Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


Hi Greek

I was using melatonin before I was prescribed an antidepressant by my psychiatrist. I have different strength at home, as well as fast release and slow release.

The anti-depressor is agomelatine and it acts on the melatonin receptors. When I take melatonin with it, I get really bad results. It’s supposed to help depression and insomnia but I have no evidence of either of those . So far, the only proven effect is the fifty bucks a month hole in my wallet. I’m currently tapering it off.

I’ll have to wait 21 days after the last dose to completely flush it out my system and then I’ll use melatonin again.

I think it’s a good thing to try. Thanks for reminding me !


By the way, it’s the same for all amino acids.

Someone taking SSRI shouldn’t take Tryptophan or 5-DHT as it acts on the same receptors

Someone taking benzodiazepine shouldn’t take Taurine or GABA as it acts on the same receptors

Someone taking bupropion shouldn’t take Tyrosine or L-Dopa as it acts on the same receptors

I could go into details for each one but you get the idea. We have to research the drugs our doctor happily gives us, check on which mechanisms they’re acting and be careful with the aminos that are working on the same mechanisms. They are likely to damage us more than help us.


Day 16: 300 mg of Theanine didn’t change much anything. I didn’t have a great night of sleep although not as bad as when I took 4 gr of Tryptophan. I would rate it 5.5 when compared to the nights in the last 4 months

Today the plan is to take 200 mg of Theanine both at 3pm and again 6pm, then 400 mg at 9pm. (I go to sleep around 10pm). It’s considered a high dose, but not an overdose (apparently you can’t overdose from Theanine) That will bring a definite answer to the validity of Theanine in treating insomnia. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, I move to another amino.

Update: Change of plan. I’ve had anxiety again in the afternoon. It’s becoming more frequent; I’m doing something wrong. I took Theanine and it fixed it but I’m not going to play cats and mouse with my brain, chasing the right amino to balance manually my Cortisol / DHEA / Epinephrine / Nor-Epinephrine / Serotonin / Dopamine / GABA.
Although it’s been a great learning experience and I can pretty much know which amino to take for specific bad feelings I’m having, the solution has to be more natural than that. I’m aiming at a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet, exercise and supplement all in reasonable quantities. If I can be 80-90% symptom free, I’ll just let time do its job.

I take 400mg of Pregnenolone every morning. That’s a large doe. It was suppose to produce allopregnanolone but without 3α-HSD, which many of us are not producing (including me) i’m taking it for nothing. I’m raising my overall hormone levels (enzymes, neurotransmitters, some neurosteroids) but the ones I’m aiming for, which is allopregnanolone and tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone can’t be produced without 3α-HSD (some sources mention 3β-HSD as the enzyme responsible, others mention the 5α-Reductase.)

I think the large dose of Pregnenolone is responsible for the increasing episodes of anxiety. In any case, I’m not producing either allopregnanolone or tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone so that didn’t work. I will have to tapper off Pregnenolone as this one is not an amino that can be stopped cold turkey without major side effects… I will decrease by 50mg a day until I reach 100mg, which I will keep.

I will still take 400 mg of Theanine tonight, as I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow (I can afford a bad night if it goes wrong)


Day 17: Still didn’t sleep good. Theanine is good to patch anxiety, but I toss and turn all night. Last night rating 5/10

I feel great during the day, it’s just the nights that are a bit annoying. I’ve had worst before, like trying to sleep and be completely stressed out and get no sleep at all, so I can’t complain, but my sleep was better before I started Pregnenolone.

Quote:“The most common dangers of Pregnenolone are headaches, hair loss, irritability, anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, night sweats and/or acne.”. I’ve had slight headache in the morning after taking it, anxiety and insomnia. No hair loss. Finasteride made me immune to that ! Ha ha.

Quote:“withdrawal can be difficult. You may experience restlessness, high levels of anxiety, and nervousness. Some people report depression, fatigue, and even paranoia when stopping the supplement. The safest way of withdrawing from this supplement is to reduce your dosage by no more than 10 mg per day.” Great, I’ve been feeling good for too long. This will make a nice change !
I wonder why I didn’t research that before jumping to 400 mg a day ? This should serve as a warning.
I took 400mg for 10 days. On day four, I was suspicious Pregnenolone could have worsen my insomnia. I should have been more alert and stop at first sign of trouble like I did for DHEA.

Chech out this story:

Similar to our stories but induced by Pregnenolone and DHEA. I changed my mind about aminos being only food.

