I’m going to try and order some Cerebrolysin.

Does anyone know where is the best place to buy it from and what dosage should be used ?


Possible dose info here:


Why do you say that is the best source ?


Anyone know if its safe to buy Cerebrolysin from this site ?

gerovitalshop.eu/cerebrolysi … p-192.html


I’ve bought from nootropic.eu 4 or 5 times (4x 5x10ml each time) without any problems. It hasn’t had a profound effect, though there’s no reason to doubt it’s efficacy in terms of it’s specified use. Proper dose is 10ml for 5 days then two days off. Repeat 2-4 times. IM injection.


Video here explains how to inject Cerebrolysin.

I have just finshed my 5th 10ml injection which I have being using since monday.

So far I have not noticed any effects from it either positive or negative.



Hey Mark,

Guessing after you finished your whole cycle, still no effects?



Yeah I wouldn’t recommend it.


Mark 2012,

How much did you inject, was it with days off, how long did you use it,
and where did you got it from ?

Sorry for the question bombardment :slight_smile: