Anyone tested for cag repeat disorder?

Hey, I’m enquiring whether anyone on this forum has had a genetic test to check for a cat repeat disorder of the androgen receptor? Every day that I’m reading about Kennedy’s disease and Huntington’s the more it relates to Post Finasteride Syndrome- the symptoms show strikingly similar characteristics to PFS except it would seem that PFS may be even worse in terms of overall symptom list and how fast side effects progress.

Yes, a german PSSD sufferer tested for this, and abnormalities were found. The results showed 24 Tripletts and partial androgen receptor resistency, they teste dthe CAG Triplett of Exon 1 of the Androgen Receptor. This info is from german pssd support group.

Thank you. This is a very scary prospect for me, it seems likely that’s what’s happened here and would explain why people are suffering 10 to 20 years with these syndromes with no real improvements.

I’m pretty sure I read that @awor got tested and didn’t find abnormalities.

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I Did full genome Sequencing waiting for results, i also did full exome too, I will let you know.

Thank you.

Any update?

I just tested it.The result is 27.

And my two friends also tested it.One is also 27,and the other is 23.(Interestingly, his symptoms were mild)

Just received my results and it’s 23 with partial receptor resistance:

Any results yet?

There was a study done where they looked at cag repeats and PFS.

It showed that depending on the amount of repeats the symptoms changed, but people with the same amount of cag repeats showed a very similar side effect profile.

So while cag repeats doesn’t seem to be the cause of PFS, it can in part explain how the disease can express itself so differently between people.

Link to the study.

Easier to read link.

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