So today I’m taking only 350 mg and I’ll try to taper off to zero, decreasing 50 mg per day (because reducing 10mg a day would take me 40 days). If withdrawal symptoms are too strong, I’ll keep the dose I’m at until they decrease and then reduce again. I can always use other aminos to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

It will take me at least until next Sunday to tapper off to zero. Soon after, I will have finished tapering off my antidepressant too. Meanwhile, I’ll be on a stricter diet, reduce carbs and increase saturated fat again.


Day 18: I slept better last night. 6-5/10

This morning I took 300mg Pregnenolone. I’m on a roller coaster ride. I’ve been irritable, I had rage, anxiety, moments of calm and happiness, pride, feeling strong, then sad and I want to cry.

I’m strapped in for the ride and there’s no way out. I can’t go back to 400mg, I can only go down to zero. But just like scuba diving, I have to stop at the same level to decompress. So it looks like I will have to stay at 300mg tomorrow and until I can stabilize, then I will lower again.

I had good moments during those 18 days of experimenting. I think 5-htp and Tyrosine and doing me good, but than again Pregnenolone clouds everything. I won’t know until I’m off that one.

Clonazepam will be another one to get off of, but one thing at a time. I’m confident I can get off Pregnenolone within a week or two, Also I’m on my 2 days off L-Dopa, and that one really helps for addictions (Because es La Dopa mi amigo !) Ha ha.

At least it’s not boring.


Day 19: I slept good. 7/10. I’m on the right track.

I will try to reduce Pregnenolone anyway. I took 100 mg already, I’ll take another 150mg later today, and I may take another 50 mg later on if 150 mg is not enough. Altogether, I will not exceed 300 mg, but I will spread it out through the day. I’m trying to push the limits, but not too hard.

Meanwhile, I’m doubling down on the ketogenic/carnivore diet and take no more than 20 gr of carbs a day (which has brought anxiety in the past).
I’m also taking Theanine to counter withdrawal symptoms.

Update: I had lots of work and felt stressed all day, which I used to get the work done, and that’s the only withdrawal symptom I had. I ended up taking 100 mg Pregnenolone in the morning, another 50 mg an hour later and 50 mg early afternoon and that’s it. So I went from 300 mg yesterday to 200 mg today.
Tomorrow I should be able to cut to at least 150 mg, if not 100. Let’s see. Sleep seems to improve.

I’m still taking 5-HTP 100 mg and Tyrosine 1000 mg two time a day, which really works for me. L-Dopa works well too, but I’m on a break as it can be addictive. I took Theanine 200 mg on the spot, whenever I felt too stressed. It works on Serotonin, Dopamine and GABA together. Not to be used all the time, but it’s like an Aspirin for stress or anxiety. Pretty cool !


Just reading through the last few days of your updates and it seems you have made some solid discoveries. I am considering Theanine at bedtime to be added to my Mirtazapine. As you know… I’m currently taking melatonin and really want to stop taking that stuff alltogether. Do you think Theanine would be a good option to replace the melatonin for bedtime?

Keep up the good work. Your log is very detailed and def helpful for those of us who are trying to manage expectations with supplements for sleep.


Thank you for your encouragement.

Melatonin is really mild, not addictive and is found in many food. I would not be concerned about it. It is not mild indeed, it did not appear in any of my research on aminos for insomnia. In my opinion, it can help a bit, or you could stop it and not see a difference. One thing I’m pretty sure, it’s non addictive and non damaging.

The thing you and I have to worry about is the sleeping drugs and our body building tolerance to it. I’m now at 3mg clonazepam. It’s a race against the clock: trying to get better before the pills have no effects anymore.

Here are a bunch of different amino acids recipe I found for insomnia:

GABA (100mg-3gr) Before sleep
Glycine (1,2,3 or 5gr.) Before sleep

5-HTP (50-200mg) Twice Daytime
L-Theamine (200 mg) Before sleep

GABA (100-250-750mg) Before sleep
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
L-Theamine (200 mg) Before sleep
Glycine (1,2,3 or 5gr.) Before sleep
Tryptophan (500mg-1gr) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day

DLPA (500-1000mg) (DL-Phenylalanine) Day time
Tryptophan (500mg-1gr) Day time , up to 3 X a day
Tyrosine (500-1000mg) Daytime, before exercise
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep

Glycine (1,2,3 or 5gr.) Before sleep

Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
Ornithine (1-5gr) Before sleep, Removes Amonia
Arginine (1gr) with Ornithine
Before sleep, makes Growth Hormone.

