Beware of Doctors claiming Medical Breakthroughs - Dr. Georgiadis - Greece

who told you to go to greece?
you just popped in the forum in the particular thread i started about the 13th urologist i visited this year who managed to do something finally with my problem and started worrying about other’s financial status and my success or not with the treatment?

man just go get an ultrasound wherever you may find a proper doc

the door just didn’t open and this physician came inside

i traced him down after a 2 yr journey in whole of european clinics and more than 60.000 Euros spent here and there in useless tests.
And that’s only in the last two years. The previous i have to add up the receipts and insurance covers. You know how much this will sum up in the end??

and i hand you out the chance and the knowledge to get a treatment FINALLY here just like that, without needing to go to the rest of the planet to find not a doctor, BUT THE CAUSE OF YOUR SYMPTOMS. You don’t even know the cause of your symptoms today as we speak, you still believe science fiction stories

And this was the biggest mistake i guess i made
i should have kept this to my self and save me the fuss of retarted chats back and forth
because believe it or not, whether it will take you one month or two or more to get better you will eventually and this is the only treatment up to date, and the most efficacious, otherwise i would just suggest you go cut off your prostate or just jump on antibiotics

This threads title has been changed to be more politically correct.

Still this title is not “correct” for this dr here
He doesn’t claim medical breakthrough
He is trained to treat prostatitis better than others.
He has far more credentials than many advertised in this forum, let alone the other PFS doctors-wannabe

while here some one out of the blue claims he is a fraud because he has an auto-response email service. What would you do if you received a hundred emails per day?


he is also one of the first to perform robotic prostate operations in greece

i would consider people beware of repetitive fancy research protocols announced here and there and also beware of the use of powerful hormones suggested by fellow sufferers for treating non-hypohormonal states without accurately diagnosing their problems

You have got to be kidding Mew. Solon labelled his own thread groundbreaking. Nothing to do with Georgiadis. One would have to feel very sad for both these guys at the minute. After what Solon has gone through, he is being pushed to insanity here. And Georgiadis is catching severe heat because the aims of his lifetime of work have been manipualted and twisted on here. Sad sad shit going on.

  1. Dr. Georgiadis went to an unknown university in France to study. Some of the main PFS doctors in the US have literally the best credentials one could attain globally - for example, Dr. Jacobs did his education at Duke University and training (residency and fellowship) at Harvard University. Dr. Goldstein went to Brown University and McGill University for his education, again some of the best universities in the world. Of course, this is not a guarantee they provide superior care, but your original point is simply inaccurate.

  2. He does not have an auto-response email service. He personally wrote the emails and diagnosed a healthy prostate as diseased. They were signed by his name and neither of them were identical which indicates he personal wrote the emails.

  3. You have to realize how suspicious you seem to the rest of us. There are so many red flags that you are not addressing. If you want to be persuasive and help the rest of us, you need to explain why this controversial aspects exist (why he is the only one who can treat this illness, why is he diagnosing everybody with this illness, why does it take a full month, why is he prescribing very specific antibiotics without knowing which pathogens exist in each patient etc.) Saying “who cares” is completely unhelpful and makes it seem like you are a con artist that is looking to take advantage of gullible and desperate PH members. Visit for a similar plot.

The original topic was not intended to be racist. You should know, of course, it was just a play of a saying from the Trojan War of ancient history. In no way is it a reflection of a judgment on modern Greek society. I don’t mind that Mew changed the topic title, but I don’t feel it was necessary just to appease you.

“Frustrated”, USA are not the center of the world, nor do they have the best in the world for everything, as you seem to beleive. You should consider to stop watching hollywood movies and get out of your country just a little bit to experience how this big world is in reality.
Check this World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems.

The US is the only developed country in the world without socialized medicine. This is a political and societal issue which greatly affects the rankings you presented. The factors included are 1. Overall level of health 2. Distribution of health 3. Responsiveness 4. Distribution of financing. The US loses very largely in every category for having almost a purely privatized system and the fact that the US is the most overweight country in the world. This ranking does not include education which is the topic that is being discussed.

