Can we break 90 people in the survey by July 1st?!

Come on guys… your all complaining about getting the Baylor results this year but you won’t take 30 minutes to do the survey. If your reading my post you probably already spent 30 minutes looking through other posts for supplements. DO THE SURVEY!!!


Despite being a freaked out newbie, I took the survey!


Hi, have you been off 3 months yet? I didn’t think you had?

@awor, do we need something to say that people need to have been off whichever drug for X amount of time at the top of the survey?

I did the survey noticing the changes I experienced the last 4 months.
Maybe you should insist on the 3 months off the drug.

Well, the intro is pretty clear about that. People just need to read :slight_smile:

You have ceased use of the drug/substance for a minimum of three months and experienced persistent symptoms that had not resolved by the end of this period.

If some of the people that started but never finished would complete their survey, we would already be doing a lot better. They would need even less time…

Ladies and Gents: Can you please complete your survey? :pray:

Having said this: Right now, a big THANKS! goes to all the great people who already took the survey, spent those minutes, and by doing so supported our cause. We LOVE you :heart:


@awor: should my symptoms reverse, I will let you know…
In France, any weird symptom has to be referred to the equivalent of FDA…
So stating I had side effects shows this drug is not doing good to people and taking part in this survey contributes to denouncing the harm done by the molecule.

Guys please complete your survey to help make the research survey more representative: @absurdmistake @newyorker @sulawesi @firstnamelastname @ihatefin @lifewasgood @rasohari @tenacity @wellthissucks @meathook83

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Guys please take a moment of your time and complete your surveys: @vik1990 @piwomocne @lostinaustin @bigboss @fuckfin @sunny11 @voice @whathaveidone @bruins2 @abredlobster

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Guys please take a moment of your time and complete your surveys:
@dattem @nomad84 @Go_Faster_Sonic @hbcap @Iso_fin_doubledamage @andrew89 @tomas @airforlife @arg @avalanche

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Guys pls take a moment of your time and complete your surveys:
@BlueR @Cooper @davek22 @dtch @gameclay @juddbe @kc210 @kingdick @mcibofh @r129


Guys pls take a moment of your time and complete your surveys: @Scott.H @silentpain89 @smilodon @zenbakery @antoniobr @bp7667 @brongfogboy @cyclope @downstream @Fighting

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Guys pls take a moment of your time and complete your surveys: @jmw77 @lbogle47 @lbv @mes6890 @mike39 @ohmygod88 @ryry2310 @tim1911


Since we are at 94 already, we should break 100 this week. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry guys…I keep wanting to do this but I want to give all the right information and to be honest the last 12 months have been a foggy mess. All I know is that I was feeling perfectly healthy then I took accutane, then Propecia and my health has completely deteriorated. Trying to recall all the specifics for the survey seems to keep overwhelming my brain, then I put it off.

Maybe knowing a deadline to this survey would help? Are you trying to get it completed by a certain date for some reason?

Can anyone relate to this?

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hi @Iso_fin_doubledamage, I do appreciate how difficult it can be to get anything done in such a condition. That said, we have tried to account for said difficulty as best we can. For instance, after you move on from each page it is auto saved, so you can do it in small chunks. You can also manually save and quit at any time. It may be best to think of it as just doing one section at a time, and perhaps what @greek wrote here about setting a small agenda might help:

Many of us will relate to going from healthy to having severe health problems following these drugs, and that’s why it’s so important to represent in structured data. I truly hope you can push through it bit by bit.

Doing my best to complete my survey. is there a deadline? i hopne no, deadlines kill me :slight_smile:

As far as I know there is no deadline. This survey is ongoing and an effort by the axo+awor to create representable/structured data for scientists interested in our condition.

Very good detailed survey excellent work, I just completed it.

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I had made a 60-70% recovery - almost naturally. Took about 2 years to get to good place and then I started taking Cialis, then another 2 years to not have to depend on if.
Sadly I as pure coincident I just crashed on my 7th anniversary while I was completing survey. My doctor had gave me medication for some pain I’ve been having which trigger the crash

Curious what your sides were. Also… anything specifically you think helped… ie fasting, excercise, etc… ? Glad to hear you made progress over the years.