Any vegetarians or vegans here?

Or anyone on a mostly whole-foods, plant-based diet. When did you develop PFS/endocrine disruption disorder? What is your diet like and how are you doing on your diet?

I’m vegetarian since +/- 14-15 (got pssd when 18). I tried to eat meat a few times since getting pssd but didn’t noticed a difference.

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Do you (or anyone else here) eat Quorn (fake meat)? I ask this as mushrooms are on my “avoid” list and I know Quorn is related to mushrooms so I’ve been avoiding that too.

I wouldn’t know anything about quorn. I looked it up and it’s a product founded in the UK and sold primarily in Europe.

I avoid all mushrooms too.

Is soy sauce a problem for anyone? It should contain much less soy isoflavones than unfermented soy products.

Soy is a 5 ari or am I mistaken ?

Yes, it is. It also downregulates AR.

I have completely removed it from my diet.
We need to understand getting better starts with the guts and I am struggling with food
to the point it is insane.

Same. I am sensitive to a lot of foods for now. So many plant foods are 5ari and virtually all vegetable oils. It drives me nuts trying to avoid a lot of things, but I really have no choice and I am not being paranoid. I rarely eat out anymore. Before taking something that crashed me a second time, I’d think people who avoid eating this or that were out of their minds, but this is me now.

Ok so what have you kept in your diet?
Salad ( most types)
Raw carrots

Not sure what things in my diet might be making me worse. Maybe peanut butter, but sometimes I felt I was getting better despite eating it.

Mixed beans - can’t specify which beans right now
Green beans
White rice
Sliced whole wheat bread
Peanut butter


Yeah it is not wild…
I wish more people would contribute to this
So that we could compare and hopefully reach a kind of consensus.

The only thing for me that i know is safe is eating just meat and fruits, i avoid vegetables totally. Carnivore diet really, but with fruit.

Yeah but only meat specifically red meat comes with drawbacks…


I dont really believe in that. In my opinion meat has been our natural diet since the beginning of times. Nowadays we are fear mongered into eating lots of carbs/grains (which cause mental illness, schizophrenia back in the days was called bread madness). Since i eat meat only all my anxiety/ocd/insomnia dissapeared. I wish i had known about all this before I took SSRI, carbs/grains were the reason for my ocd…


i would eat meat anyday over veggies i have been on raw milk raw eggs and meats and my brain fog is gone


Thats my boy. Totally agree.

Ok, let’s not turn this thread into another debate thread. There are enough of those online and this is not one of those threads. I am not interested in proselytizing from ketoers, carnies, or sv3rigers, etc.

I just want to know what plant foods people eat here regularly.

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I used to eat Quorn but i switched to cheaper brands onces fake meat became more popular and there was more choice. I never had many problems with eating mushrooms since PSSD. I also don’t think that everything from Quorn has mushrooms in it? Idk! Also eventhough i never really reacted badly to soy i try to eat more egg based fake meat or just eggs since pssd because i feel more safe with it. Also note that i’m a girl, maybe a females body is more used to hormone fluctuation and 5ar might be less important for me. Idk! Just a thought

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I was a vegetarian until the year I got PFS (although I ate fish sometimes), I stopped being vegetarian later that year.

Is there a reason why? I know @axolotl also stopped vegetarianism when he developed PFS.