BEFORE & AFTER story of Clomid Treatment for PFS


Legendary, are you currently still taking drugs or are you off of them completely now?


vincentv: Total and Free T, LH and FSH seem far too high to be a result of AI alone, especially since there was no pituitary stimulation from Clomid for 3 1/2 weeks. I suspect something else is going on, will defer to my Endo on this. Open to constructive feedback but rather keep prophecies of doom and unsubstantiated statistics on your own thread.

dgreene: still on the protocol, 1 week on, 3 off, see previous posts for full deets…


Something else is going on…check the PFS foundation website where the research is leading them.


I am not sure if I got you. Are you on letro now? When are you stopping that? You really dont think lowing your e2 can push your test up that much. Well it can. E2 is a very very suppresive hormone. Much more so than test. Sorry these are not prophocies. There is a tiny chance you will keep these results once you quit the drugs maybe a few in 100 - If so great but I have been though the EXACT same thing. You will find my post on here saying I am recovered. Then some other guys posted like I am saying now the trick is to keep it. Sure enough I lost it. This is a attibute of PFS, an important one that we must look at deeply and understand the mechanism. You have done lots of blood tests which is great. You should do them when you feel good and when you feel bad. Do you have access to siliva tests for free hormone levels? An e2 test does not mean much or really anything alone unless you know how much is free and how much is bound. And of course the ratio to androgens.

What you have learnt is GREAT you now know your hormones DO work and now the issue is trying to keep the stable or determining what is causing instability.

I did not mean to sound negative - Unfortunatly I am being realistic the only one treating this well that I know is mark.r.d - on Deca. Look up his story.

What you are doing is great! Please keep it up. Do as many tests as you can when your symptoms changes.


Why is no one who tried progesterone responding to Awor’s survey? Awor does these surveys in order to relay the information to the scientists working on the study. Those of you here who tried progesterone please respond to it as objectively and honestly as possible.


wrong thread buddie. Send me a PM to the link and I will post my response to prog -that it didnt do shit.


I was told by a doctor that deca has progesterone action. I looked it up and found the following article that says deca activates the progesterone receptor. … sport.html


Wrong thread again - Yes it does but to a small degree not as powerfully as progesterone.


Do you know how to transfer these to the correct thread?

The article says that deca does not convert into DHT. Isn’t that bad? Thats essentially lowering DHT albeit in a different manner. Isn’t that why men can experience “deca dick”. Are you trying deca? Or are you just advising others to try it to see what happens?


Quick update:

Heard back from my Endo about the latest results (very high total and free T, see previous posts), and he has instructed me to stop all Clomid and Letrazole for the next two months, but continue with DHEA supplementation. Correspondence was via email so haven’t had a chance to pick his brain about his thoughts yet


Ok now is the inevitable. Please update us every few days on how you are feeling - good luck.


It’s gonna drop back. But by how much is the question. Fingers crossed for you pal!


How r u doing?


I’ve been taking 25mg morning and night! My letrazone hasn’t arrived yet but I couldn’t wait. Feeling like absolute shit since starting. I mean really. Today I couldn’t handle the slightest bit of stress at work. Total mess. Don’t know if it’s just me being me on an off day or the clomid.


I wish you could do free saliva E2 and DHT tests asap so that if you feel different we know where the problem is.


Hey guys,

Been 9 days since stopping all meds. Physically have felt fine, no big crash.

Psychologically is very difficult to guage. Have had a successive series of dodgy events. Just for some context: major fallout with business partner (it’s a she and we were kind of involved as well), so future work is uncertain. Went on a road trip to destress and my engine blew, so in for some financial pain there, have been dealing with long-distance towing etc. So have been stressed about these things and some depression has crept in. But again, so hard to be objective and pin it on PFS, meds or lack of meds. My feeling is that there hasn’t been a major hormonal fluctuation in the past 9 days, but I’m definitely not taking things in my stride at the moment. I would certainly have handled things better pre-PFS or any meds.

Physically good though, lean and strong. Biggest concern is still wild fluctuations in flaccid size. Stress does seem to induce major “contraction” which is worrying. If I have a warm bath or chillax, things go back to normal. Can’t tell about libido since sex has been backburnered with the various issues these past two weeks.

Will check in every now and again and keep you posted…

ps - deadballs, rather wait until you have the letrazole. And do your best to stick out through that first week…


Sorry to hear your bad luck. Hope you get it sorted.

If this kind of thing happened to me befoe fin it would not be a big problem and I am sure during all of it I would have still been horny and want to look at porn when I have free time or bone. You never said your libido got back to 100 % so i guess you are not doing this. Please update in another week. Thanks


Hang in there, man. Stress definitely makes recovery more difficult.


Vincenttv: Thanks man…

Re: Libido - it’s a tricky one to describe. Mentally, throughout all of this shit, I have always noticed girls and had sexual thoughts about them. I’ve always been able to get an erection, but through various degrees of manual stimulation. The part that has fluctuated is the physical response to the sexual thoughts. I don’t just mean erection, but that sexual electricity / hormonal flush you feel. At its worst i.e. in full throes of PFS, drastically low T, and pre any meds, there was no response. The thoughts didn’t translate into anything physical. At its best, usually on an off week (i.e. just letrazole) during the Clomid / Let protocol, I would feel that electricity again. It fluctuates. Obviously pre any PFS or meds it was all the time. I agree that back in the day I would be handling things better and want to shag regardless of what was going on in my life. I would say as recently as 3 years ago that was still the case.

Cap: Agree stress is a major factor. It usually goes with lack of sleep, not eating right and skipping gym, which has been the case the past two weeks. I’m back in my hometown and sorting out the car, so will get back into a routine.

Will check in again in a couple weeks with an update…


Sorry to hear about your troubles Legendary. I would guess though that most or all of your current depression is based around your experiences. You wouldn’t be normal not to feel bad about your current circumstances. Hope that doesn’t sound horrible. Just I’ve been in VERY similar situation pre dealing with this dutasteride shit and I felt really terrible at the time. Of course this was natural. Massive life turbulences and human conflict is always going to hurt. Throw in a little financial strain and uncertainty, you’re not gonna feel great. Hang in there.

I hope things pan out well over the next couple of week for you!