Are you a UK member who would you like to tell your story on the BBC News website and national TV?

I have been in contact with a journalist who is interested in covering our story. This is for a national television broadcaster and the story will appear both on television as a video package and online as a written piece.

We feel that the journalist in question is both sympathetic, professional and compassionate.

We have agreed to try and help find participants who are prepared to tell their story.

Crucially, we are looking for participants based in the UK. Anonymity is offered.

We would especially like to hear from people with Neuro-Cognitive Symptoms and or Physical Changes but would like to hear from as many people as possible who are willing to tell their story. Do not hesitate to come forward if you would like to hear more, even if you don’t think you are eligible. In case you missed it, anonymity has been offered.

This is a big opportunity for us to get more recognition and to increase the pressure on the companies who deny our position and continue to profit by selling these drugs.

Please come forward if you can help. Reply here or message me.


Count me in Greek


Greek If you could get in contact with me in relation to this please do so as I can’t seem to write to you directly.



Have sent a message.

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Still looking for more participants. I’ll say it again, you can participate anonymously.


Guys, might I just chip in here- this is a pretty big deal to expose what is happening out there. Either we sit on this forum in the dark and keep this disease hidden away and what Finasteride has done to us or we speak up and get the message out there and make a real difference. If we want to cure this thing we absolutely need to be working on exposing the truth otherwise we won’t get the progress we need.

“Truth never damages a cause that is just”

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”


Hi Greek, I might be interested. I haven’t been as badly affected by pfs as many people, but needless to say it has had a definite negative impact on my life, but I’m making the best of things. I’d be worried about being public and most likely would like to stay anonymous. Thanks to @Northern_Star for highlighting the story to me.


I’d be interested in participating but would also like to remain anonymous. I’ve suffered quite drastic physical changes so I think I’d be a decent candidate.


Anymore? I’ll be attempting to contact everyone who has replied / messaged me about this over the next few days.

could be interested , would this involve any travel or anything ?

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I would expect so.

I don’t have the full details right now but I’ll try and get some info for you.