Are our symptoms due to a chroic infection?

I have been on this forum since 2008. Like the rest of us I was always looking into how fin has affected our hormones and how to reverse the effects. I now believe this could have been totally the wrong path to be on.

I got PFS in 2008. Sudden onset after 3 weeks of usage. My libido went to 0 almost overnight, over the next month more symptoms would show up. Total digestive changes, clear urine, receeding gums, fat on the hips.

As the years rolled on my condition seem to worsen. I could not gain any muscle and developed anxiety and a sense of apathy. I even tried high doses of testosterone.

Looking back at all of this. I felt really bad overall. So bad I do not think hormones could be the prime cause of some of these extreme symptoms.

From 2012 to 2016, I had a number of events where I would wake up at 4 am in cold sweats feeling that I was going to die. I also had severe nausea and diarrhea at these times. These seemed to only happen when my body was extra stressed.

Fast forward to 2015, I threw some chicken in the pot to boil with potatoes. Little did I know that stuck to the chicken was a plastic sachet which contained silica. This is used to drain the excess moisture away from the meat.

I boiled it all for hours. As soon as I ate this I suddenly felt worse, but I had no idea of the contamination. My face went more pale, under my eyes become much darker and started to feel cold. I woke up at 4 am feeling like I was going to die and could not get warm at all. Even though it was not even very cold. Perhaps about 20 degrees. This happened for 3 days in a row because I had no idea of the contamination till the 3rd day. On the 3rd night I woke up icy cold, shaking but this time my heart was beating out of sync for a few minutes and I felt a sensation in my chest. I thought I should get this checked so went to the hospital expecting an ultrasound.

I went to the hospital and refused doing an xray at least 3 times and asked for an ultrasound. In the end they lied and said they do not do ultrasounds there and I should do an xray. I stupidly agreed. This was the beginning of my real downfall.

I did the xray it was fine, within 5 minutes of having the xray they did do an ultrasound which was also fine. I left the hospital a number of hours later.

On the way home I felt a stabbing pain in the back left hand side of my head. This only lasted less than a minute but it was unmistakable as I had never experienced anything like it. My body recovered from the plastic but I started to feel very sad without reason. I had this feeling I was going to die. This was very strange. Within 4 days of leaving the hospital I developed a persisent pain in the left hand side of my head. The pain does radiate from the top to the back. I started feeling totally detatched from everything and depressed. I developed full blown anhedonia. I used to love listening to music and could now no longer enjoy it at all. I felt totally emotionless. Like my mind could no longer experience joy. This was terrifying and it is not a state a person can live in. I also started having feelings like I had to consciously act as my own ventilator. My instinct to breathe in got weaker and weaker by the day. I thought I would stop breathing as soon as I would fall asleep. And this did start happening. This was very scary. It did get better over time but I am worried I may have damaged my brain during that period due to lack of oxygen. A few weeks later I developed serious problems swallowing my food. My body and mind felt like I had been totally destroyed. All from eating some plastic and doing 1 chest xray. Around the time I was falling apart a strange viral type mark appeared on my stomach. Perhaps a herpies lesion. I never get these. I also developed inflamed sinusus around this time and then started getting random jerks in my body all day.

Now in 2017, I still have the constant headache and am having 100s of small jerks every day. My sinusus are blocked and a MRI showed a mucosal retention cyst. The mri also showed tiny dots in my brain. I still can not enjoy music and now have brain fog like many here. I have a lot of problems focusing. I also have extreme fatigue and also pains in the liver area.

Basically my PFS symptoms got 10x worse since that day. How is this possible. The only explanation I can find is that both the toxins and radiation surpressed my immune system which has been constantly batteling some kind of infection. It feels as if the infection made it straight to my brain during that period. I literraly feel like I have been to war and back.

The only explanation I can find for this is due to some kind of infection. I took no medicines at all. I have now developed a rash on the roof of my mouth on the same side as the head pain. The rash changes day to day. I also have enlarged lymp nodes in my throat which develop red spots every day or so. To me I am sure this is due to an active infection and now looking back on my PFS life I feel that many or most of the symptoms I was experiencing over the years were due to an infection. Perhaps there is more than one thing at play but I am sure an infection is a huge part.

I do happen to have some blood tests from a couple years before PFS and I can say my platelets dropped after getting PFS, my eosiniphils also went up. Maybe fin just like the xray stressed the immune system and let something get out of control which was being kept in check.

You will find that there is a study on people with lyme 50 percent of them reported loss of libido.

While I am in a terrible state since that day. I think it could be possible to recover and I think I should have explored this earlier. Large doeses of testosterone did very little for muscle but if the body is in a semi septic state would you expect it to?

I can not find any other explanation for all these symptoms.

Attached are some images of my palate and pharynx.

Please also take not of the “crimson crescents” these are found commently in gulf war syndrome, lyme, chronic fatigue and autism. I have spoken to two ENTs about them and they are not normal. One ENT said he had never seen them.

I also had a stool test which found blastocystis homminis but I do not think this is a causative agent.


I woke up with this blocked nose in the midst of this havoc.

Here is a picture of the throat of a man who crashed while on accutane. He has similar symptoms as me. Note how red his tonsil pillars are. Healthy people should not have this.

So many here have low vitamin D, muscle twitches, low body temperature and cognitive changes. All of these are found commonly in people who report they have “lyme disease”.

I was admitted into the hospital a few years ago because I had all the symptoms of Lyme disease. I had some very severe symptoms and doctors put me on antibiotics and I eventually started improving. I eventually tested negative for Lyme disease and the doctor who admitted me said something like “well if you had Lyme, it’s gone, if you didn’t have it, you are feeling better now, so what difference does it make?”

There have been times where I’ve experienced a 100% recovery on antibiotics so there may be something to this infection theory

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We should also not that infections are not always simple to cure. Those who report that they have lyme often take huge amounts of antibiotics and still do not recover. Lyme often comes with a number of other infections. Many of these infections have mechinisms to cope when stressed. Thy change forums, form bioilms, dig into tissues where the immune system has a hard time killing them. There are many of such infections.

THere is this guy who said he recovered by antibiotics?

Hard to say if this is authentic or not.

But just do some research about people with “lyme” the symptom overlap is amazing. They are often reporting intense muscle twitches,brain fog and low libido amongst other things people are reporting here. WHy do many with lyme have low d3 just like we see here? Is it a sign of immune system involvement?

While fin could have damaged people in different ways and triggered different things in different people. My PFS got worse in time which does not seem to make any sense.

I actually reached the same conclusion for my case. My hypothesis is that fin might have an effect on the immune system that makes you more vulnerable to infections like Lyme disease and its coinfections.

I think the antibiotics they give you for Lyme have to be taken in the first three weeks after the infection for the treatment to work. And the false negatives are so common that you can’t discard it completely just because the test didn’t detect it.

I remember someone mentioning that his girlfriend had chronic fatigue and I think Progress said his ex-wife had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. These are big red flags because Lyme can apparently be transmitted between people and not only through a tick bite.

It would also explain why people get better on extremely strict regimens, which would be helping their immune system fight the infection.

Yes for sure destroying DHT levels could really mess up many systems in the body.

Lyme is also not simple issue as some famous drs say that most people are infected with lyme but only some ae symptomatic. It could also be an interaction with other types of infections such as bacteial, fungus and parasitic. Prexisting metabolic weakness and toxicity also probably plays a part. Fin does damage the prostate so we also do not know to what extent fin damaged the body.

In my case i just can not find a better explanation for these symptoms. Maybe I could have an infection on top of PFS who knows.

I think the best approach would be to test for as many chronic infections as possible. Eat healthy, identify metabolic weaknesses and remove toxicity.

For those new to PFS.

I suggest you look into ways to cure

Chronic Fatigue
Gulf war syndrome
Lyme disease

I think you will probably have more success doing this rather than looking for a hormonal type cure. People here have been messing with hormones for more than a decade with very little success. This includes me. You will find that with the above diseases they may all have similar causes.

could you list the antibiotics that gave you recoveries?
was rifampicin one of them?

Before PFS
218 (150-400)
152 (150 - 450)
148 (150 - 450)
156 (150 - 450)

Before PFS
0.2 (<0.4)
0.61 (0 - 0.5)
0.66 (0 - 0.5)
0.73 (0 - 0.5)

Can anyone tell me what this is?

It was over a decade ago and I can’t remember, unfortunately

Cd 57 natural killer cells 0.07 (0.03-0.730 x 10^9/L) This is very low.

Lyme elisa - negative
Lyme IFA - Negative
Lyme western blot detected

By any not political organization this is considered lyme positive.

Could have fin triggered dormant lyme? Could have it made me susceptible to infection?

How much of my symptoms are caused by lyme vs fin?

Is your diagnosis of lyme disease definitive or open to interpretation ?

According to the government Western Blot and Elisa need to be positive but Elisa is a VERY unreliable test. May be only about 50 percent accurate. According to experts I would be considered positive especially considering all the symptoms.

So at this point I can not say what is causing what. But Lyme also causes libido loss.

I would say go on Buhner’s protocol and see what happens:

In my case, I got better pretty much right away.

Yeah already been on some of them for the last month because I suspected this result.