Anyone recover from muscle loss?

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157 views guys… could at least say “no”

I never lost muscle from pfs.

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I was able to gain some muscle back after starting Cortef. Interestingly no androgens helped w muscle.

Interesting to hear. Been wanting to try cortef. Why do you think it helped?

My hobby is weight lifting.
However, muscle weakness does not stop.
It decreases in the center when muscle has convulsions.
Shoulder, elbow, knee are remarkable.

250mg of T a week did nothing for muscles I could gain muscles before fin no problems.

in the first year i got injured like crazy , now i feel better, still didnt got my muscel back


Have you tried taking T to fix it?

On clomid. Don’t react.

I wouldnt take clomid. We dont know how toxic it is. At least T is a natural substance. I would stick to that i you want to see if T helps. You wont be shut down too bad after say a month on it.

I’m 19 and would rather not shut down my T

I think that is much safer than clomid. You will recover anyway once you quit. You could always use hcg but i dont think that is necessary. I will still say testosterone is much safer than clomid.

have you tried it?

I tried both. 250mg of testosterone per week which is probably 3 times the avg male does pretty much 0 for muscles. It grew body hair and caused some shedding but did nothing for muscles despite lifting weights 5 times a week and eating very well… If this happens to you, you know you have PFS.

The only time I did get a lot stronger was on heavy doseses of arimidex which made me feel like shit. But on the high doses of arimidex my leg lifts all went up 30 percent in a week or so. For me that is massive because I have not been able to really gain muscle or strength since the onset of PFS. But it was not a solution as I said it made me feel shit. Maybe it is a clue.

Been fortunate to recover a good bit. My body was very feminized at peak of my symptoms/crash. Nothing but fat and water. Nothing in the way of pec, ab, glute/leg, lower back or trapezius muscles, from what I remember. My glutes/leg were such shit that when I would swing a baseball bat, my back leg on rotation would feel like it was being supported almost exclusively by my kneecap.

Mostly my recovery has been natural from what I can tell, though I’ve started supplementing heavily past few weeks, which may have helped. I’ve taken Glutamine from the start however.

Bump. For me, still no. One of my most annoying symptoms. The way it’s going seems like it’s not going to let up anytime soon.

Anyone else?