Any thoughts

My hair loss has returned to pre fin rate but the problem is im still fucked.(Moody, brainfog, vision impairment and slight ed and no sex drive and some acne…it has not shrunk possibly enlarged slightly and the skin on the shaft looks like its slightly bruised. I can masterbate to orgasm, which is the same feeling and the quality and quantity of the semen is pretty much the same as pre fin.

Im having a hell of a time just getting blood tests here no doctors are interested at all…they just turn it round on me saying im depressed and have mental problems, but i know i dont.

My test so far

Test 20.0 9-38
free tst 4.51 2.5-8.0
t3 2.7 2.5-6.0
t4 12.6 10-24
tsh 1.10 .4-4.0

I know i need more tests!
Do my prostate enlargement and return of full on hairloss offer any clues to whats going on, has anyone had anything like this?

How people have gone on for years like this is beyond me. The thought of tomorrow has me on my knees

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Your T3 looks low, like most of ours. It’s a signal you may have a low functioning thyroid and possibly adrenal fatigue as well. They often go hand in hand.

The hair loss could be go sign as it would indicate your hormones are returning back to their normal state. When did you quit the drug?

I also had vision problems as well. I used to have blurry vision and my eyes were senstive to light and wind. This problem went away for after I quit.

Also, Hypothyroidism(adrenal fatigue) causes hairloss

The hair loss could be go sign as it would indicate your hormones are returning back to their normal state. When did you quit the drug?

I quit 5-6 weeks ago. Light sensitivity is also bad, when the sun is out i can barley see.

The nights are funny…i have erections everytime i wake up and dream about girls, this morning i had a morning erection for the first time in 2-3 months…80% hard. This makes me think that the receptors and hormone balance is not so bad, although would like to get more tested.

Hypothyroid is one thing i have thought and researched alot about. I have strange feelings in my neck…i tell the doctors and they say no no your in range…if i dont improve within the next couple of weeks i may search out a thyroid specialist. I think the reverse t3 theory is not so bad, im trying to get this tested. Im keen to hear how jn is getting on and what other members results are like.

Im going to get some sleeping drugs this week because i think a few weeks/months of good sleep may help with a recovery…my sleep is to light at the moment if at all and i think the body “fixes” itself while in a deep sleep.

Also i can hold an erection while masterbating…fairly easily but my brain is thinking about painting the fence or something …

I quit 5-6 weeks ago. Light sensitivity is also bad, when the sun is out i can barley see.


You haven’t been off of the medication that long. As I mentioned I also had the visual issues with sensativity to light and wind. It took about 6 months or so for that side effect to go away. Unfortunately, most of the other sides have stuck around.

What sleeping drugs are you thinking of using?

try melatonin, supposed to help erections too.

Just spoke to the doctor about the latest round of blood tests i had.
Hes going to post them out and i will post them when i get them.
He said everything was in range, but he did note that my cholesterol was one of the lowest he has ever seen.

Low Cholesterol? Hows your DHEA?

Will post when i get result. Cheers

DHEA comes from cholesterole further down the chain. Perhaps low cholesterole = low DHEA?

Ive heard some doctors check DHEA-S as well as DHEA…

DHEA is vital to your sexual health.

Here are some more tests i had done. Any insight would be greatly appriciated. Thanks

Testoserone 13 (9-38)
Oestradiol 113 pmol/L … i think its 31.7 (10-50) i think n.z uses the canada range
Prolactin 200 (50-350)
LH 5 (2-9)
FSH 3 (2-12)
Free t4 11 (10-24)
TSH 2.43 (.4-4)
PSA .6 (0-2.5)
Ferritin 25 (20-350)
SerumB12 210 (170-800)
Serum Folate 35.7 (9-45)


Haemoglobin 115 (130-175) LOW
Haematocrit .36 (.40-.52) LOW
MCV 83 (80-99)
MCH 27 (27-33)
Platelets 290 (150-400)
WBC 8 (4-11)
Neutrophils 5.28 (1.9-7.5)
Lymphocytes 2 (1-4)
Monocytes .56 (.2-1)
Eosinophils .24 (0-.5)
Barsophils 0 (0-.2)
ESR 32 (1-10) HIGH


C-Reactive Protein 9.8 (<5.0) HIGH



Urate .32 (.2-.42)
Creatinine 60 (50-110)
Estimated GFR 140 (80-120) HIGH


Fluroride glucose 4.3 (3.5-7.8)
HBA1C(FCC) 41 (20-42)
HBA1C 5.9 (4-6)

Wheres the DHEA?

You need SHBG its very important.

Your low on T and FSH…typical post fin stuff.

Your estrogen, while in range, looks high compared to your low testosterone.

Your c-reactive protein is high. You need to find out why. Ask your doc.

Did you get billirubin checked in your liver profile and what was the result with ranges.

What does estimated GFR mean?

Your creatine is low. Doesnt creatine produce DHT to some degree?

C-reactive protein - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3969&hilit=reactive+protein

You are right Golf, I just didnt want to freak him out…

Its internal inflamation and somthing you really want to find the cause of as it MAY be a serious problem. It may also just be something insignificant.

Interesting copper toxicity has popped up again in that link. Thats all im gonna say about it.

Will go back to the doc and get more tests. He said last time he would refer me to an endo if i didnt get better.


Copper 20.9 (12.3-17.3) HIGH

Urine results to follow


your TT came down instead of going up.

Your telling me…i feel like im 80 years old now, walking round the block is a day out :cry:
My tsh has doubled also, not sure this means anything?