Can't mantain an erection while standing

So, I can’t mantain an erection while standing, and i feel my penis very very light and soft.

I was getting better after doing tribulus and DHEA cycles, but one day I also took niacinamide and got worse again. My libido got bad again. I will try to stay for a few weeks without using anything, but I plan on doing TRT in the coming months if I don’t get better.

I feel a weakness in the area of ​​my pelvis and prostate (as if it is atrophied), and my erections when I’m standing are very weak and do not last.

At least my sleep is very good.

One thing I noticed is that I have “rings” inside the skin of my penis (most noticeable on the left side). Maybe 3 or 4. I didn’t notice them before, so I don’t know if they are part of the anatomy of my corpora cavernosa, or if they appeared like this when I crashed.

When I contract my perineum, only my right testicle “moves,” and the left does not. This is very strange as it is as if the left side of my pelvic floor was paralyzed.

I saw in the forum some people who got better from all these symptoms, as well as a Brazilian Finasterida group on Facebook, as well as SS.

I hope my erections come back as firm as before. What should I do?

You should take the survey, that’s something which will help all of us. Click the bar chart icon next to the magnifying glass.

I can’t comment on all your post but my erections were also much weaker in some positions. With time that has got better. I would suggest that you do whatever you need to to maintain erections - make sure you’re getting the blood in there.

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After how much time did your erections improve? And did you notice full recovery?
Were you taking any medication for treatment after you developed PFS?

My advice is to stay away from any substance and give your body a way to settle down on its own. Meanwhile, the best thing you can do is the survey.


Do you have some examples? And how much time did your erections improve?

The advice is to stay away from any substance.
Survey can help us to obtain relevant information for the research.
Nobody on this planet know how PFS work! Nobody can suggest substances to take. If i was an admin, i’d immediate ban anyone suggest some substance. People dead because it!


People here is already dead, and recovery can be achieved finally by luck.
So, i would encourage anybody to try.


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Sounds like Venous Leakage, which appears to be partially mediated by androgens or lack of them and AR-sensitivity or lack of it.

I was diagnosed with V.L. over the summer.

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What exam did you take to identify this? Was it a urologist who requested it? Are you any better of this?

Doppler Ultrasound. He was willing to do a penile implant which I almost did but my wife talked me out of it.

I did a Doppler Ultrasound as well and the doctor said my penis is ok, but I don’t think so.

i did three dopplers

1 said i had a leak the other 2 said i was fine

this despite not being able to maintain erection after injection

concept of leak is somewhat sketchy, like if you fail test because you cant maintain erection could be raft of issues causing it, all of which get bucketed as a “leak”

@eskimojoe - can you now maintain an erection standing up?

ive stopped testing tbh as i find it compounds things psychologically

sometimes erections or good, sometimes terrible varies hugely