Are this symptoms normal?


Lately some of the symptoms that i had already been battling with have flared up and I would like to gain some insight if this are “normal” for our condition and to know, to some extent, the reason of being of such said symptoms.

Memory: My memory, specifically my short term one is the equivalent of the one of a clown fish. It’s hard to remember at night what I did exactly throught the day. It’s like if I had no retention whatsoever.

Reading: At this point I can barely read, I can’t really read one page from a book and retain the information.

Concentration: I used to be able to multi task easily before my crash, - playing video games while hearing podcasts was my jam - but now it seems that I’m unable to do this efficiently.

Despersonalization: Sometimes this happens, so much so that some months ago it hitted so bad that I thought I was going psychotic.

There’s more symptoms on the list but this are the main ones.


I had this memory issue after I crashed for first time at 2017, I wasn’t able to read at all, anything. I had moments when I was suppose to remember something easy, but I couldn’t for some reason. Now I am better, still have some brain fog but it is mostly drugged-like feeling. I’ve managed to take my CCNA with brain fog and currently I am working as a Junior Network Engineer and I have to study further. I can cope with that although I know that I am not as sharp as I used to be. Within the time the brain fog gets better so that should be your case too.


I’m suffering from PSSD and have all those symptoms, i think more people have this problems… i had to drop out of uni because of it, it sucks. Haven’t found anything that helps for it :confused:


I’m on a similar boat as well, I haven’t been able to start university because of PFS.
Have you done some blood tests?


Yeah, all my levels were normal, except for vit D

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This has helped me and others. @Ozeph does an excellent job posting his results almost daily. He has had a terrible time with neurological sides and targets those sides with amino’s that target the brain and neurotransmitter building. Give it a try if you haven’t, what do you have to lose?


The thing is, I’m on 4 different psychiatric medications which I intend to ween off slowly.
I don’t think it would be wise to try other protocols while being on medication, aside of some few vitamins - surely is something that I look foward in the near future tho


Is low vitamin D common among PSSD patients?

It is something very common among PFS and PAS folks, but still not uncommon in the general population.

The thing is that I have low vit D and spend lots of time in the sun. This is pretty unusual.

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Yeah i think so, i’ve seen it a lot on the pssd forum and i think @Ghost wrote something about vitD on his site.

I was already supplementing it, and had still low vit D, weird. My skin is also more pale since pssd, it’s harder to tan.

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Huh, funny you say that. I have pfs and have had a hard time getting a tan. I just found out the other day from the survey on this site that not getting a tan anymore was a side effect. I’ve been taking amino’s since late last year but just a few weeks ago I added Mandelic acid which is applied topically for skin issues. I was out in the sun two days ago and noticed that I actually got a slight tan for the first time in a long time on my arms and legs. Right now I’m attributing it to the Mandelic acid, but still too early to say for sure. It has definitely cleared up my dry skin and the broken bleeding cracks I’ve had for well over a decade.

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I did all the blood test after I crashed. Everything was within range except vitamin D.

I was diagnosed with pfs because I crashed 4 weeks after stopping, because the symptoms were all on the pfs check list (although I didn’t have all of them) but the only objective indicator was the totaly below range vitamin D, despites living in a tropical country and getting plenty of sun.

I still take 10000 IU a day of vitamin D3, I think it’s an important supplement (to me anyway).


Guys I wanna add a symptom to the list, well more like an experience I’ve been having.
Lately I’ve been somewhat able to mantain an erection, not totally hard, but something. The thing lies here - I’ve lately started to loose sensitivity in my Penis. Not totally, but masturbating does seem less pleasurable than before.