Amino Acid For neurological symptoms


Day 9

Still doing good. Yesterday i had a mini crash from eating tofu and miso so I still have some food reactions, but today i had a chocolate truffle and no anxiety. 2 months ago, I had 2 chocolate truffles and anxiety for 3 days.

I am now at 400 mg Pregnenolone, 1000 mg L Tyrosine with vitamin B complex in the morning, on an empty stomach.

I have strong coffee with 2 tsp of sugar as well as 2 slices of bread and butter for breakfast.
It looks like food, but the purpose is actually to increase 5ar, progesterone and allopregnanolone production without boosting Cortisol levels.
Almost everything I ingest in one day has something to do with one aspect or another of pfs symptoms.
Tomorrow, I will make the coffee stronger and sweeter and see what comes of it.

I still continue the protein shakes, the coconut oil and the high fat / carnivore diet which, along with exercise, are at the pillars of being almost symptom free for me.
By the way, when I started the pure whey isolate protein shake, I was taking up to 4 spoons in the evening (which is double dose) as well as 3 spoons in the afternoon. I was not mixing it with vegan protein shake at the time. I would get spontaneous erection during the night that would last for hours. I found it a bit annoying as in my turning and tossing routine, I’m sleeping on my belly 25% of the time (and it feels weird with a boner…). I had to stop taking such high doses after feeling ill from it. I believe it was from too much L-Cysteine.

I’m stopping DHEA for the moment, this amino being naturally produced from Pregnenolone.
I’m also stopping Glutathione as I have ample supply of L-Cysteine in the protein shake for my body to produce its own
I’m stopping 5-htp, as it is produced from Tryptophan and I have increased the dose to 2gr at night, with 250mg of B3 (which I will increase again)
I stopped L-Dopa for a few days, to prevent tolerance and addiction and I stopped L-Theanine as it is not produced by the body and although it has a calming effect, I’d rather be stressed and have my body response to that stress the way it’s supposed to (with nor-epinephrine, and if I’m lucky enough with tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone and allopregnanolone which are both heavily affected by fin)

All other vitamins and minerals are unchanged (vitamin B, C and D, as well as Magnesium and some calcium are very important for neurotransmitters functions and conversions)

I continue taking Choline & Inusitol to keep my liver clean from the effects of the high fat diet .and I will take L-Arginine and it’s companions (Ornithine and Citruline) only on training days.

My objective is to concentrate on Pregnenolone, Coffee (weird, I know), saturated fat, Tryptophan, Glycine and B3 in an effort to reboot 5ar and allopregnanolone production (plus the other one with the long name), and high doses of Taurine to regulate the GABA (A) in the absence of Allopregnanolone.

I’m waiting on DL Phenylalanine to take with L-Tyrosine in an effort to regulate the nucleus acumbens and its dopamine receptors (Provided I can still convert those two aminos into Phenethylamine and tyramine) . Once I receive the DLPA, I will take DHEA and L-Dopa again and sex drive should go up.

I think I will try and get some 5a-DHP to bypass the progesterone / 5ar conversion and get some allopregnanolone anyway. This way, I could compare what it feels like to have allopregnanolone working again and compare that to how I feel without 5a-DHP. It would give me an idea of my current allopregnanolone levels.

Results: My serotonin levels are high. At least, I’ve achieved that. So I’m confident, ready to take on life’s challenges, and i’m calm with a good sense of humor. My capacity to concentrate and solve complex problems has increased and although I’m still waking up and tossing at night, the overall quality of sleep seems to be enough to get me through the day without fatigue, even under the work stress and exercise.
Sex wise, I function normally. I have an erection before taking my clothes off when my wife and I are going to have sex. The thought of it is enough stimulus. Sensibility is still not like it was before, but it’s getting better. I can’t wait to supplement with L-Valine. It should increase sensibility.

If it wasn’t for the draconian doses of amino acids, vitamins. minerals, saturated fat and special diet, I could close my eyes and almost believe I’m normal again. Then I have sporadic crashes, like when I had soy products or chicken liver, just to remind me I’m still sick and I’m artificially maintaining a symptom free life (for as long as it last and I don’t presume it will last nor it will stop. I’m just doing my best with no expectations.)

