Caffeine increases DHT by enhancing 5-alpha reductase … =10&t=3582

Check this out guys

Since my Crash caffeine doesn’t have the same effect. I get increased anxiety no wakeful pleasant feeling like before.

Fifth post down, another claimed recovery.

Well then, I should have never even got PFS. I been eating asparagus & drinking coffee this entire time. No one will ever take this condition seriously. The people that have it claim recovery from everything. For me this is a life ending fucking disease that has not responded to anything. How do you think your parents would feel if you had jumped in front of that train. They come here and read coffee fixes it. Fucking insane. No respect.

I agree with you wholeheartedly there but that’s not what JQD said at all, it just enhances the activity. Coconut oil reduces 5ar activity for example. There’s a lot of natural substances with this sort of effect on enzymes in our bodies and we don’t even notice it usually. They’re all mostly non steroidal though, compared to finasteride which is a steroidal, suicide inhibitor. It’s like a peashooter to an atomic bomb. Then there’s stuff like saw palmetto that can give us it’s own version of pfs or gossypol which can make a dude permanently infertile…

The guy who claimed recovery didn’t actually attribute it to caffeine though, he actually said it made his symptoms worsen.

Here’s the post -
"This is a really interesting post. I’ve made an almost-full recovery from PFS the past few years, and coffee has always been a love-hate sort of thing with me. My symtoms seem to get worse with large amounts of coffee.

You see, while coffee may or may not be a mild 5-AR catalyst, it undoubtedly has a strong progesterone effect. Progesterone opposes DHT, and in the male body it is ideal to keep these two hormones in a balanced ratio. I think that in a healthy individuals body, these two effects will synergize and benefit without problems. However, with a pfs sufferer, the DHT is already low, so the increase from coffee will be proportionally less, while the progesterone effect will remain just as strong.

The bottom line is that for someone dealing with PFS, copious amounts of coffee (like ray’s suggested 5+cups per day) are not going to help sensitize your body to DHT. I would stick with a cup or two max, if you feel like it benefits you. "

I’m really foggy tonight so I hope that gets the point across. You know how I feel about recoveries though.

MCI, I never claimed coffee helped rexovery, I just thought it was an interesting point, and perhaps we should stay away from coffee. I was off coffee for a while using a natural stimulant made from Yerba mate, but I’m addicted to coffee again. I really hate the way it makes me feel and never liked it, used to give me severe anxiety before pfs. After pfs it doesn’t seem to do that anymore, but also it could be because im manually regulating my hormones and don’t allow estrogen to get too high anymore.

i really want to say, that posting ideas on how to recover is completely normal and is DOES NOT make us less credible. Its normal to look for every possible way to get out of this hell so please have some respect. If I was a scientist or someone unfamiliar with PFS, seeing people on this forum posting “far fetched” recovery methods, would NOT lead me to conclude that we they are insane. i would think its normal, for people who are suffering from a condition which has no known cure.

OF course we should not think we can cure this without studies. But we can still test protocols, doesnt mean they are ineffective.

I loved my coffee. Fuck PFS!

MCI I'm convinced that experimental synthetic 5ar drug designed for 5ar deficiencies is a treatment or cure, I really am. I have been studying it, researching it, and thinking about it, I'm convinced. It is the one thing no one has tried, replacing the enzyme, I know by inducing the enzymes I reverse pfs. That synthetic 5ar enzyme is even vulnerable to finasteride, I am so close to trying it. I KNoW that is the fucking problem not theoretically by by practice. That's how I am able to be 90% in remission with lots of shit.

That link also stated Diazepam increases 5AR activity. An interesting thread because now that my out of whack cortisol is in check with phosphatidylserine I have been enjoying caffeinated beverages such as green tea, cocoa and, of course, coffee. I’ve also been using diazepam for sleep lately ONLY because I was able to obliterate the night time surge of cortisol that was keeping me so awake- diazepam on its on could not obliterate the cortisol surging throughout. It has been a positive experience save the libido effects of Diazepam and the fact that it interferes with deep sleep. I’ve switched zopiclone. Will report back.

I consume at least 300-400mg daily and it has not helped.

It is always annoying to those of us who have been here for multiple years (myself being 3 1/2, others being less or a lot of them way more) for some clueless person to come along and claim to have solved it and be cured (Justquit being the most obnoxious one in history, but certainly not the first)…

Allow me to enlighten you… This forum has been in existence since 2006. And prior to that, there was a Yahoo forum. Which basically means that for over a decade, thousands upon thousands of men have been coming through here exchanging ideas about what has helped them, what promotes 5AR activity, etc. We have examined links to every single major illness. We have collectively spent millions of hours pouring over blood test results, medical journals, steroid forums, hormone forums. We have spent years with every single type of doctor and had every single medical procedure done and guess what… We have gotten nowhere.

