ASPARAGUS - "Protodioscin"

Me too! Love the asparagus, btw people it’s one of the healthiest things for you so try to enjoy it

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When small interfering RNA is used to knock down the expression of 5α-R3 isozyme in cell lines, there is decreased cell growth, viability, and a decrease in DHT/T ratios.[24] It has also shown the ability to reduce testosterone, androstenedione, and progesterone in androgen stimulated prostate cell lines by adenovirus vectors.[8]

Congenital deficiency of 5α-R3 at the gene SRD53A has been linked to a rare, autosomal recessive condition in which patients are born with severe intellectual dysfunction and cerebellar and ocular defects. The presumed deficiency is reduction of the terminal bond of polyprenol to dolichol, an important step in N-glycosylation of proteins, which in turn is important for proper folding of asparagine residues on nascent protein in the endoplasmic reticulum.

Asparagine was first isolated in 1806, under a crystalline form, by French chemists Louis Nicolas Vauquelin and Pierre Jean Robiquet (then a young assistant) from asparagus juice,[3][4] in which it is abundant — hence, the name they chose for that new matter — becoming the first amino acid to be isolated.

Maybe there’s method to the asparagus madness?

what is your hormones range .what can do who have low hormone profil sufferer like me

Interesting, perhaps it isn’t the Protodioscin but the asparagine, looks like we are in for another supplement order frenzy lol. I’ll have to order that too, good work terrified.

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finatruth! did it increase sperm amount aswell?.. im going to try aspargasus aswell. my diet is extremely healthy, mostly organiccly grown vegetables.

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how’s this thread going? still working?

I’m into week three of a tribulus supplement that claims 80% protodioscin content. Results are okay. Nothing major. The supplement I’m taking could be substandard. don’t know.

all it will do is increase your own testosterone which will then be aromatized into estrogen and you will feel crash like symptoms, I advise you to use an anti estrogen like Aromasin once a day to prevent or reverse a crash and help you recover. I have posted a protocol that has reversed this and is allowing my system to recover, but it involves a form of test and aromasin daily.

Are you taking the green or the white ones?


Aspargus protodioscin enhace the action od the enzime that finasteride blocked? -> … d_1996.htm

If that were true, it would make sense that we get better using it. Also would be the much logical treatment. blocking the enzime(finasteride)->powering the enzime(protodioscin). This makes sense!

I will start with aspargus as soon as posible.

The white ones seems the ones with the better protodioscin quantities.


If the Protodioscin only enhance the power of the 5AR2 we should see more testoretone converting to DHT and less to estrogens, am I right? So less estrogens in the body. But aromatase blockers like brocoli, vitamin E and B6, zinc are good options. Curiosly both vitamines and zinc are present in asparagus.

Thought I’d bump this back up to the top, has anyone tried a super heavy Asparagus diet? The protdioscin is supposed to up-regulate 5ar-reductase, which Finasteride inhibited. Seems straight-forward to me, but I haven’t heard about Aspargus use mentioned in a bit. It seems you need to eat a lot of it, and for a pretty long time (few weeks at least).

Curious on thoughts

Also, does anyone have a link to top-tier protodioscin / Tribulus? This also s

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How about your orgasm quality? Is it as intense as it is used to be? And also how about semen volume? Thanks… i will try asparagus…

I think I’ll give this a go. Have been eating super healthy (Ray Peat diet, also keeping calories and protein up for weight training,) but trying out a water fast for this week.

I quite like asparagus, never get sick of it. I’ll trial through January and hopefully remember to update.

I must say it’s something of a staple for me, but I don’t eat 30 spears/day! I doubt it can hurt, I’ll give it a stab.

Glad the asparagus is working for you guys.

However, the protodioscin content of asparagus is nowhere near 25mg per shoot.

The content is an average level of 0.025% tissue fresh weight

Which means that for a pack of 200g of asparagus, you get 60mg protodioscin.

I am amazed it works with such little protodioscin. Going to try it for myself

A word of caution, as I understand it, Asparagus has caused a crash and worsening of symptoms in at least one person that we know of.

I have taken some green asparagus and its amazing im back to be the “old me” for some moments its kinda incredible how brain fog leaves. Any ways do you know that protodioscin can be adquired online?

What is most interesting is we can get rid of mental symptoms with Asparagus.It’s not filling evidence or sources,but we are worth trying.Especially,people who seem to have enough T and DHT,like me(I have oil face and falling hair),may be given good results.
In many recovery stories,there are names of " tribulus" and"Asparagus".Of course,at first,be careful.

Definitely feel different after eating asparagus. Not cured by any means, but different. Better. Would certainly recommend trying it on lower amounts. Better focus, improved connection between body and brain. I’m reporting this after eating about 185 gram of cooked Asparagus, with some iodine salt added, and after drinking a double espresso. While drinking coffee isn’t new to me, it might increase the effect of the protodioscins in asparagus. Since both caffeine and protodioscin are 5AR upregulators/activators.

Asparagus also has a [useful effect on the gut microbiome it seems, from study can’t link because of limitation. Also it lowers blood pressure and cortisol.

Reporting this 5-15 minutes after eating. Somewhat later, 25 minutes after eating all effect seem to not be noticeable anymore, I can’t differentiate the cause, if that would be because of the slight change, or because it wore off.

After some more research I found that asparagus does indeed contain protodioscin (ht tps:// which increases 5AR. But it also contains rutin, and [rutin increases E2, and promotes growth of mammalary glands in rats (https://w

If I know and favor the relative extent to which the content of protodioscin increases 5AR versus the extent that Rutin in asparagus increases E2, I will continue to trial this, and use it in my diet. Until then I’ll put it on a pause.


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