CAG-Repeats and low DHT

Got my results back about genetics and hormones:

CAG-Repeats: 23

Free testo above range 424 (>250) but to low DHT 0.40 (0.50-2.00)

Doc recommended me to take Testogel for an already high free testo for a few months.

I appreciate every advice or comment! Thank you guys.

I won’t be able to give you any advice what to do since I don’t have any clue what so ever.

It does look like on paper that your 5AR activity isn’t as high as it should be though. But on the other hand the serum DHT is mainly from the liver and doesn’t always correlate to peripheral activity.

I know one guy on here felt a lot better on transdermal T. But others get worse, so it’s a gamble.

In the end it’s you who is going to live with the consequences if you feel worse. Not me, your doctor or anyone else on this forum. So you’ll have to be the one who makes the decision.

Just looking at your blood work, your metabolites of T is both kind of low (E2 and DHT).

The test seems to be taken in the afternoon, so your T might have been slightly higher if done in the morning. Also your LH is in the lower range, so if your body wanted to it could ramp up it’s endogenous T production.


Thank you. At this point I have to try it, at least I am under observation of someone professional.

Yes and the test was taken in the afternoon.

I will go on with the testogel. Next appointment and bloodtest will be in march 2022.

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I’ll hold my thumbs you’ll improve and please keep us updated!

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