There are literally thousands of men on this forum that are more intelligent than you… some of them doctors, specialists, and otherwise… and you think you are gonna waltz in here with absolutely no knowledge and solve this thing in six months? We collectively funded a foundation that is doing scientific studies at ivy-league universities because the problem has stumped even the most astute medical professionals… and you come in here and BLOW UP this forum with all of your bullshit theories and claims of recovery?


If anyone here needs actual hope, instead of ridiculous, idiotic posts claiming that caffeine will help you… please visit the following link:

Here you will find credible information about what we know about PFS so far. Keep in mind that the Brigham and Women studies (a Harvard affiliate) are completed, but have not yet been released but will be most likely in 2015 (THIS YEAR!) and will prove to be the most in-depth studies we have yet. There are also studies being done at Baylor college and University of Milano.

Progress is being made, and even in the 3 1/2 years I have been here, a LOT has happened (including the formation of the foundation altogether, and nearly each single piece of published research. So, things will continue happening faster and faster, especially once the Harvard studies are published.

  • Drops mic *

Clearly still suffering from the depressive aspects of PFS. Everyone here is struggling and trying to cope as best they can. It’s not just about YOU.


Whether that was directed at me or the OP, it is still an unbelievably venomous post- pretty kindergarden too. Shame, PFS, does seem to kill off brain cells.

It was directed at the OP and while you might consider it childish, I find the OP’s consistant lies about miracle cures and false remedies to be BEYOND childish - it is also dangerous, ineffective, and offensive. It is hilarious that I am being accused of losing brain cells when I am encouraging people to look to the science of this, as opposed to the fairy tales that Justquitdut has posted about since he joined. But, no, I guess I am the unreasonable one. Best of luck.

pfs effects decreasing by time if you are young enough to tolarate. thats all no cures no illness. its mild androgen insensitivity. just wait and exercise and try to keep your labs in range.

It hasn’t decreased by time - at least to anything near a recovery - for the vast majority of men on here, and age has nothing to do with it.

Then again you come on here to troll by telling everyone you’re hypersexual and that those genuinely afflicted with this syndrome just don’t get enough sex or that it doesn’t even exist, so you’re continued presence here shouldn’t be tolerated.

Bizarre that joetz is banned, a member whose posts might be silly and occasionally misleading but never insulting to sufferers, while certain trolls are allowed to clog up the forum.

LOL - I couldn´t agree more.

JQD - please go home, I know you suffer badly, but you have destroyed this forum for me and others. So take a break (3~5 years)…

There was no need to drop the mic brother, no one was listing to you in the first place. Actually I have learned from JQD. I have learned about hormones. So what if he posted about Coffey inducing 5AR. Ohh no lets get mad at the guy posting about things that increase the exact enyzme that propecia targeted.

You are not recovered yet and because of this you are a mad misarble little punk bitch who takes your problems out on other people. If JQD was truly wasting his time here than what are doing you sorry son of a bitch.

I will recover by inducing 5AR. Period, it’s a promise and when I do I’m thinking about not even returning to post my recovery because of people like you that have infected and ruined this forum.

Go to hell. Skum

Well sry to dissapoint 5 alpha, but I was listening. Everything i hate fin said is true, and you dont like to hear it, because you are emotionally invested in you having control over wether you recover or not.

I didnt think ihatefins post was miserable, to the contrary he painted a optimistic picture of progress. You dont like that picture, because for you its not happening fast enough. You dont want studies, because they take years, and you want results in month.

Of course ihatefin is correct, when he says that people like JQD annoy the hell out of ratinal sufferers. He might have exaggerated a bit when he says, that everybody hates JQD. Some do, and some love him, like you do, because he gives them false hope.

I dislike JQD, because he redirects energy into wasteful activity. Sufferers should back up scientific research financially and via participation, instead of pursuing homebrew.

Your behaviour is if anything desperate beyond believe. I WILL RECOVER VIA INDUCING 5ar activity. Right. Poor soul.

Hey man, you’re free to disagree with what I posted, but personal criticisms are against forum rules. I apologize if I came across to harsh, but I find JQD’s post to be counter-productive, offensive, and downright annoying. And I’m not alone in that.