Anonymous user's theory: DHT treatment to increase 5AR2 expression


Post from this medical doctor. Funny how he mentions 3 adiol G before any of us KNEW what it was. It’s obvious he knows whats going on.
My question is, what would constitiute a high does of DHT 1x a week? What dosage? I have no problems experimenting with this my friends, it’s been over 7 years, the time to do something is now…

POST(from what he says is we’re missing DHT in the prostate and brain, no wander WHY a lot of people got brain fog, and prostate problems…Think about it…:

However, there are guys who have high DHT serum levels after Finasteride (albeit serum DHT is apparently not entirely accurate, one should measure its metabolite 3 -diol-G, aka 3a-androstanediol glucuronide via 24 urine panel, as well as androsterone/etiocholanolone (A/B) ratio in urine as a measure of 5a-reductase activity – see… and they still have issues.

You correctly cited DHT as TRT decreasing gonadotropins, so here is my solution:

  1. High DHT once a week to activate the 5AR2 in brain

  2. This will decrease testosterone in the pituitary and reverse the sensitivity of anterior pituitary to low testosterone, and restore 5AR2 activity in the prostate to increase NO (nitric oxide) synthesis and erectile function.

  3. Both DHT and NO will restore libido, as once a week DHT will not shut down gonadotropins.

  4. Remember, we are not trying to replace DHT – we are trying to restore 5AR2 activity. If it takes months, so what! Nobody is getting better with any other therapy so by now most are patient.


Also my current point of view. I started living a guniea pig life for now, trying to avoid any direct hormonal substitutions.


anonnn1 - I have also been wondering how to achieve the elevated DHT levels that the anonomous doctor speculated may cure us. I could only find 3 things that appear to be dht boosters:

  1. Proviron - Wikipedia states this is a “DHT derivative”. Would this be sufficient to raise DHT?

  2. Primobolan - Wikipedia states this is a “(DHT) based anabolic steroid”. Again not sure if this could be used to raise DHT levels. It does sound promising in the wikipedia writeup in that it states:

Here is the link:

  1. Andractim cream - Someone else posted that this would not be adequate to get the dht level boost we are looking for.

If anyone else know of drugs to boost dht please post.


To my knowledge, Masteron is the best.

Masteron is a derivative of DHT (as you can tell from its chemical name: 2a-methyl-dihydro-testosterone propionate), but what they fail to tell you is that DHT and its derivatives are commonly used in treatment of certain forms of breast cancer (see the etymology here: MASTectomy, gynocoMASTia, MASTeron, get it?). Masteron is not clinically used for weight gain (as is common with most steroids), so this makes it a very unique steroid from that perspective. Unfortunately, much of the information on Masteron available in medical journals doesn´t focus on weight or strength gain or even fat loss, for those reasons. Most information on Masteron focuses on it´s use in treating certain forms of breast cancer, and it does this reasonably well.(4)(5) To give you an i


Anonomous doctor stated:

What does “raised about half as much as testoserone” mean? Does that mean the 5AR activity increased by 50%? Or was 5AR activity raised 50% relative to some increase in testosteone?

Anyway my current body weight is 77 kg (170lbs) so based on the above quote I would need at least 77mg of dht to try to replicate their results (however you interpret them). I don’t think that would be the supraphysiologic dose of DHT he is referring to. That would probably be much higher.


According to the Masteron website, 100mg of Masteron DHT per day is a good dose(600mg a week).

For a Supraphysiological dose, maybe 450-600 mg would be a starting point 1x a week.

do that for a couple of months, recheck hormone levels after that, see how you feel, if your test levels are lower, go on some tamoxifen.

We have to experiment here, we all suffer similiar problems.

It’s going to take some work.


Thanks for the advice anonnn1. I was also thinking of somewhere between 100 and 450 mg. Wikipedia mentions both of those levels used in tests it references on Proviron. I’ve place an order for Proviron from one of the Steroid sites. They use PayPal so seems pretty legit. Probably won’t start until Mid-January, after my doctor visit.


Let me know how it goes please…



Just want to add my 5 cents worth.

I don’t think Masteron should be taken in too high a dose at it opposes oestrogen which is highly necessary for libido and erectile functioning.

I took 1000mg over the 4 days when I was back in UK and I felt it opposed my E2 when I took too much.

I will restart on 75 mg every other day. (when I receive my gear). Certainly a maximum of 300mg a week in divided doses.



Thanks for the info. Are you talking about Proviron (Mesterolone), or drostanolone (Masteron)? It sounds like you are talking about the latter. How closely related are these two substances? Which one is stonger?


did you try masteron yet? Please share some experiance with us.




The steroid web site that I ordered Proviron (Mesterolone) from has said that it is out of stock and they do not know when it will be in. So basically I’m back to square one trying to find an online source. I’ll keep you posted when I finally get some. BTW they did refund me my money thru PayPal.


Has anyone tried this procedure with large doses of Proviron once a week and if so any success at all?


Would this be a good alternative? … ohard.html

I’d get some but they don’t ship to my country, ugh

I think it’s one of the better theories out there for sure



Oral Mesterolone (Proviron) seems to work for me. I believe IM Mesterolone is required.

Masteron is the WRONG type of DHT to take.




Have you tried IM Mesterolone yet?


Why do you say its the wrong type to take?


Because of bioavailability. Proviron pills are only like 4% bioavailability where is the injectable powder is far superior. Your body absorbs more of it.


But he was saying that Masteron is not the right kind of DHT.

Masteron is administered IM. Proviron is the 4% bioavailable oral tablet.

What am I missing here?


Because of Androgenic activity. Read JN’S, he explains it good.