Can't fill out the survey? Please post here

I keep seeing people who have been posting for more than 3 months, so must have symptoms that have lasted more than 3 months and yet they haven’t taken the survey.

If there’s a good reason you can’t take the survey, please post here so we know not to nag you about it.

I should note (once a-fucking-gain) that this is a serious undertaking that Axolotl in particular has made by creating the survey and we are already getting data that describes this syndrome in ways that have never been done by anyone, anywhere else.

Nobody is doing this work for us. We have to do it ourselves. Now that Axolotl has spent literally thousands of hours of his life getting this survey written and coded, it is time to play your part.


The only reason why i not completed the survey, is that there are lot of detailed questions that i do not remember. I’m afraid that i will fill it with wrong information.

I’ve just cleaned this topic up.

@iull1k, fill the survey out please. Fill the survey in with your best guesses. In the “any other comments” section, note that you are unsure of some of the answers.

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@Al9000 Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate

@bryce54 Post-Drug Syndrome Survey FAQ. Survey NOW LIVE - Please Participate





Please fill out the survey, if only so I can delete you from this topic.

@Tomas, - it’d be great if you could take the survey as per @greek’s request. Many thanks!

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@Burito101 time to take the survey, friend.

@CourtCase it’s time to take the survey!

Deleted the names of the awesome people who have now taken the survey.

@ll_amp_Prosper it’s time to take the survey and join the list of awesome people.


greek you doing a great job!


@Helpisontheway time to full out the survey! :slight_smile:


It’s survey time, friends.

@Bigpoppa10040 time to take the survey. I think your group is the least represented in our results too so You really need to step up (just by filling in an easy survey).