I think the blood flow issue still resides in the signaling from the brain. I have been there before too, where my desire is up but the function isn’t there. I can still feel this numb spot in my head that doesn’t respond how it should. I think it is still brain related.

Exactly how I’ve been feeling! Hopefully this can be rectified with neurochemical balance.

Has anyone tried a tyrosine-5Htp combo to balance things out?

This formulation has been shown to be highly effective…

The most horrifying aspect to this whole thing for me is that I actually did have neurotransmitter tests done and they showed my brain was completely out of whack. Thing is, I had these tests done WHILE I was still on propecia because I had no idea that it was the propecia causing the problems. I was being treated for lymes disease at the time. Hind sight is 20/20. Many of my symptoms were from the propecia, this I know now. Regardless, I did precursor loading with amino acids while still taking fin. I’m sure it would work much better now that I have stopped feeding the problem. I did get decent results despite still being drugged.


How did you test you brain chemistry/neurotransmitter levels?

What did they test exactly?

I looked through my old records and found the lab slip. The heading on the page says “NeuroScience…World Leader in Neurotransmitter Clinical Research.”

The test was from 2004.

They test for:







Glutamate and Glutamine

The test is a saliva and urine collection at a certain point in the day. You collect it yourself and mail it in to the lab. They then send the results to your MD. I got the kit from my Lyme Doc who was ahead of her colleagues in areas like this. Both of us just never thought twice about the propecia I was taking the whole time she was treating me.

Rather then buy the aminos from them, I researched what they were going to sell me and I bought them myself from a company called Jomar labs. I mixed and matched my own combos and it was alot cheaper in the long run. This company sells pharmaceutical grade stuff and it definitely worked, but like I said, I was still taking propecia everyday. I may revisit this in the near future now that I’m off the shit and getting healthy. It may be a nice boost. Let me know if you decide to test if they are still around.

They are still around. The website is

I think we don’t need to know our neurotransmitters level in urine/blood but in nervous system.

by the way, prolactin test 7 weeks later (14/1/09):

prolactin 2.4 ng/ml (<15)
T 7.69 ng/ml (3-11)
cortisol 21 mcg/dl (4.5 - 24)
ACTH 67 pg/ml (<100)


T 6.30


cortisol 18.5
ACTH: 116 pg/ml

That is how we find out our neurotransmitter levels IN our nervous system. Supposedly these tests are an accurate representation.

ok. you are right. they are an approximation to nervous system’s levels. could you show us your neuro’s tests?

do you remember how much it was? don’t they send the results to your home? do they give their opinion about the results?

I’m very interested in neurotransmitters tests. I may ask for them


I would, but I’m not very technically inclined to do so. I can tell you that my serontonin was almost non existent and my dopamine was very, very low. Curiously enough, my Gaba was high? This leads my to believe that the receptors are more the issue than the outright transmitters themselves.

As I had said earlier, you have to do this through an MD. They will not send the results to you directly.

They do give their opinion as to what products they are going to sell you, yes.

Keep in mind that this is just a general neurochemical accumulation and can in now way be distinguished between peripheral and central areras.

A tesing protocol to test neurotransmitter levels in the brain is years into the future and will require millions if not billions of dollars.

The best we have is PET scans and functional MRI’s.

I too have had this testing done which showed my serotonin to be fairly low in comparison to the rest of my neurotransmitters.

Has anyone here had any head injuries or have you been exposed to toxins during propecia use? This could cause changes in libido areas sometimes and part of the problem.

Yeah, the toxin was propecia.

TO JANTMAR …so do u think using dostinex could help the situation? anyway do u feel bettere than before using it?

and more,i want to take 1mg per week,but how can i use it per day?



It depends on your prolactin level. I took it two times a week after dinner. now i think i took too much, because i didn’t have the prolactin very high. I dropped it to < 0.5 in 3 weeks. I think 0.5 a week is a better dose.

I know someone who has felt a big improvement taking mucuna pruriens (6 pills a day). It’s another choice

I feel a little better but not a big change. I have more pleasure feeling. And because of this I can manage harder erections. I don’t think we can cure with this. Although It depends on every case. Now I can say prolactin level is not the problem, because I have brought it down to a very little level XD

If you decided taking it, I’d recommend you take 0.5 a week and check your prolactin level regularly. and stop when you would manage a good level. If you can’t do it, you could estimate it with other people’s cases (like me).

good luck.

this is a super late reply but I have useful information pertaining to this. You state that it improved libido but didnt improve erectile functioning; this is consistent with my own experiments with various things. I have been able to improve erectile functioning but not libido. I think that we need to view the libido and erectile functioning problems as two separate issues and treat them accordingly. For what its worth, I have discovered that soy does improve erectile functioning (permanently), assuming you are a good responder to soy; but I am also experimenting with tribulus/zinc which has also brought me some results as well.