Blood results (Please advise) **NOW WRITTEN OUT...UPDATED!!

Would really, really, appreciate some analysis.

Think my estrogen level is high, GP didn’t really know much else and has referred me to a specialist.


Low libido
Poor erection stength
More watery semen and all that crap.


Cant transcribe the results if preferred…

Maybe people are having a hard time reading the results. It would be easier if you could just type them in with ranges.

No probs.

Here are the main readings:

Result: 2.2 U/L
Range: 1.5 - 12.4

Result: 4.9 U/L
Range: 1.7 - 8.6

Result: 164 Mu/L
Range: 86 - 324

Result: 163 pmol/L OOR (HI)
Range: 28 - 156

Serum Testosterone
Result: 33.8 nmol/L
Range: 10 - 34

Got an appointment with a specialist this thursday hopefully he’ll show some interest.

Thanks guys.

Your estradiol is skyhigh. Elevated estrogens in men can cause all sorts of problems such as loss of libido, weight gain, gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction etc, and basically reduce Testosterone’s effectiveness. The good news is your T levels are skyhigh, which may be contributing to the elevated Estradiol. If you get the E2 under control, that should help. You need more bloodwork to determine Free T, SHBG, TSH and various other hormones.

Hopefully your doc can assist with treatment and further testing.

Are you from the UK Colin?

I reckon your results are goood apart from estradiol, but what you got to remeber is that your estradiol is over range but so is your TT.

Indolplex dim should bring that estradiol under and into range. Its worth a try.

Get shbg checked too.

When you say low libido what are we talking? How many times do you get an urge to release a month? or a week?

How old are you?

your fsh is low as well.

thanks guys

yeah FSH is low, would this explain the watery semen and possible shrickage?

Im worried for my fertility.

Going to the SHGB etc tested v.soon.

Have been prescribed cialis in the mean time, any use?

you are correct. and yes Cialis made me normal as far as erections are concerned.

Ok im juts back from the doctor there, he has agreed to check ALL the below at the request of my endo :slight_smile:

Thyroid tests: TSH, Free T3, Free T4, RT3

Liver function
Bone Profile
Iron Profile

Tesosterone, TT, Free T and Bioavailable T
Estrogens (E2 etc)

“Free Androgen Index”
17-OH Progesterone

Androsterone Glucuronide

i gave him that list and he said it should be okay. Obviously the lab might have a problem with one or two, but im hopeful i’ll get most of the important ones.

Should this cover everything?

Get your vit D levels checked for sure. Most all of us are out of range low. Start supplementing vit d3 if you havnt already.

gl colin

yeah i never bothered with that, because ive started taking vit d3 the past few days

im loading up for a few days with 50,000ui’s then after that down to 20k for a week or two, then level off to 10k. I’ve read a few people who have had improvements in semen quality from this so im very hopeful!!

Im really hopeful something will show up. Really want to get this mess sorted so i can put it behind me.

Another thing guys

has anyone got an MRI on their peturiary? I am getting one done.

Some of us are low even with high dose vit d3 supps. May not be a bad idea to get it tested since your going. Shippen and Jacobs both order this test.

I guess an MRI cant hurt if you can afford it or you have good insurance. I guess I wouldnt see why though if your LH and FSH seem fine.

your all hormones except estradiol, are fine.I think MRI is a waste of time, majority of us has gone through MRI. I have got twice with normal results.
If you have not been off for long time just wait. your FSH is very low hence you have watery semen. Instead of MRI I think you should go for sperm analysis, if you are concerned about becoming father.

my two cents.

Ive only been off 7 months. My semen only got watery for a while so im not going to start having loads of sperm tests etc to freak me out just yet. Im hoping i can reverse things pretty fast as a whole. But yes of course im concerned about my fertility.

I’d be surprised if you got that lot tested on the NHS, even if the GP wanted to stuff like adiol-g and even DHT it is hard to get.

That said, you look to have got a really good endo and if you manage to get half that lot tested on his say so I might pay him a visit myself. It looks like he’s just lifted the required bloods from this site’s faq section.

To be honest i added a few myself from the faq section :smiley::smiley:


My endo contacted me there and said that they’re trying to charge me for these tests since they’ve been recommended via private appointment. I’ll see what the position is here. Typical. I’m bloody cursed.

Apparently most of the ones have come back “absolutely fine”. I’ll be getting a copy of them this evening to delve a little deeper though. The other ones are supposed to be sent over to England and will be expensive so my endo is going to have them delayed for now. Im not sure which one’s these are.

So all isn’t as convenient as first hoped.

The “absolutely fine” results arent what i hoped for either considering im definately not “absolutely fine”. That was just what the GP secretary said though, perhaps my endo will have other ideas anyway. Im sure i will.