I want to share with you my experiences with cabergoline. I started to take cabergoline to bring my prolactin down (prolactin = 16’9 ng/ml - <15) and then raise my dopamine.

I started taking 0.25 for one month and nothing happened. So I turned it up to 0.5. I noticed a big improvement in the second week: high libido, full erections, a great pleasure feeling, semen denser …

So I am sure I have a dopamine deficiency. Now i have to try to raise it permanently. I took dopamine supplements (l-dopa) but i do not feel anything. perhaps with a higher dose

has anybody managed to bring prolactin down permanently?

Did you do this on your own or under a doc’s supervision? Any side effects?

So you’re saying after you stopped using Cabergoline your improvements went away?

You should get bloodwork to see what has changed with your prolactin levels!

on my own. i want to talk to psychiatrists and endocrinologists about this. side effects: headache (for 2-3 first days), nervousness, abdominal pain, stronger heartbeat. i had a rapid heartbeat once as i was getting an erection. I have read it can damage the heart, so it has to be careful.

I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago. I am not as well as when i was taking it, but i still feel the improvements.

yes, i think so too. I am going to a endocrinologist this month. I will ask for it

Cabergoline (dostinex) has been viewed as the “drug that breaks the male refractory period”. There was a study in Germany done in which they gave healthy subjects a .5mg of cabergoline and 2 hours later they had sex and reported being able to orgasm two or three times in an hour.

I’m VERY interested in this.

I’m currently on a dopamine agonist Amantadine and I am noticing some AWESOME improvements in libido–I wanna’ fuck almost every girl I see now. haven’t felt like that in a while.

I def’ have a dopamine deficiency, so we’ll see–I’m on a small dose of amantadine.


hi yaeat, some questions:

  • are you taking it on doctor’s order or on your own?
  • do you have prolactin’s level before taking it and now?
  • are you taking anything else like l-tirosine, l-dopa …?
  1. I am taking it under doctor’s orders.
  2. I had prolactin tests right after propecia–normal range.
  3. I am taking Cyproheptadine, a serotonin antagonist.

I have managed to get hold of some Cabergoline through someone I know. I just took 0.25mg 4 days ago and the only thing I have noticed is mild headaches for the first 3 days; I will try the same dose next week and see what happens.

under doctor’s orders too? why does he think you have a serotinin high level? i think it could be the opposite …

by the way, what is your prolactin level?

It gives a headache at first. it has to take twice a weak. i didn’t feel anything taking 0.25 for a month. you could raise it if you don’t feel anything too. the ideal is taking a dose for a month (starting with 0.25), check prolactin level and then raising the dose if it is necesary …


Yes, I am taking everything under a psychiatrist’s (MD’s) orders.

Why would you think it’s the opposite? High serotonin levels are strongly associated with sexual dysfunction, particularly delayed ejaculation, sexual anhedonia, anorgasmia and loss of libido. Just look at SSRI-sexual dysfunction.

Or look at another study focusing on people with migraine headaches. For your information, migraines are caused by a lack of serotonin (one of the reasons LSD is thought to help, as LSD and other hallucinogens directly mimic serotonin). What this study found is that people who suffer migraine headaches on average tended to have higher sex drives. ( … news.shtml)

Plus, Cyproheptadine (serotonin antagonist) has been used in the past to successfully treat SSRI sexual dysfunction.

I have not tested my Prolaction levels as of yet. These will be tested in January. His reasoning for choosing drugs is that Dopamine is one of the main neuromodulators responsible for sexual functioning (the other being oxytocin), and was interested in studies linking allopregnalone, GABA, Serotoning and propecia. With high levels of serotnonin, Dopamine drops and prolaction can raise, oxytocin can also get lowered. So the conclusion he came to is that it is hormonal.

I am on the fifth day of consecutive amantadine treatment (I couldn’t do it over finals weeks, too much shit going on), and so far my libido is raising quite a bit. Still too soon to be sure, and I’m also on a very low dose as I have a pre-disposition to anxiety.

How’s your treatment going?

i think we have low dopamine because of we had high cortisol. it brought down dopamine, serotonin and T. raising prolactin

what i don’t know is why we still have a low level of dopamine if we have low cortisol now ¿?

a lack of serotonin make feel depression, insomnia, anxiety … things that have some of us. Anyway, I am not sure about what serotonin level we have

about my treatment, I stopped taking cabergoline in the third weak with 0.5. Now, one month later, I feel better than before taking it, but not as well as when i was in cabergoline. I did a prolactin test last weak, I will report when i have it


Anxiety can be caused by a lack of GABA and oxytocin, things which are associated with a low sex-drive.

