Cannabis Oil as a Treatment?

Actually, retinoic acid is a 5ar inhibitor too.

For those with an interest in marijuana being used as a medicine this is a must watch documentary.

In April 2013 this film set out to investigate the increasing number of claims that cannabis oil can treat cancer. This has been done through the lives of terminal cancer patients living in the UK.
It includes contributions from world leading research labs, the pharmaceutical industry and an illegal medical organisation that produces and provides cannabis oil to cancer patients.
This film is an objective investigation in to the potential role cannabis can play as part of an integrated and open minded approach to oncology. … r_embedded

Somebody recommended this website for purchasing medical grade Cannabis Oil.

Anybody know if this site is legitimate ?

just use the motherflippin’ dark net boys. I’ve found RSO on there, too expensive for me to try a huge dose of it though. andy, you seem to be driving this thread, have you actually tried the oil yet?

If TRT and cortisol are on the chopping block for discussion… I just don’t see how in the hell RSO or any MJ product is going to help anyone here. This has to be one of the most useless threads here.

I’ve not posted on here in a while because I’m focusing on my own health. I have been back and forth to Spain and tried a number of oils while I was there. The problem I’ve faced is that even a small amount of rso increases my anxiety to unmanageable levels so doing a 60 gram course is off the table right now. What I can say is that with the right amount of rso you can sleep 7-8 hours. Try holding your breath and pinch your nose at the same time. Time how long you can hold your breath for. What I’ve noticed is that the body dispels more carbon dioxide when we don’t sleep at night, this is not good for your long term health or your heart health. Poor health has been associated with patients who struggle to hold breath for more than 5 seconds. Ideally you want to be able to hold your breath for over 20 seconds and 40 seconds is optimal. Guys here are looking for the cure, they want to throw the 60 yard pass and get a touch down. Perhaps it’s time to slow down and focus on the basics such as sleep and breathing properly for better health. Buteyko breathing can bring health benefits that change lives and help the body to naturally detox. If you are in the US and have access to medical marijuana then there’s a few authorities you could get in touch with for advice.

I have come to realise that medical marijuana is a huge field of medicine covering a large range of conditions and the subject needs to be approached with this in mind.

CBD oils with their THC extracted may offer you some neuro-protective benefits.

In the time that I have used CBD oils my muscle spasms have come down and are barely noticeable right now, whether there’s a link I don’t know. CBD builds up in the body and is utilised by the body for good reason because it’s meant to be there. Our body has a complete system within that’s dedicated to using CBD.

I’m going off subject here but for guys with Low T who are concerned about bone health and reducing the risk of getting osteoporosis then I can’t recommend this product enough. If our T levels have been badly affected then we need to be looking at our bone health long term, I don’t see many guys talking about this but I think it’s a big risk and needs to be addressed.

I have no interest in following the messiah protocols on this forum. If you look hard enough you will find messiahs in every major medical condition and you will find a glut of people desperately following and trying to replicate the messiah’s protocol often with little or no success. I won’t say anymore on the subject but I have laid a path for those open minded enough to look beyond and find the truth for themselves.

I have chosen my own path for treatment/recovery but I still donate every month to the PFS Foundation and believe in the work that they’re doing. Good luck.

If its so useless why do you keep posting on here? People are trying to find out if something works or not, and they have every right to discuss the topic, your negative comments add nothing to this. You’ve obviously drawn your own conclusion, so there’s no real need for your input in this thread anymore

Hi msab1990,

Just out of interest how many does RSO cost ? … 0447814251

What do you think about this? (cheap and organic)
And… How would you take it? (skin or mouth)

Is there any success story out there regarding our situation? I don’t really know how this can help, but I think it can not worsen any symptom so it can be added to the regimen and give it a try.

For those of you who haven’t been to Dr John Crislers forum, he has a section on PFS amd other related issues … fferers.8/

I’m going to check if I can qualify for medicinal cannabis. I have very little experience with it, and to tell the truth, I can’t say it helped much with sleep when I tried it with PFS. But I was thinking maybe there are some strains with less THC and more CBD or other components that would help.

Interesting news legal Cannabis Oil is going to be sold in the UK.

Taken from ukcbd’s website

“Our CBD is a natural constituent of Industrial Hemp oil…Industrial Hemp is naturally high in CBD and naturally low in THC, whereas most Cannabis is just the opposite (high THC, low in CBD)”

This is not the same product it is taken from industrial hemp, in the documentaries charlottes web is oil extracted from the actual plant and is often sold as a thick dark coloured oil in 10ml tubes/syringes. I’ve not heard of people treating serious medical conditions with industrial hemp. It is not about how high the cbd level is, it’s about extracting an oil with the complete cbd profile needed to treat medical conditions, industrial hemp does not meet this criteria despite their claims.

By now I would think you would have tried every oil known to mankind. Still no cure eh?

Hi Andy,

Do you think this product is worth trying ? … ds=CBD+oil

Hi Mark,
If you are going to use CBD it should be made from the plant rather than from hemp. CBD from the plant is expensive for long term treatment and I believe it would run beyond £3k. THC treatment will cost north of that figure. Many of the CBD plants contain THC so it’s unlikely that you could buy these things over the counter in Europe. The US still seems to be the No1 place for all things relating to RSO. As of yet no PFS patient has come forward with a cure from either CBD or THC. The best improvements I’ve heard about have come from THC but I don’t know if those changes remain after discontinued use. The oil is no good for my anxiety so my journey here has come to a natural end and I’m focusing more on diet and stomach health these days.

Hi Andy,

What do you think of the idea of making the oil at home like Rick Simpson advocates. That would cost a faction of the price of buying the oil plus you would know exactly what was in it.

I’m thinking whats stopping me from growning these plants in my garden.

Hi Mark

It’s a fair point and would require some research. Growing the plants is not so easy, I’ve talked with legal growers in the US and they all said it took several attempts to get it right. Doing a 3 month course is a big commitment you would probably be unable to work or do much else while on the treatment. As we have had no PFS guys claim to be cured with RSO we don’t know how much would be needed, it could take more than 3 months. Folk also need a good mental tolerance to the oil, for some it could cause more harm than good. I don’t really know how far you are in the thought process. But growing your own would seem by far the cheapest route.

i tried growing it and it worked like a charm 1st try. its not hard at all! just buy an automatic flowering plant.

now, the problem i had was MILDEW fuckin mildew ruined the plant. so be careful and put the plant isolated from others …especially tomatoes lol

Where you able to make any Cannabis Oil ?