Take a look at this article for the best medical universities in the world published by a Pakistani author for a UK paper. Each of the top 10 schools in the world are in the US. Of course, this is subjective but you will find many other ranking methodology that put the US schools at the top globally. Our health care system (as a whole) is an entirely different story. For the record, McGill, which is one of the universities I mentioned is located in Canada.

I sometimes forget that Americans can be perceived as Amerocentric and for this I apologize. I have spent a lot of time outside the US to understand the US has both great strengths and weaknesses.

so why don’t you go to those top universities yourself and ask for treatment and help to your issues?

i happened to visit the best in europe (Sweden, Spain, Belgium, here in Athens, phone consultations with Cambridge professors) and talk to some of the aforementioned “doctors” with higher educational profile in the US, who never seemed to really understand what i was talking to them about, and they insisted on prescribing hormones or vitamins from the phone during phone consultations.

You can’t be so naive…Barging in here after just a few posts you have written and targeting me and one of the 100 doctors i have visited.

Now this guy specializes in treating prostatitis or genital track inflammation, he is better than the rest because he only does that, how hard is it for you to understand this?

Microbiological tests are useless. What are you gonna test for? Intracellular pathogens? Extracellular? Or the ones that are hidding within your macrophages?? Urine and sperm tests are basically a scam to make money from the poor prostatitis patients. Is it too hard to understand that too?? I have written that in my 70+ posts in the thread so many times.
You didn’t want to read that but just waited for the outcome of people’s treatment to react in an unfair manner.

Thats why the doc gives out 3 even 4 antibiotics sometimes and follows with drenching the prostate to see how they react. In some cases the cycle changes every few days if he sees that the tissues may start reinflamming or white pus continuous to be produced.

Finally why would I sound suspicious to the rest of you?? First of all you cannot judge who sounds suspicious or not.

I am here since the yahoo forums (5-6 years ago) and i have far more experience on the subject that you may ever think.

You just never happened to read my story or my battles post finasteride. It could be titled, “Finasteride: a endless journey to hell and back”.

And unfortunately you won’t find any info from me at this point, i 've decided to erase them not for bad purposes but now that i think of it, lack of my info will serve you quite well, so you can freely start searching for yourself the ways to recover, go travel around and spend and spend and suffer in despair with no-one believing you, like i was faced for years and years and isolated from my own medical university and professors who taught me but when they had to deal with me as a patient i saw their lack of knowledge and their attitude, brushing me off to find solution by my self.
You know how it feels to be isolated from the whole medical community?

Try to convince medical personnel that have 30+ years in the endocrinology/pathology/urology/neurology even psychiatry teaching field that what they have learned or what they teach to their students is a bit wrong? Or what they prescribe to their patients is a bit dangerous? Or that the tests they perform (blood adrenal testing, blood estrogens, urine tests etc etc) are useless way too old or even scamish?

So if you think i am suspicious you can email one of my professors and ask around, if i have and what sort of understanding for these issues

and if he is still not good for you (even being in the top 100 US medical researchers) i can prompt you to others i have been visiting

Some people like you don’t deserve to be fed any proper info or how you can get out of problem like this.

Wait five six years doing useless tests and believing in science fiction research protocols and fraudulent doctors that claim to have helped PFS or to understand how the HPA axis works and put you on various hormonal regimes and then when you will reach the level of frustration and isolation i 've reached we can be talking again in equal terms.
Now you know nothing about me or what i 've been through or most in here.
You just come and wright your nonsense based on your suspicion on one doctor. This doctor is the outcome of the failed medical community to diagnose understand and want to help as a total. He is not someone i picked by luck or by despair. It was the 13th urologist i ve seen them last two years and not only in Greece.

