Cannabis Oil as a Treatment?

Hi guys, I have noticed there has been barely any talk about cannabis oil on here, so I thought Id share what I have recently come to learn and to make others aware of it’s potentially amazing healing properties.

There are many reports, studies and videos showing that cannabis oil is nothing short of a truly remarkable substance. It cures cancer for one, amongst a vast array of other medical conditions…

There’s every chance this could help us as well. I would kill to get my hands on some, but unfortunately in Australia marijuana is still illegal, and I dont want a criminal record just yet as it would jeopardize my career. But for those of you lucky enough to live where it is now legal, you should definitely consider this and report back to us.

Here are some documentaries for your reference, enjoy!

I actually thought about giving that a shot early last year but making the oil seems difficult and just straight up buying it even moreso.

hi, i gave cannabis a shot some time ago, but looking back i didnt do it right. i would like to try it again but some people say it affects libido. plus i would like to grow my one to avoid contaminations…

vaporizing could be the easy way out to get thc and or cbd…

or if you want to ingest it just put decarboxilyze: put it in the hoven for a few minutes at the correct temperature. then just make some muffins or whatever…

or you can also put it in a jar of alcohol for a few days and shake it everyday.

but I dont know the exact process anymore.

Search for Cannabis Oil Success Stories group on facebook. There’s many people treating cancer with this over there so they know better how to make it. you can also find success stories on cancer and other illnesses over there.

Then there’s also a dedicated forum called grasscity but I didnt like it…i find it’s more for stoners.

If you end up trying it let us know how it goes.

The process for making the oil is actually really simple. It couldn’t be much easier to be honest.
Here’s a video of the whole process which you can simply do in your own kitchen in about 30 minutes.

And heres another good doco:

Don’t you need a boatload of MJ to make a small amount?

we are became a couple of walter whites by this fuckıng druh.

depressedguy please, try to discuss the treatment in question. it’s about finding answers to our problem…

As far as I understood indeed you need a lot of cannabis and I think in a undried, raw state…i wonder where can i get that! its not possible to get it where i live…maybe the alcohol tincture is easier to do. Is anyone trying this?

Yeah, that’s the problem. I can get some MJ super easy, but it’s the dried out ready to smoke kind, and I couldn’t get a giant amount. Getting a large amount of just the raw plant is a real pain in the ass unless you’re just growing it in your basement or have a friend who is. Also that’s going to cost a mint. There’s the rub. You’d really need to find someone who’s just selling the oil.

I think you can just use the dried heads of the flower in a jar with alcohol for 2/3 weeks and shake it every day. I had seen it explained before and now I see the same but with olive oil, in this page:

You can also use the method on the page, which doesn’t involve alcohol, just oil, and seems to be the cleanest you will get when it comes to these cannabis solutions.

The only problem is you don’t know what they raised the plant with.

the article states just 28grams needed, and 10.5hours of process…Imagine I get it in the netherlands, do you think they do quality checks on the cannabis raised over there? Like for example, to check if the producer isn’t using harmful products to grow it?

I honestly do not think that smoking cannabis will fix our problems and definetly not in a “socially sustainable way”… When you burn it you loose many of its constituents and you also inhale carbon monoxide which accounts for some part of the nausea, plus: you get high…but who knows, maybe these cannabis based tinctures/paste/oil work…

You need a pound of weed (the buds) to make 60 grams of the oil which lasts about 3 months. We’ve had 2 guys on our accutane forum have great results with this oil. One claims to be fully recovered after a month on the oil and one claims to have had great improvements from 5 months on the oil. I’m a little skeptical of the first guys claim just because he probably wasn’t on the oil long enough to recover fully but I don’t doubt he had improvements from the state he was in. I used the oil for 6 weeks and noticed some benefits (thyroid tests came perfect even though I suffer hypothyroidism, occasional spontaneous erections, lost 15 pounds of fat, grew hair on fingers, looked more masculine) but I had to come off due to psychosis (there was very little CBD in my oil to aid with the psychoactive effects). It took the second guy on our forum 3 months to notice sexual benefits so I wasn’t on long enough to comment for sure about its effectiveness regarding PFS symptoms. Interestingly no one has tried an oil with much CBD yet which us on the accutane forum suspect may be the more beneficial cannabinoid for us as it is known to treat a wide range of neurological disorders and normalize brain and liver function. An oil with equal parts thc and cbd is probably optimal.

The woman in the second last link i posted uses an ounce of the medicinal cannabis she bought from the dispensary, and says it will produce a decent amount of the oil.

Hey Acne1776, that sounds awesome! I knew there would be some good results to be had, so im glad to actually hear about them first or second hand!
So do the accutane guys have similar problems as the propecia guys? I actually took both.
On a side note has anyone commented on improved skin from taking cannabis oil by any chance? Ive been having problems with mine for years now, not sure if it’s due to accutane or propecia.

Yep all you want is the CBD. In the last vid I posted, there are a group of brothers in either US or Canada who legally grow and supply crop especially high in CBD and low in THC for medicinal benefits. Maybe you can get in touch with them…

There must be someone from Colorado or living near Colorado on the forum.

I’m sure the oil is pretty easy to find there.

Yes accutane guys have the same symptoms as PFS guys. Loss of libido, sexual dysfunction, loss of sensation, anxiety, depression etc. we now have guys on our forum trying low doses of CBD for dry skin issues although I would expect the amount they are taking to do anything.

You’re referring to the Stanley Brothers and their Charlottes Web strain. They actually give that strain away for free (and accept donations) but there is a huge waiting list of Dravet syndrome children waiting to get it and they only give it to people in Colorado and California. An all CBD oil is useful in treating some disorders like Dravet syndrome, anxiety, and depression but in most cases you want a combination of THC and CBD because they work synergistically. So having some THC actually helps the CBD maximize its effects and vice versa. Also THC has a ton of medical benefits on its own and the famous Rick Simpson Oil is all THC. Personally I would recommend a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC if you can tolerate the psychoactive effects.

but my question is how can you get such a high CBD content? Normally cannabis content is something like 10-20:1 (THC:CBD)…
You surely can’t find that in the netherlands which is the only place where you can actually CHOOSE strains in europe.
You’d have to grow it I think.
Maybe you can buy it in spain where its legal to sell the seeds…
Check reggaeseeds, they seem to have CBD rich strains for sales and they have a CBD specific page!!

I know for a fact that growers in Colorado are starting to grow CBD rich strains so they should be available there pretty soon. There is a strain called Harlequin that you can but seeds online for that yields between a 1:1 and 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

hi, so apparently you can get CBD paste/oil shipped to europe. This is worth a try. It’s not a scheduled compound yet.

I’m interested in charlotte’s web strain as I have some dormant epilepsy issues.

Wow really? Thats awesome. Do you have a link or anything?

I did find a source and now I lost it. I had posted on a group called Cannabis Oil Success Stories on facebook and I cant find my post back. I said nothing wrong and I think it was deleted.
There was just a guy saying some stuff which i said it wasn’t related to the discussion and they deleted it apparently.
Previously I seen the admins deleting cannabis stories that aren’t successfull…
anyway, I seemed to me that you can order anywhere in the US and it will ship to europe with no problems…

Yes there are a few CBD products out there although to be honest they are all very weak and overpriced. The product I know of with the highest CBD content is called “Real Scientific Hemp Oil” and you can find it by google search. However someone who used to work for that company came out and said the stuff might be a scam. Plus it is extremely overpriced based on how much CBD is in it.

Although it is still expensive the best way to do this is either to grow your own CBD rich or CBD dominant strain or to go to Colorado and buy some and make it yourself. There is way more CBD in a batch of Rick Simpson Oil made from a CBD rich strain than there is in literally any product available online. Also I would recommend at least some THC in the oil because it helps the CBD work.