DLPA (500-1000mg) At Dinner
5-HTP (50-200mg) Twice Daytime
Tyrosine (500-1000mg) Daytime, before exercise
Glutamine (5-10 gr.) Before sleep
GABA (100-250-750mg) Before sleep
L-Theamine (200 mg) Before sleep
Tryptophan (500mg-1gr) Before sleep , up to 3 X a day

Minerals and vitamins:
Zinc Food State (12 mg) Before sleep
B-3 (Niacimide) Before sleep
B-6 Food state (5 mg) Before sleep with Zinc
Methylcobalamin B-12 (1000mcg) Before sleep, under the tongue
Magnesium (250-500mg) At Dinner
D-3 (10000 ui) Daytime

As you can see, Theamine is in many of them. I will soon come up with my own complete recipe. I’m still waiting on Phenylalanine to help regulate dopamine receptors along with Tyrosine.


Day 20: Sleep was not as good. 6.5/10. It must be because I didn’t take Theamine before going to sleep, or it’s a result of Pregnenolone withdrawal. Today, I will continue tappering off Pregnenolone. Yesterday I took 200 mg, today, I’m aiming at taking between 100 to maximum 200 mg, spread out throughout the day in 50 mg doses. I don’t think Pregnenolone is bad in itself, I just think the dose I’m taking is too big. It should be 10-25 mg per day max or none at all. Our body changes cholesterol into Pregnenolone and it’s the starting point for most hormones. I suspect we produce many grams per day, considering the total amount of hormone, enzymes, neurotransmitters and neurosteroids that needs to be produced. But we only produce what we need. When we take Pregnenolone supplement, our body ends up with stuff it didn’t order and then has to deal with it.

Update: There’s a decrease in sex drive. I’m not surprise, Pregnenolone makes all sexual hormones. Please guys, DO NOT take this as a hint to take Pregnenolone to increase sex drive. It transform into way too much thing and is not targeted enough. Plus there are horror (true) stories about Pregnenolone doing the same fin or SSRI does to people. If a person is predisposed to have hormonal problems, as I think it appears we are, taking large doses of that stuff is asking for trouble.


Day 21: Even worst night of sleep. 5/10 and I’m at 3 mg of Clonazepam instead of my usual 2.5 mg.

I manage to take only 100 mg of Pregnenolone yesterday and I took the same already today. I’m somewhat irritable, but mostly I’m discontent with life, a little restless and bored.

I will have to consider that either this is the result of the withdrawal symptoms of Pregnenolone, or that Pregnenolone actually did good to me around 200-300 mg / day and now I’m below that dose. After all, I did feel pretty good for a week or two after increasing to 400 mg, Then I had symptoms of it being too much.

So I’m not having a crash here, nothing catastrophic, I’m just reverting to how I was a month or two ago: demotivated, bored, without hope for a better future, a bit irritable and angry at my state of mind, less caring about my children because more self centered etc…

Note that I have no exterior reasons to feel bad. I have three beautiful children whom I love, business is booming: I’m getting richer, things are better with my wife, I can have sex many times a week… It’s only those god damn neurotransmitters that are making me feel bad.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll go on taking 100 mg Pregnenolone per day for a week or so and see if I get better (in which case we’re talking withdrawal symptoms which are going away with time) or maybe I’ll stay discontent as I am now, in which case I am stabilized in a worst amino/hormone configuration than I was when taking 200-300 mg. Then I’ll take it from there.

Also note, in the last 3 days I didn’t take L-Dopa which especially helps with withdrawal symptoms and addictions. Today I’m back to taking 350 mg twice a day.

Update: I’m exploring new ways of feeling bad I never felt before. I had a mix of stress, anxiety, anger (more like latent rage), restlessness, something similar to boredom or maybe more like being extremely discontent. All of it being hormones and neurotransmitters induced. In addition I was feeling quite nauseous. I took L-Dopa and Theanine and went to see the movie Aquaman. I had to do something passive to keep my mind busy.

