Cannabis Oil as a Treatment?

ididnt try it. i still have the crop i have made but what should i do with it, it has bloody mildew… argh

anyway, I will start this week another plant. i know cannabis can help me. maybe not a cure though

anyone cured by rick Simpson ?

what about the people who’s crash after fin was caused by smoking weed?

Hi guys. My mental sides is getting better, but the other day i tried hash and the next day I felt almost fully recovered mentally. The kind of hash I take usually causes me to have excessive amounts of thoughts which is the straigh opposite from my mental sides of taking propecia. Im already getting better naturally so its not something I personally will put time in but it felt really good to have my brain work somewhat normally.

Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, bone injuries, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain from . Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Hi there guys! I’v heard a lot of time from different people about the treatment using CBD oil extracted from hemp. So, my issues is that I’m tired of this headache and I want to improve the situation. Do you recommend to heal with CBD products. Does it really work? If yes, what do you think Hemp Depot US online shop? Do you recommend to buy CBD oil there? Thanks for your advice!

Unless you are buying in a legalised state then I don’t think you are able to source a complete cbd product which may contain low amounts of thc.

Not sure that CBD oil can cure every thing, but it can cure chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, cancer cells, depression problems.

I’ve smoked a lot of thc in my time with pfs and experimented with cbd oils as well and none of it helped any pfs symptoms

Any good CBD product someone can recommend? Remember, this is not a closely regulated substance yet, so many brands can be snake oil / crap.

I hear Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers is supposed to be legit. This is a medical great CBD strand/product that was used to treat a little girl with epilepsy and was featured on NBC.

If CBD can treat anxiety and insomnia and have some positive effect on depression, then maybe CBD and Cialis is a good treatment starter pack.

Thanks, folks. I read an interesting post on Reddit where several people reported being completely cured after taking something called Rick Simson Oil (RSO). Then I searched this forum and found some threads about RSO but no success story. However, I noticed nobody really took true RSO and also for not long enough.

True RSO, it seems, is different from CBD oil. RSO is full spectrum, has both THC and CBD and other compounds. THC should be present in minimum 20% concentration.

I’ve never even had a sip of alcohol, or a puff of cigarette. Ironic that the cure might require doing weed, so to speak!

Over last 5 years, I’ve already tried conventional things such as:

  1. All kinds of cardio-vascular tests because ED/Libido loss is considered an early warning indicator of cardio vascular problems. From penile doppler to ultrasounds to MRIs and nothing was found.
  2. GainsWave / ShockWave treatment directly to penis, just in case.
  3. Doctor supervised Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for about 18 months; all blood/serum hormone levels optimal range and yet no improvement in libido etc.
  4. Cialis (this WORKS to get me hard, but does not bring about sexual desire; and over last 5 years, I have had to take higher and higher dosage. Starting with 5mg to now 20mg+)
  5. Vitamin and Mineral supplements - vitamin d, B complex, E, zinc etc etc.
  6. Neurotransmitter supplements like Maca, L-dopa, l-tyrosine, 5-htp, ashwagandha, tribulus
  7. Already eat plain yogurt so gut health is OK, I’ve no doubt. But as such I’ve never taken any pre/probiotics but this is something I’m considering now after having read the forums here.
  8. NoFap, abstain from sex, masturbation, orgasm for almost a year (almost all of 2015-2016) because I had assumed that my ED was related to porn consumption. Never even considered it had something to do with Accutane that I had been taking at that time.

So, I don’t see any harm in trying this weed oil in micro-doses for a few months. Can’t hurt. I know friends who smoke weed and consume edibles and they have been doing it for years, every weekend, and they look perfectly normal.

My story: I already posted a thread but here is short version:
Accutane ( 2015, 3 months ) - immediate sexual dysfunction but I never realized Accutane might have been the cause. I started managing with Cialis. Fast-forward to 2019:

Finasteride ( 2019, for 6 weeks only, topical, mixed with Minoxidil ), and symptoms worsened even further. Now, I can still function with Cialis but I feel zero desire, libido and sensation so I just avoid sex altogether.

Between 2015 to (now) 2020: Tried all kinds of tests to find root cause*. Never even considered Accutane or Finastride might have been the cause.* Tried several natural/herbal supplements. All kinds of tests (MRI, Ultrasounds, Penile Doppler, Artery medial thickness imt and so on) and all good. Tried TRT for 1.5 years, no improvement. Tried GainsWave, no improvement. Again, the issue is not physical (can get hard with Cialis in high enough dosage) but rather complete loss of desire, libido and even sensation of pleasure.

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I smoked a lot of weed before PFS and also a bit after. After getting pfs, I feel a lot more anxiety during smoking, therefore i do not do it that much anymore. I don’t remember if smoking weed gives me a lot of libido, but it did make porn and mastrubating 100 times better than without it, basically the only times in the last 7 years it was really pleasurable. I could imagine that sex would be a 100 times better too. So after reading all the comments on this topic I am surprised nobody else on this forum has experienced the same.

Idk why i never heard RSO for 5 years but this is what i found:

4 people here recovered with RSO.

A post from PAS forum. See the tanedout’s post below which claims he knows 3 people from forum that 100% recovered with RSO.

Anyone has acsess to RSO easily should gives this a go in my opinion.

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is rso(thc) addictive ?

Has anyone with PFS claimed recovery or just PAS folk? (sorry if this has been answered in this thread but there’s nearly 200 replies and I can’t read through it all.)

2 pas guys. Isojim and yedek1. But there are PAS recoveries with RSO too, 5 people if i remember correctly those are permanent. The first ones are temporary recoveries.

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