ASPARAGUS - "Protodioscin"

Many of you have already tried it and been posting of this new discovery, everyone please comment, I ordered the correct form of TRIBULUS with Protodioscin and am testing to see if it works as well as Asparagus. For those of you who have had no benefits, do you have low testosterone? That is another problem that needs to be addressed before this will work.

Yet another TOPIC STARTED BY JustQuitDut/Praying to heal. What is it you will be COMPLETELY CURED BY next?

I’m sure it’s your superior knowledge about PFS and hormones that lead you to this conclusion. I think the problem is you need to take the Trib rectally with asparagus.

go on and mock me, when I am just trying to help, and I am on the verge of a breakthrough,

Methyl Protodioscin injection, there is an injection, and this is a treatment for PFS, it will work, have you been reading the thread from the guy who was recovered with Tribulus?

JustQuitDut, I have been open to your theories and found them interesting, but you have now claimed to be cured by how many different things? If any one of your theories is correct, it will be proven with time and more evidence. By continuing to start more and more threads about how each of your theories is correct, you are losing credibility each time. I hope you know this. All people have to do is search for HCG and Tribulus (which I have done), to know that each of these protocols has yielded mixed results, at best.

I have had an amazing reaction to asparagus, it has been undoubtedly the best thing I have done in 2.5 years. I am astonished how it seems to have increased my baseline. I need to give it some more time, but my penis has totally changed, hangs thicker and longer now, I also noticed mentally I’m sharper. Today someone was asking about a movie I saw a few years ago and it came to me so quickly!! A few weeks ago I couldn’t remember my name. This is amazing what’s happening. Time will tell


To everyone: Be careful with JustQuitDut. Based on his posts, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is someone sent by Merck to make the forum look as a bunch of hypochondriacs who say they are ill, but then feel cured by everything they try.

I too am extremely skeptical of JustQuitDut.

Wow, you people are vicious. Are you sure you still have PFS or are you generally just depressed people? The only one who gets a free pass here is Mcibofh because he is in his early stages and hasn’t improved (even though I told him it takes few years, stubborn guy) the others are so negative.

Here is so something Intersting. Last night I didn’t have am erection, yet I was still horny and mentally Prefin. I also have full penis sensitivity again, zero numbness.

Now what’s also strange is with all these great improvements, my sperm is def more watery than before

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Look finatruth, since everytime everyone questions something you try to attack him personally I won’t even try to argue with you about what I said about JustQuitDut (just try to look through his posts -and realise at the same time that I haven’t questioned the fact that your new diet may have helped you, but the number of different cures JustQuitDut has been talking about-).

What seems clear to me is that this kind of reactions, and the fact that everytime I come here there’s a new post made by you makes me think that you really need help. That’s why I feel truly compassionate about you (in the end, having PFS is something hard to deal with). But don’t worry, in your case I don’t think you have something to do with merck, I just think you are someone who is extremely convinced of his unproven progesterone theories, and who promises to make a big donation (was it 300.000$?) to the foundation that will never be done (What would lead someone to make this kind of statement if that is not going to be true? Who knows).

But again, PFS is a hard condition. People get a little bit better over time, but it’s a difficult illness, so I partially understand your insults to other people (you are not the first one to use this tecnique to argue something). I just hope you try to moderate your reactions.

Kan, you don’t even know my parameters of what I said. I told the foundation/Awor if they had a treatment aspect study to PFS I would donate, not an investigative one. I have zero interest in laying that kind of money out when 1) the syndrome is clearly not permanent but self limiting
, 2) I have seen zero literature that even mentions the wide variety of symptoms we have

As far as progesterone/estrogen I am right. Did you see the dermatological study with Melasma? The doctors in the study mention they believe finasteride has caused an imbalance of progesteone to estrogen…that’s mentioned in the article. But maybe those doctors work for Merck too?

Kan, here is the article

I also never said progesterone supplementation was the key, I only tried it twice, second time crashed massively so I know it’s involved somehow.

Ihatefin, my theories have not changed in a while, Asparagus fits into my theories as my theories state this is a lack of 5AR production, and Protodioscin is a 5AR inducer, and it has helped people here. This isn’t a scientific forum, we don’t know if everyone has the same exact problems here. Some may have 5AR deficiencies and there is a possibility others here may have other diseases that coincide with them stopping Finasteride. We cannot state everyone here has PFS, this is the net, some may have low T, some may just be crazy.
As for the claim that I am from merck, well, I am not even going to respond to it, obviously some here are just very bitter from this condition. I completely understand, the reason I post a lot is because I have access to a lot of resources others here do not have, I also have money, so I try things. When something works I post it, I only claimed to be cured once, and I was, for 2 weeks or so. It was only recently I realized that I had eaten a lot of Asparagus that previous week.
I ate a lot of Asparagus last night and took the Tribulus and I was able to process the higher dose of testosterone I injected, so I am sharing that. I did have IV vitamin therapy and it did something, which makes me believe the 5AR enzyme problem may be causing vitamin deficiencies. I have been on a hormonal roller coaster through this thing and coming to this forum sharing my experiences and insights and knowledge has made me feel better.
I understand why many here would be angry and bitter, so I decided that I am not going to respond to nastiness with nastiness. If I worked for Merck, I think they would fire me by now for having relapsed a few times lol. Why don’t we start a witch hung and tie people up that we think are working for Merck and set them on fire? Gold old fashioned witch hunts? We are all in this together, and in fact some of us may be cured for a week or two, would you rather everyone just vanish and never say a word? Stop being so nasty to people, we are all here to help one another. Every little piece of info helps, Finatruth and I both are being helped by Protoscioscin and another guy here says he was completely cured (well, he needs it regularly).
That is consistent with my theories that this is a 5AR deficiency.

How much asparagus?

I’m taking a ton nopecia. Probably 40 spears a day. This am I was unbelievably horny waking up. My digestion has improved almost 100 percent. Penis hangs normal, this is my 12th straight day feeling normal with PFS. No doubt if not a cure, a nice treatment!!!

Hi Finatruth,

Do you think I would get any benefit from using asparagus in tablet form ?

I’m looking at buying some asparagus from amazon but in the most of the descriptions of it they say its for female health. … Aasparagus

I don’t really know, just get the green fresh kind, put it in a blender and drink it down!!! Almost 3 years and I have never experienced anything like this. My penis is now full and warm all the time, horny all the time, look at women etc

I am scouting dating sites today to meet up with girls!!!

Asparagus asparagus asparagus!!!

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Do you cook it? Can’t harm to try I guess.

Funny aside, asparagus makes me pee smell weird.

I did cook it, yes it does make your pee smell but who cares, actually researchers aren’t sure exactly why it makes it smell

Scalp itches!!! Better focus!!! Horny as shit!!! I cannot fucking believe this