Do i have to spent another 50 plus pages just for you to for your childish suspicions?? My story was there for years, and all i have done, you didn’t bother reading it to the bits so now you don’t deserve anything apart from being joked at based on your attitude

You suspicious activity continues because you engage in long-winded rants yet don’t directly address ANY of the questions that have been proposed to you. Please discuss the following red flags and answer them DIRECTLY.

  1. Why is Doctor Georgiadis diagnosing ultrasounds of HEALTHY prostates as having chronic prostatitis? He has done this 2x in the course of 3 days. These hypothetical patients literally need ZERO treatment.

  2. How is it possible that he is the only person in the world who can treat chronic prostatitis? Why is this ‘skill’ not transferable to any other doctors. Is he some sort of prostate savant?

  3. Why did you delete your entire 400 post history? Saying you have reached the end of your ‘query’ is not sufficiently logical. Your treatment history and experience could potentially be helpful to others.

I don’t personally have the answers, but the fact that I lack a solution really has no bearing on whether or not Georgiadis is offering legitimate or fraudulent treatments.

Allow me to touch on a few of these because youre simply not getting it…

1.) Perhaps because hes getting bombarded with e-mails daily, on top of a busy schedule as it is… He probably made the connection between finasteride and you having pfs and simply said that is your problem… Maybe he didnt even look at the tru, or maybe it wasnt even at the right frequency to get an accurate reading. who the fuck really knows or cares. Theres a bunch of guys on link a posted on the prostate thread, where people are commending him for fixing there issues… So theyre are testimonials out there.

2.) In short, because the medical field has gotten away from massages. A uro I have recently seen from Northwestern, which is one of the top hospitals in the country here in Chicago, told me that prostate massage therapy is an old technique. Why, probably because doctors are busy as fuck and they dont have the time to massage your prostate for 30 days, they have many many other patients to help. Theyre new thing is to just pump tons of strong antibiotics at the thing and hope… And aside from dr. G, not many docs want to practice such therapy bc it is time consuming and touch on ones hands/fingers/arms…Most docs want to just sit back, listen, and write you tons of RX’s…

3.)Maybe because he has been so ridiculed for what hes done thus far, and is sick of all the bullshit… If it were me, I would have told you all to go F yourselves and figure it out on your own, which im sure hes getting to that point… Why in the hell would you think he would try to deceive us? Do you think he and Dr. G had some plot that has been 7 years running? OH yea, solonjk you join the propecia forum and gain the trust of all of them for 5 years, then well drop this whole prostate theory on them out of nowhere… Please… Solon has more knowledge then 99.8% of the people on this board…hes been through it all and see it all.

Toadstool, I don’t find that any of your answers really clarify the situation. Your tone and language are also unnecessarily disrespectful. In the past you have also been extremely disrespectful to Mew who has done a lot more to help you than I have. If the situation fully made sense, I would definitely have the capacity to ‘get it’. No doctor I’ve seen in my entire life has behaved in a way that has raised even a single suspicion.

  1. He should not be offering diagnoses without having even looked at a TRUS image. If there was some reason he could not properly read the image properly, he should have mentioned this. Additionally, we don’t know if those testimonials are actually true - if he were perpetrating a scheme I would expect him to have fake testimonials. I personally care, as should any other prospective patient, that he is offering false internet diagnoses. Being vague, ambiguous, or uncertain in emails would be reasonable but his false diagnoses are very suspicious.

  2. The response did not directly answer my question. I understand the treatment is a long routine. No urologist I have seen was willing to offer antibiotics without any test confirming the presence of a bacteria. In fact, this is potentially reckless to the public’s safety. You didn’t answer why Dr. G said it was NOT POSSIBLE to transfer this information to other doctors.

  3. You really can’t answer for Solonjk. You can speculate, but only he can confirm his motivations.

I have not been disrespectful to anyone, I’m simply trying to help you understand what youre not understanding. I certainly have not disrepected Mew, I simply do not agree with his point of view and have expressed my opinon many a time.

