 5ml intramuscular

Similar effects to progesterone. Improved mental status at first and erectile strength but now feeling more fatigued. Nothing overly dramatic though.

Will continue 2 more cycles.


The right way to take it is…every other day starting with 5ml for the first 10 5ml bottles [20] days then switching to 1ml bottles [the 1ml boxes come with 10 ampoules] and keep doing it for 40 days [2 boxes] one month after my first injection instarted to feel the benefits


Sounds like it could help but seems like a bitch to get a hold of and administer properly.


Friend and Hair Loss???


19: any updates from furthe cycles? Hope you are doing well.


Completed cycle 2 - no real improvements unfortunately.


For those of you who wish to try this path, I hear that a product called memoprove is similar, but less effective because it is taken orally


Hi I have 13 years of finasteride and recommend 5HTP for depression, anxiety alprazolam stem cells for erectile dysfunction. the last thing I have not tried.