As for us having low cortisol? My cortisol levels were absolutely normal–having high or low cortisol doesn’t define dopamine levels or necessarily have a great influence on it. Prolactin and Serotonin are the two big ones that can affect dopamine, FSH and LH to a lesser extent as well.

I would love to hear about Cabergoline as a long term treatment. I hear good things about it at .5 mg for a month’s usage. Tell more when you get the results and all that.

As for my treatment, since starting Amantadine at a low dose of 100 mg a day, libido itself has definitely risen. I’m on my tenth day, and once it gets to the 14 day mark, I’ll increase the dosage to 200 mg. It’s kinda’ cool because yesterday I went without masturbating, so today I was out in public eating with a friend, and I couldn’t help but stare at all the attractive women passing by. So I felt that pre-Propecia urge to just masturbate.

For those who don’t know, Amantadine is a Dopamine-agonist, not of very high strength.

Hi Yaeat

Just wondered how you are going with the Amantadine? Has the improvement in libido been maintained? And any difference in erections?

Thanks for any info. Hope that things are still going well for you.

Just stopped the Amanatadine.

It definitely worked for libido. I can say this with confidence. My desire to actively get it on was enhanced almost pre-propecia. Had sex dreams quite frequently, popped spontaneous erections every now and then to random hot chicks, stared at every girl’s ass, etc.

As for erections themselves, here’s the weird part. It increased my DESIRE to have an erection, but it didn’t necessarily increase the power of the erection. It’s almost as if Propecia has affected our tissues in the penis causing the NO to be less available or something.

I think dopamine agonists like Amantadine, Ropinirole or Cabergoline are worth a shot.

Thanks for coming back. Can I asked why you stopped?

And now that you’re off, has the improved libido continued? Or has that tailed off now you’re no longer on the med?


Sure, no problem.

I stopped the Amantadine because my classes started again. I had to focus on them, and not risk any potential side effects. Because elevating dopamine levels can cause you to behave compulsively, why libido rises, I didn’t want to take any chances. Also–I wanted to try it out.

I took Amantadine once a day in the morning/when I woke up after a small meal at 100 mg.

I’ve been off for about a week now, and the Libido has stayed with me. I wanted to fuck this girl in my class sooo bad, ugh.

I intend on starting up on Amantadine again when I have a less busy load (I’m a TA and I have a full schedule).


My prolactin test came back and it was normal.

Normal 6-16 nmol/ng, Mine was 10 nmol.

when adrenal glands get stressed they make more cortisol. Cortisol convert dopamine into noradrenaline. This run out of dopamine and raise prolactine. I believe in the adrenal fatigue theory and how it made we had many of symptoms that we have now. Have a look to adrenal fatigue’s symptoms. I have many of them.

anyway, I already have my new prolactin test done. I think I have taken too much cabergoline XDD …

prolactin: <0.5 !!! (one month later of stopping taking)

I stopped taking at the end of November. I did another prolactin test (ordered by a new endo). I will report about it

I don’t feel much better than before taking cabergoline. What I can say is that I have more pleasure feeling, I can get a harder erection because I get more pleasure now. Dopamine is not the only way to heal ourselves. I also think I have a blood flow problem that not let me to have a harder erection.


I actually agree with what you wrote.

I get a ton of pleasure/desire from Amantadine (a dopamine-agonist), but I think there is a blood flow problem as well.

I think there has been tissue damage to our penises.

But as for Libido, Dopamine-agonists have DEFINITELY brought mine up.

i used to think about skin 's penis damage and blood flow problem…4 sure there are ,but i don’t think they are just due to the relatives organs…like ppl having problems with their prostate,i don’t think it s an organ problem,i think it’s a big chain and its end is in the penis,prostate,brain etc … it s a compless system ,but i dn’t know if our penis,brain is damage,i dn’t hope -

I think the blood flow issue still resides in the signaling from the brain. I have been there before too, where my desire is up but the function isn’t there. I can still feel this numb spot in my head that doesn’t respond how it should. I think it is still brain related.