Ultimately YOU dont have to go see him, so whatever you think hes done as far as some kind of scam, you dont have to take part in any of this… He has said to many, based on the symptoms they are having, you might be expierencing CP… Obviously you are not aware of the fact that there are other docs here in the U.S.A who offer something similiar to what this doctor is offering such as Dr. Toth, The Manila center, and the AZ prostate center… And if you think this guy needs patients to come from the US to be sucussesfull, he doesnt as far as what solon has said he has quite a good business and has been doing it for 20 years… I’ve never heard of a 20 year scam besides a ponzee sceme… The reason why he can’t transfer informatoin to other docs because he simply does not trust their ability to view TRU’s, let alone their method behind treating prostatis. He has said that to me and many others respones that via email and I can post that for you if you like… ALso, you cant transfer information on how to do is treatment by communicating it to some other doctor you donk. Thats like an engineer telling a painter how to design a machine or something. You simply cant do it that way because it is a hands on technique, no pun intended, and he has 20 years of experience you cant just tell someone how to do something like that and expect them to know what their doing…

Good work Frustrated. Seems Dr G can see prostate problems in images of normal prostates, and more than that: give the exact number of treatments necessary before a diagnosis! Unfortunately quite a few vocal people (who have no intention of seeing this doctor) dont think this raises any suspicions, but this thread may save at least one person their time and money.

Isnt Dr G developing a mechanical arm to do the massage? Hmmm…

And why has Solonjk deleted his posts and why is he being so aggressive? Because he cant take the critisism? Surely all he has to do is wait until all those other people come back with succesful results from Dr. G and he will be proved correct.

um yea oscar, once he gets a feel for where the inflammation is he then can use the robotic arm… the whole purpose is to take strain off his hand…DUHHH

Noone onbliges anyone to go to this doc

i just keep outlining the necessity of a proper transrectal ultrasound

otherwise you can just go the hormonal route if you are so uninterested in really “fixing” your problems. You can still mask them a bit for some months/years.
there’s a myriad of endocrinologists and antiaging docs who will try to “fix” your broken HPA. Try taking hormones like cortisol 4 times a day, dhea twice per day, testosterone, thyroid hormones 2ice a day and antiestrogens and lift your metabolism and anti-inflammatory activity.

Its a potential in theory. In practice though…

Then if this don’t work i guess you are only left with the treating the organ inflammations, which are to blame for what, the 80% to 90% of your problems.

You can just go to an everyday urologist to prescribe consecutive rounds of antibiotics for years and years.

Bacterial tests are a joke. You don’t know medicine that well so i don’t judge you anymore. You may believe that it is still possible to treat a prostatic infection based on MICs and some bacteria found in sperm and Stamey-mears testing. This is offcourse not possible since bacteria are hiding in biofilms and calcifications, there are intracellular pathogens that get freed only after reaching to the lower portions of the inflammation or get shed only once in a month or maybe a bit more often, and there’s still immune cell pathogens to deal with, lol…
But you are still free to go and spend all the money you have. I will still be here waiting for your result.

If this don’t work go try relaxation techniques and anti-inflammatories or exercise protocols widely advertised which are practiced by those who don’t believe a microbial cause of genital inflammation. If this manages to bring some relief then i will be very happy for you…

This doctor offers the epitomy of treating the prostate. He treats the cause and fights the inflammation from all angles and with all the logic there is in the world. But its not that easy to stick your finger for 10-15 minutes per day in every body’s ass you know. I wouldn’t do it not for 1000 usd per day, would you??

plus how can he demonstrate his tecnique, i asked him too why don’t you teach this to other’s ?? Well in that case he would have to stick his finger in your behinds along with another guys finger in order to follow his moves and understand the pressure mechanics and the tissues he feels up. You thing this is plausible?? Can you stick your finger with his in someones prostate and try learning how he does that??

