Baylor's study will be published - September deadline

So I emailed Professor Mohit Khera three months ago and he confirmed it.

The work is already being reviewed by a scientific journal and will be released - the deadline is September.

Then I spoke to the American Foundation and they said that - The researchers who studied our problem in Baylor found tens of thousands of gene damage. They were so shocked by this that they started double-checking their results and doing additional analysis for another 2 years.

I’d like to draw your attention to this study:
Prolonged use of finasteride-induced gonadal sex steroids alterations, DNA damage and menstrual bleeding in women,reproductive%20tract%2C%20testes%20and%20ovaries.

So it may not necessarily be an epigenetic change in the genome.
Could be the fragmentation of DNA. And this is worse. (But that’s my speculation - I’m not sure.)

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Fragmentation of DNA? What does that even mean?

I think everyone is just looking forward to the study. Even it says “you are totally fucked”. At least we know what the situation is.


What does gene damage means (technically ) ? i don’t think we should be drawing any conclusions until we have the full report from the study .


Well, once the study is released we will all be able to read it. Instead of endless rounds of speculation, which will never go anywhere.


That’s complete speculation with little base to support it.

It’s important everybody takes this with a pinch of salt. Release dates have been scheduled - and consequently not met - on numerous occasions before. Let’s see what happens but temper your expectations.


@SkinDiesel I think that’s reasonable and probably the best approach.


“takes this with pinch of salt” in regard to the results of the study or the release date ?

Both claims.


Let’s hope the claims are legit though , it’s important to know specifically what our issue is

Absolutely. Though if Finasteride did indeed act as a shotgun blast and damage tens of thousands of genes I don’t seem to see how something like that could be reversed in any way.

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I think it can be reversed , as long as we know what our issue is the rest will follow , i don’t think that gene damage is directly related to all of our sympthoms , hopefully we’ll find out more when the study is out

If there’s lots of gene dysregulation which I presumed would if we look at the Citalopram study then I still believe this is all downstream and suspect hypomethylation has occurred in multiple genes. Good reason why people crash on methyl donors


We stay in shit

If there is damage to fragments of DNA this means that we are screwed with no hope of getting out … It is a death sentence … Because there will never be anything that can help our disease.

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The idea that we have DNA damage is the hypothesis of another forum member and holds no weight. However even if it were true, I do believe that I remember reading that DNA damage is reversible.


lol as soon as the “baylor is useless” conspiracy is killed,

we now have “irreversible dna damage” to continue with

guys, its time to acknowledge that 99% of what you read on here is baseless assumptions based out of fear and hopelessness



Whatever the root cause may be - there are many people that DID recover from this condition and many that got significant improvments - and not only “mild cases”. So no, even it these speculations turn out to be true - we are not screwed. Indeed, DNA IS repairable