I will read more on boosting 5ar production. As long as I have insomnia, I’ll have to assume 5ar is not at its normal level, or there is still some damage I haven’t found or though of.

Any idea on what I could be missing anyone ?

Thank you.


I believe that if you’re currently looking at boosting 5AR, coconut oil is to be avoided as it is an inhibitor.


Oh ! That’s right. I’ll have to rethink my energy source. Maybe I’ll have to use more tallow. It’s more heavily saturated.


Day 10:

My cold is not getting better and neither is my sleep.

I will stop all extra amino acid supplements and stick with the vitamins, minerals, diet and protein shake for a few days to see the difference.

I’ll keep you posted.

1:30 pm Update: So I didn’t take my morning aminos: 400 mg of Pregnenolone, 1000 mg of L-Tyrosine.

At noon, I verbally attacked my wife, she had me understand she had done nothing, I apologized. Later when I was alone I found a frying pan in a place where it shouldn’t be; I almost threw it through the window. I realized what I was going to do and instead I proceeded to smash it with a hammer. At least I saved the window…
Needless to say, I’m not feeling good. I’m irritable, aggressive, have sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. I have brain fog. Looks like low serotonin levels.

What a contrast to what I was writing 16 hours ago ! I like it. It shows the difference it makes when I take those aminos, or maybe it’s the symptoms of withdrawing them suddenly.

Either way, I quickly took the aforementioned aminos I missed this morning, plus some 5-HTP which will convert into serotonin rapidly and some 250 mg of B3 to help in the process. I’ll post my results in a few hours.

4:30 pm: I’m calm and focused again. Gee. It’s really like changing the settings in the configuration panel…


I’m just re-reading through your thread and you are def seeing some interesting changes. I’m going to plan to struccture in some of the same Aminos in the next week or so. The one difference between you and I is that we take different stuff for sleep Remeron vs Klonopin. So the mood changes are going to be different as Remeron seems to make me a little happier and less cranky towards my family . LOL


I’m still confused about what exactly I should take, what do you plan on taking ?


Day 11

Yesterday I took only Pregnenolone 400 mg, Tyrosine 1000 mg , 5-HTP 100 mg, B3 250 mg along with my usual minerals and vitamin. I also took 100% pure whey isolate protein shake instead of mixing it with the vegan one. I’m sure it doesn’t make much difference but I want to revert to what I was doing 6 weeks ago and I was sleeping better.
I Took Tyrosine 1000 mg , 5-HTP 100 mg, B3 250 mg again in the afternoon and I’m still taking Choline as it cleans my liver from all the fat.

I didn’t take L-Dopa, GABA, Glycine, Theanine (which I will eliminate from my daily routine and take only if feeling stressed during the day), Glutamine, Tryptophan or Taurine.

I slept good and woke up rested, but a bit drowsy. That mean my sleeping pills, Clonazepam, are working normally. The tossing and turning since I started this experiment seems to be an interaction with that pill. As it acts on the GABA (A) receptors, I think GABA and Taurine are the culprit. They also act on the same receptors.

Today I will take Tryptophan 2000 mg and B3 250 mg before sleep and see how It goes. If I sleep well, I will introduce Glycine again (my skin is really better since I took it. I look younger) and later Glutamine.

I’ll keep you posted.


Yours is an antidepressant working on serotonin (and an antihistamine). This is why you are less irritable as irritability can be a sign of low serotinin. Mine is an anxiolytic working on GABA (A) receptors. I believe yours, being also an antihistamine, would do better against insomnia. But I’m not going to change anything. My goal is to stop all drugs.

By the way I’m tapering off and plan to quit my antidepressant soon (agomelatine). I’m not depressive, I just have insomnia as my main problem.

Just as I have to be careful about taking GABA and Taurine, I think you’ll have to be careful about taking Tryptophan and 5-HTP as they convert into serotonin. I am not a doctor, this is just my opinion.

Personally, I like Pregnenolone as it converts into just about any hormone or neurotransmitter your body might need.

Keep me posted on your results.


Day 12 I’m getting very close. I had a wonderful night of sleep.