I came out of the movie not only very calm and balanced, but in a state of trance. I foccused on it and ended up staying in a place in my mind, like in the eye of the storm, where everything was calm, happy and peaceful. I made a conscious effort to stay in that place. I had new ideas coming to me, like the balance between globalism and nationalism. I understood we are one planet, one people, yet understood the importance of nations protecting cultures that are not equal by any measures, but each one having unique strength and weaknesses that globalism threaten to destroy. I understood the necessity for humanity to take the best of each culture and the need for some new kind of respectful and sustainable globalism, not as it is currently implemented with exponential consumerism. I also understood how the increasing tensions and dissatisfaction between sexes and races would be the precursor of a greater unification and how we would tap in the strength of each others instead of pretending we’re all the same.
Just like the Christian imposed faith and the suppression of science brought up the opposite: the scientific approach which has no assumptions, no believes, but only observation and logic; The current fragmentation of genders and races will bring us together like never before, in respect with each one’s humanity.
I came out of this trance completely exhausted and wanting to sleep but was still very much at peace with myself and the Universe. The bad feelings didn’t come back.

I had a similar experience a few months ago, in the middle of my worst anxiety crisis ever. The kind of anxiety I would choose to die rather than have to endure, I did a meditation; concentrating on the pituitary gland (third eye, also the hypothalamus) and I saw and felt something like a big gyroscope spinning completely out of balance. I was concentrating on pumping energy from the Universe and feeding it to the gyroscope in an effort to stabilize it. The strength of the gyroscope was overwhelming and too much to withstand. I was thrown off, away from it many times but I kept at it. Eventually, I came out of this meditation completely calm, peaceful, happy and balanced, but also very exhausted. I could barely walk but I transformed a panic attack into a peaceful state of mind by meditation only.


Day 22: Best night of sleep for a while. 8/10. I took lavender oil on top of 3 mg clonazepam, but in the past there was time this didn’t even work. So I feel good about it.

Today, I’ll try taking only 50 mg of Pregnenolone. I’m changing my mind, 100 mg is still a lot. I’ll taper off to between 10-25 mg or maybe zero. Anyway, I have no way of telling if Pregnenolone was beneficial or not and with all the cholesterol I’m eating my body has all it takes to produce as much as it wants. (Pregnenolone is made out of cholesterol by the body.)

Update: The day went well. I’m feeling good, strong, centered and happy. I’m motivated and quite horny. My wife agrees we should do something about it.

Speaking of which, I will start another thread on amino acids for sexual symptoms. I have enough experience and feel comfortable about concluding this experiment on neurological symptoms but I have yet to introduce DLPA (That’s the natural L Phenylalanine and the synthetic D version of it). Combined with L-Tyrosine, it will create the neurosteroids that regulates the nucleus acumbens, where the Dopamine receptors are concentrated. This, in turn, should not only fight anhedonia and procrastination but also enhance sex drive. We’ll see…

In this way, the experiment for neurological symptoms will merge into the one for sexual symptoms. I’ll still create a second thread though.


Day 23: My sleep was agitated, although I slept god enough and even overslept. I must have been in bed for 11 hours ! I think it’s the new aminos I’m introducing for sexual symptoms. They’re basically all pro androgen so I better take them in the morning or at lunch. Many have to be taken before exercise so 1pm would seem a good time and would have less chances to disturb sleep.

Today, zero Pregnenolone and I finished tapering off the anti-depressant yesterday. So far, I didn’t feel any difference. If I feel bad, I’ll take Theanine as someone takes an aspirin for a headache.

Update: Zero side effects from Pregnenoione or withdrawal, and no beneficial effects I’m missing yet.
I will have to believe this one did nothing good to me, and since I reduced to 100 or 50 mg, I’ve slept better.
Today I took none so let see if I can at least sleep decently well tonight.

All other aminos I’m taking are doing a good job. Speaking of job, we’re very close to Christmas and I will only be able to do short posts until the work rush is over. I will continue on the same diet, exercise, supplement and see if I can stabilize at my current level. I’m 95% symptom free, I am in the best shape I’ve ever been and I look 10 years younger than I did a year ago (no kidding.)

The only remaining symptoms are the first ones that appeared 4-5 years ago: insomnia, desensitization of the genitals and a lower sex drive. But considering other aspects have improved compared to say, ten years ago, I can say I’m in a good place.

It would be wiser to not play with aminos for sexual symptoms as it can make me worst than I am now. So I will go easy on this last experiment and try and find directions rather “the cure” to all my symptoms. I already know what the cure is: It’s time.
(and then death and being reborn into a brand new baby, but those are my personal convictions. You can think whatever you want of that, it’s all the same to me.)

