Can somebody recommend me a series of papers to show my doc so she'll believe me?

She’s stubborn but will listen to reason. Anyone have a short list of papers I could send her so she’ll believe me?

I’d say that the five included here:

are pretty good.

The first one is a meta-analysis that straight-up says, “The occurrence of persistent adverse […] side effects after 5α-reductase inhibitor is well supported by the existing data.”

The next three are studies that have found physiological differences in PFS patients compared to the normal population. I’d say that the most recent one (“Altered methylation pattern of the SRD5A2 gene in the cerebrospinal fluid of post-finasteride patients”) is probably the smokiest of these smoking guns.

The last one is a review of the current literature that ends with a call to action for the medical community. That one isn’t as important imo, but it probably would not hurt to include it.

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Google Roberto Melcangi–his stuff is new and excellent and shows that finasteride damages the body. You can find short and long version of his scientific papers online. Also go on PubMed.

This one is the single most powerful paper to date, which also speaks out against doctors who don’t believe their patients:

Perhaps you can pick up the full text somewhere.


If she won’t listen she can’t help you. Ask her to refer you to an endocrinologist. And bring documents to your first appointment. Tell them you don’t expect them to miraculously cure you. You’re just looking for someone to work with you on a path to find a solution and not simply just dismiss you and advise that you go to therapy or simply work out or some other nonsense