Looks like it was the GABA and / or Taurine, both of which act on the GABA (A) receptors, that was interfering with my sleeping pill, Clonazepam, which also acts on GABA (A). It made me toss and turned all night, from the first hour to the last; although sleep was still good enough in between tosses to have me go through the day.

Yesterday before sleep I took 2000 mg of Tryptophan as well as 250 mg of B3, as I said I would, and although I didn’t take Glycine, I had an oxtail stew made from the left over of a bone broth, and some soup containing bone broth and gelatin. That’s quite a bit of collagen, 30% of which is Glycine. I don’t how much Glycine I had, somewhere between 1-5 gr although it’s just a guess, but my point is it didn’t disturb my sleep. I think I’ll have no problem taking 3-4 gr of Glycine before sleep, on days I don’t have collagen in my food.

Yesterday I had sex three times, but couldn’t reach orgasm on the second time. It looks like I have a refractory period of 8 hours not on erections, but on sensitivity. I’m waiting to receive L-Valine to try and fix that, and I’ll do more research when the time comes.

I just had 400 mg of pregnenolone, 1000 mg of tyrosine, 100 mg of 5-HTP and vitamin B complex. I will now do some cardio to activate those… I didn’t stress enough how exercise is important in taking aminos. Amino acids are the building block of protein, and you need to build protein (when doing weight lifting) or replace protein (as in doing cardio) to use them.

I’ve read many research mentioning how resistance training was important to increase and balance male hormones. It’s way more complete than just TRT, which is uni-dimensional.

I’ll keep you posted.


Day 13 Woke up at 5am, a bit tired today.

Yesterday I had the idea of taking DHEA in the afternoon. It transform into testosterone and estrogen and got me a bit irritable. Also I didn’t sleep as well. It’s hard to know why some nights are good while others aren’t.

I removed DHEA from my list of supplements, anyway Pregnenolone transforms into DHEA if needed. I’ll let my body decide.

I also had only whey protein shakes and did not use the vegan one at all and I was a bit nauseous after taking the evening one . I think I will use half whey half vegan for the evening shake. It’s got digestive enzymes and maybe that’s why I slept better the night before ? Who knows ?

I’ll get my hand on digestive enzymes as soon as possible.

What I know is that it’s a delicate balance to keep. Changing aminos can change my mood, but it can change even when I change nothing else. I guess I’ll have to get used to not knowing what the next night and the next day will be like.

I’ll update if anything special happens during the day.

Update: I’ll not take Glycine tonight and see what happens. I’ll just take Tryptophan and B3.

What’s giving me the best effects are B3, L-Dopa, 5-HTP and Tyrosine during the day, Tryptophan and B3 at night. I’m still taking Pregnenolone in the morning but I’m not sure what it does. But I know what it does when I don’t take it, so I keep at it.


colanzepam def makes my junk less sensitive. so did taurine. i take zoplicone for sleep and even tho its a shit drug i dont get the desensitization i get with pams


Thanks for the tip. I stopped Taurine and I’m thinking of changing my sleeping pill from Clonazepam to either Remeron or Colanzepam.

But before I do any of that, I will try L-Valine and some natural herbs to regain sensibility.


I think Klonopin, Clonazepam and Colanzepam are all the same drug but different names for generics? I’m not totally sure.


You’re right. Knonopin and Colanzepam are brand names for clonazepam, which is the actual name of the chemical.
The brand name of the clonazepam I’m using is Rivotril.

I should have said I’m thinking of changing my sleeping pill from clonazepam to either mirtazapine (brand name Remeron) or zoplicone .


Now I understand why I had a huge change in sex drive and sensibility when I changed from Alprazolam to clonazepam.

Zopiclone should to be taken on a short-term basis, usually a week or less.
Clonazepam dependence occurs in one-third of people who take clonazepam for longer than four weeks.
Remeron can be taken longer apparently but comes with its own disease: serotonin syndrome.

All three have black box warning, meaning they are dangerous and all three have withdrawal symptoms.
We’re going to have a tough ride when stopping: insomnia, panic attack, anxiety, headache, vomiting etc…

I wonder if there are better, healthier alternatives ?


Day 14 I took Lavender oil (Silexan) as well as my usual sleeping pill. I had a good night of sleep but woke up and tossed around starting 4-5am. I can have similar results If I increase the dose of clonazepam from 2.25mg to 2.5mg. Both looks bad to me.