I will let some time pass to make sure I can keep that new balance, and if it’s the case I will summarize all I did to get there. This will end this part of the experiment .


thanks ozeph for the update.
I am also reaching 2 years of suffering. with no improvement
do you think your situation improved gradually over time or was it a sudden change


Doing a ketogenic / carnivore diet made a sudden change. Most of the neurological symptoms disappeared in 3 days.
Soon after I introduced a pure whey protein isotale shake twice a day and started doing weight lifting and exercise. That gradually improved my overall health and made other symptoms disappear.

The amino acids and supplement I’m taking have more spontaneous, shorter lasting effects.

5-HTP, Tyrosine, DLPA, Dopa, Theanine clear the brain fog, irritability, depression, procrastination, makes me focus, calm, motivated and sometime happy. I have to start again the next day, some of them I have to take twice a day.


Day 29: I found the reason for my increased anxiety: it was the antibiotics killing my biodome. I stopped the antibiotics, started taking pro-biotics, and I had no more anxiety. That simple.

5-HTP 100 mg really help for reducing irritability and aggressiveness, while augmenting assertiveness and confidence. The days I take it twice are better than the days I take it in the morning only. Tomorrow, I’ll try taking it 3 times. (but I won’t take more than 2000 mg of Tyrosine)

The only thing that’s keeping me from being symptom free is insomnia. With the latest episode of decreasing Pregnenolone (which got me under stress) and destroying my bio-dome with heavy antibiotics, I ended up increasing Clonazepam by 33%. I’m now at 4 mg before bed, and it doesn’t even guarantee I can sleep. I have to do more research.

Pfs sufferers commonly have insomnia. If I’m to describe mine, I would say it’s somewhat a feeling of being fully alert, as in the day time, with a feeling of being excited. There’s no anxiety or depression although I do feel bored and exasperated by it. I’ll do more research on Orexin.

Quote: “Orexin, also known as hypocretin, is a neuropeptide that regulates arousal, wakefulness, and appetite.The most common form of narcolepsy, in which the sufferer experiences brief losses of muscle tone (cataplexy), is caused by a lack of orexin in the brain due to destruction of the cells that produce it.”

Quote: “Deficiency in orexin has also been linked to narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.”

Quote:" Narcolepsy results in excessive daytime sleepiness, inability to consolidate wakefulness in the day and to consolidate sleep at night." Mice with Orexin deficiency had narcolepsy and " were transitioning frequently and rapidly between sleep and wakefulness" Now I can definitely relate to that. This is what I’m experiencing. Falling asleep and waking up dozens of time in a single night.

So a lack of Orexin would cause losses of muscle tone, loss of appetite and loss of sleep, as well as loss of arousal and loss of wakefulness (brain fog ?)

I’ve read pfd sufferers having symptoms related to all those four (in bold letters). I personally had severe lack of muscle tone that would last for hours, and then be normal. In those episodes, I couldn’t climb stairs or stand up for more than 5 minutes. Later it would disappear, showing it had nothing to do with the muscle themselves. I have sleep disorder. That’s a fact.

Orexin is produced in the hypothalamus. I believe this little (pituitary) gland is responsible for A LOT of the symptoms we’re having. From lack of sex drive, to desensitization to ED, all the neurological symptoms, including anhedonia, lack of motivation, anxiety, depersonalisation and insomnia.

I have to find the precursor to Orexin and understand its mechanism. I don’t believe in inhibiting the receptors. I think this can be damaging. But if I could take the amino acid that makes Orexin in the morning, maybe I could have a productive day and a good night of sleep !.

Quote:“Orexin seems to promote wakefulness. Recent studies indicate that a major role of the orexin system is to integrate metabolic, circadian and sleep debt influences to determine whether an animal should be asleep or awake and active. Orexin neurons strongly excite various brain nuclei with important roles in wakefulness including the dopamine, norepinephrine, histamine and acetylcholine systems[14][15] and appear to play an important role in stabilizing wakefulness and sleep.”

Quote:“In humans, narcolepsy is associated with a specific variant of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) complex. Furthermore, genome-wide analysis shows that, in addition to the HLA variant, narcoleptic humans also exhibit a specific genetic mutation in the T-cell receptor alpha locus. In conjunction, these genetic anomalies cause the immune system to attack and kill the critical orexin neurons. Hence the absence of orexin-producing neurons in narcoleptic humans may be the result of an autoimmune disorder.”

I’ve already suspected auto-immune response to be a cause of pfs symptoms.

