Brain damage (Test)

If you want to check to see if the drug you took has caused brain damage make sure the MRI is a fMRI and not the standard MRI that will only check the structural integrity of the brain, brain damage won’t be picked up whereas a functional MRI will check for adequate blood flow. Also a SPECT brain scan will also be able to pick up chemical damage in the brain.

Didn’t Goldstein do some of these and told them yes it was not normal?

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Do they do it on NHS?

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Well also it can’t show brain damage, it can show brain dysfunction

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Not that I’m aware maybe in England.

Brain dysfunction is brain damage.

I would be shocked if those who crashed on Finasteride had a normal fMRI or SPECT brain scan.

Have you tried the test?

I remember someone seeing Goldstein here and got an fmri…He told them they would never be as before if I remember correctly but can’t remember who it was now…

Fair, I always view brain damage as more of like the neurons are done there’s nothing you can do, like a stroke. Where dysfunction is more of your brain is behaving in a wrong way because of something but if you fix that something you’ll be fine.

Also this user had one and said it was normal.

I would assume dysfunction opposed to damage. If it is damage and non reversible, that would be disheartening.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. There would be zero point of research, etc, if it is indeed Pure brain damage. (I know I’ll get backlash for saying that but let’s get real) From my years of research I think it’s reversible.

I wish we had way more collaboration with pssd people. You can go on reddit antipsychiatry, anhedonia, ssri, pssd and find so many people complaining of the same things we are. Way more.

I always wondered if pssd is a different mechanism. I really really do. However there are people who complain of skin changes, muscle changes, etc.

I would say and my good friend @Dknighten said this to calm my mind, if we indeed had brain damage, why would we get skin changes, no response from androgens, gyno etc


Amen, brother. If it was brain damage, something else would be going on that does not fluctuate, I would assume.

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Got someone diagnosed with brain damage or dysfunction?

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Has anybody come across in literature a case where a tbi or brain dysfunction causes all the changes we have, meaning no response from androgens, skin changes, loss of veins, gyno, etc? I can’t nor have I ever seen a case

One thing I don’t understand is how a lot of people actually report a decreased drive to breathe, during the day and at night. That’s been found for awhile across the forum. Idk how this is explained by androgens but then again it’s so intertwined with the CNS that maybe it is. This kinda thing makes me worry about brain damage but like I said, the body is so intricate who the hell knows