I guess not, unless you want to become his guinea pig and doctors practice on you

so many possibilities to get treated… just choose one, why do you get obsessed with that doctor so much?

people wasted their money their health and got stressed so badly for years involved in treatments that had not even any sort of relationship to their actual problem, why not go for something that is definately on target sometime??

I am not going to be judging you anymore. I understand some psychological issues have been caused to you by your finasteride use. I can tell from the obsession you have on things and the suspicion.
Noone would really care about others treatment protocols so much if they didn’t have some sort of issues. I have read a myriad of approaches in here and never bothered judging so much like you did. You are clearly obsessed. People have come in here stating UNBELIEVABLE reasons for our situation and even more UNACCEPTABLE methods of treating. Why would i judge them? I might add some comment but that’s about it not call them scams or anything else. If you haven’t tried something you can’t really tell what is a scam and what not.

Frankly you haven’t been or seen or even understand what i understand after all those years of searching and experimenting so maybe i 've been a bit harsh on you…

But judging me from the fact that i erased my posts, these are my posts and i can erase them whenever i want, i just don’t feel the need there should be a thousand pages of info that people don’t read anymore since they are only interested on the outcome and a solution brought to them on hand.

You seem very inexperienced in dealing with doctors. Medicine and medics are not the ideal people around you know. When you get in touch with many of them you will understand what the deal is behind them. They don’t really care about our problems especially when they get complicated. And stating things like, urologists you know will only treat you if they find bacteria in you post testing, wow, this shows a lack of experience with them definately. Urologists are the most easy going when it comes to prescribing antibiotics. That’s the first thing they do when they suspect any sort of an inflammation. You know that giving you antibiotics though and not curing you is a major medical malpractice in reality because after a couple rounds of unsuccessful antibiotics your resistance levels might add up 30 to 40 times to a particular strain.
Then you are doomed to not be easily treated, you need more advanced therapy and combined treatment and drencing then becomes an obligation. Apart from that, you must consider that consuming consecutive rounds of antibiotics only adds up to side effects. Downing cipro and floxin and levaquin every once in a while which are given so easily by the usual urologist is not the ideal situation here, fluoride just adds up to your body and may cause long term issues. Not to mention the potential direct effects of the quinolone groups. Brrr…

But you still don’t know that, you are just obsessed with the emails the doc sent you.
Why don’t you ask him about those emails and the phenomenal scam and you keep asking us?
Finally do you have any alternative treatment for people in here or you are just interested in people not going to see a urologist that performs prostate massages?

Toadstool you have been very disrespectful to me too. your language is very bad.
Just few minutes ago you sent me a pm which says " SHUT THE FUCK UP! ". what is this? Is this a respect?

Because you dont get it. no one wants you talking on that thread… so just refrain from looking and reading it… you don’t believe in the theory anyways so… why look?

spstriken what is all this about respect and disrespect. Get over this issue and stop being a child who gets insulted at every instance. We all feel insulted at times but carry on. Life is life.

i forgot i wanted to ask you about your prostate massage sessions. You said you did it for two months and it failed. Can you describe what and how this took place, what antibiotics they gave you and generally give us an insight on your treatment?

I do not find the info presented in this thread as enough evidence to label Dr G of Kos as a scam. Frustrated: You should reply to the Drs last email with “I have recently heard that SSRIs can cause sexual dysfunction. Do you think that I should go off of the medication for a while and see if I recover before I make plans to see you”.

Solojn: I for one applaud and thank you. You take an active approach and just want your life back. Whether you intend to help others or not, you do anyhow. I am very interested in your results from this as I am beginning to buy into the Prostatis theory (perhaps in combination with Low Cortisol + High rT3 theory).

However, at the same time, I do find it weird that Solo deleted all of his posts. Why is this? They could help so many people here, such as myself.

I will judge this Dr and Prosatis theory based on users who have gone down this route, specifically in Kos.