As for the aminos, I can say they make quite a big difference in mood during the day. I’m calm, patient, I have good humor and I’m motivated to do my work.

Those responsible:
Pregnenolone 400mg on an empty stomach early morning.
5-HTP 100mg in the morning
Tyrosine 1000 mg in the morning
B3 in the morning
L-Dopa twice a day, at breakfast and lunch.

I still haven’t found what I should take at night to improve sleep. I want to stop the dangerous drugs.

Glycine and Tryptophan seems to have no effects, not at the doses I’m taking anyway.
Taurine and GABA seems to interact with clonazepam or cause sleep disturbance by themselves but it may just be one of the two that does that. I’ll try GABA alone. Some say it doesn’t cross the brain barrier. I think it has less chances of having adverse effects (if any effects at all)

I will try increasing these aminos separately, to see which one makes a change:

4 gr Tryptophan (because I took 2gr yesterday and incrementing is best)
500 mg Theanine
GABA 750-1500 mg (later I’ll try it with Theanine)
8 gr. Glycine (later I’ll try it with GABA)
10 gr. Glutamine

I’ll post the results.


How’s current sex drive ?


Medium, but incomplete. I feel horny but not enough to do something about it. I can postpone it for a week without too much strain. Apparently, the sleeping pill I’m taking makes it worst.

Also I’ve had enough of self pitying myself. I’ve decided to not make this disease the center of my life. I’ve had drugs and alcohol addictions which I overcame and very deep, long lasting depressions in the past.
Each was worst than the symptoms I currently have from this disease, each was crippling me to the point of not being able to work or be in a relationship (and I survived that anyway).

Life is not perfect. I accept that. I"m feeling good enough to go on and have a constructive life, for myself and for others.

Too bad I’m not having sex like I use to.
Anyway, I was never getting enough so a lower sex drive means I’m less often dissatisfied than before.

I’ll continue posting my experiments. I find it interesting and it might be useful to others.


Day 15:

I took 4gr of Tryptophan before going to sleep. Bad idea. It took me 2-3 hours before I could fall asleep and then I turned and tossed all night. Needless to say, I had a bad night of sleep.

Conclusion, Tryptophan does indeed transform into serotonin which, in turn is supposed to transform into melatonin. Maybe I wasn’t clear with my body about doing that last part but it seems it omitted to do so.

There’s something educational about this experiment: I may not synthesize melatonin properly which may explain why I’ve been having insomnia for 4-5 years. Duh !

So today, I’m going back to base level, taking all my normal stuff that has proven to work, and tonight, I’ll take 300 mg of Theanine. I don’t have much expectation. Theanine is supposed to raise serotonin, dopamine and GABA levels. Too much serotonin prevents me from sleeping and GABA may interact with the benzodiazepine pills I’m taking. Tomorrow, I’ll take 600 mg. Let’s see.

For those on SSRI: don’t take extra Tryptophan or 5-HTP aside from what’s in your food. You may end up with too much serotonin and may develop serotonin syndrome (like you need another syndrome !)

By the way, I found this app on Play Store: BrainWaves
It plays some different sounds in each ear and promotes sleep, among others. Everytime I used it I slept better. Could be a coincidence, but it’s free to try, for a change…(I’m glad I haven’t calculated the money I spent both on fin and on trying to eliminate pfs symptoms. I bet I could have bought a car for the same amount !, But what can you do ? Pain is priceless !)

Update: It’s 9 pm and I feel anxiety. I don’t know if it’s the result of taking 4 gr of Tryptophan yesterday or eating too much carbs today (I was having anxiety every time I would eat carbs, 2-3 moths ago. I just started eating carbs again recently.) So considering I skipped 5-HTP this after noon, I took 1 gr Tryptophan to produce serotonin as well as 300 mg of Theanine. In theory that should calm me down. Let’s see what practice does.

Results: I calmed down 30 minutes later.


That’s interesting re: tryptophan-serotonin-melatonin. Apologies if you’ve written about this already but have you tried melatonin as a supplement?

Thanks for the app suggestion, I’ll give it a try.