I looked on how to increase Orexin levels and I found this:

  1. Consume more fermented foods. Eating fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles can help increase orexin production. …
  2. Eat less sugar and carbs.
  3. Try intermittent fasting to increase your orexin levels. …

In my opinion pro-biotics would therefore also help, as it’s a larger amount of good bacteria than fermented food, Eating less sugar and carbs is the diet I’ve been on for 5 months and it has eliminated almost all neurological symptoms, and many people have talked about the benefits of fasting. (a Ketogenic diet like the one I’m doing activates mechanism in the body similar to fasting.)

I’ll continue my search for information, but I think I’m on to something.


I found this website:

Many of the tips for increasing Orexin are stuff I’ve been doing for decreasing my pfs symptoms. And there’s more I haven’t tried.

I think I know which direction to take next.


Day 30: I’m getting very close. After noticing clonazepam (a benzodiazepine), even at very high dose, could or could not make me sleep, i didn’t understanding why it would or wouldn’t.

I now understand. I believe I had an auto immune response 3-4 weeks after stopping fin. My immune system, aside from attacking hyperactive androgen receptors, attacked Orexin producing neurons. It appears those neurons were attacked while I was taking fin also, since insomnia started 4 years ago.

My opinion on my diagnostic, I have narcolepsy caused by low levels of the neuropeptide Orexin, due to an autoimmune disorder cause by fin, or more exactly an over expression of the AR after stopping fin.
I took 1/4 (2.5 mg) of an anti-histamine pill yesterday (hydroxyzine) as the histamine also regulate the wakefulness state to a lesser degree than Orexin. As a result, I slept like a baby without waking up in the middle. I will tapper down clonazepam and take it with hydroxyzine until I find the right balance. As I do the things I wrote below and gets results (especially with lactate), I will try to decrease and quit both drugs.

So I will take this approach to address the low Orexin levels:

  • I will lower inflammation by taking either curcumin or turmeric with oilve oil and black pepper (piperine increases by 10 the abortion or curcumin) Oups, no. Curcumin and turmeric not good for 5-AR. I won`t take those
  • I`ll take gelatin (collagen) in low doses (2-3 gr.) to reduce food allergies and auto immune response due to food. Auto immune response destroys Orexin producing neurons.
  • I will be more serious about my training schedule. Exercise activate Orexin
  • I will add lactate and pyruvate. Both increases Orexin effects by preventing glucose from blocking the Orexin receptors. (Lactate can be obtained by eating pure fructose as 25% of it transforms into lactate. Maybe I’ll put some in my coffee ! I’ll avoid glucose at all cost. It is an Orexin inhibitor)
    *Melatonin is an Orexin antagonist. Definitely a no go.
  • I will take pro biotics. It produces lactate and prevents guts related anxiety plus It activates the vagus nerve.
  • I will continue taking amino acids, especially Glycine and BCAA as those more directly enhances orexin levels (although all aminos do that. A high protein diet is good for Orexin).
  • I will continue to cut carbs, both sugar and starch. Grains produces estrogen anyway, so not good for my androgen.
  • I will stimulate the vagus nerve as per Quote:“In people with fatigue, food sensitivities, anxiety, gut problems, brain fog, and depersonalization, the vagus nerve is almost always at play.”
    • I will gargle water every day, It activates the vagus nerve.
    • I will trigger the gag reflex with my fingers everyday (but not to vomit) It activates the vagus nerve.
  • Continue will L-Dopa as it activates the orexin neurons
  • Continue having a coffee with cream in the morning, but without sugar. It produces orexin
  • I will try breathing in a paper bag as much as I can 1 hour before sleep. CO2 increases Orexin.
  • I will continue my ketogenic diet with fervor. It’s directly aligned with all that helps Orexin production.
  • I will try Glucosamine, as a way the stop glucose from blocking the Orexin receptors. It’s got lots of good effects anyway. (plus, I have plenty of it. might as well take it)

I’ll keep you posted as always.


Hey man just an FYI these are supposed to be 5ARIs. I heard of someone on a hair loss forum claiming to get pfs from these.

Also I just want to say how much I appreciate your detailed posts. You’re doing all of us a service and setting a great example on how to document.

Happy holidays


Wow. I checked it out, you`re right. I just canceled my order at Amazon.

Thanks. I owe you one.

And thank you for your encouragements. I dont get much comments so sometimes Im asking myself if Im doing this for nothing. I can see Im not, so I`ll go on until I can come to a conclusion, and a protocol (a very adaptive one I guess).


Please don’t feel disheartened about updating! There will many, myself included who read your posts but rarely comment.