Alpha Adrenergic (type 1) specific blockers for a normal penile state (tested and true)

In doing some research on what I believe as CPPS causing our “prostate symptoms”, I have discovered that (in my case) Alpha-1 blockers induce a normal flaccid state, reduce and/or eliminate my spider veins, induce normal penile color, return sensitivity, easier to achieve erections, and allow my dorsal vein to relax into a smaller, lighter, more normal position.

There are alpha and beta adrenergic receptors, then there are alpha1 and alpha2 receptors, then there are alpha-2 (A), (B), and © subtypes.

Because of this, there are many different type of alpha blockers aimed at different results. The ones that benefit us are a1 specific. I used Minipress/Prazosin.

This blocks Norepinephrine and Epinephrine from acting on the receptors that cause the smooth muscles in the pelvic floor to constrict.

A word of warning though!
Tirate your dose up slowly.
Day 1-3 - 1mg at bedtime
Day 4-5 - 2mg at bed time
Then slowly tirate up so that eventually you are taking 15-20mg in 3-4 daily doses. The effects only last 4 hours or so.
Do not stand up too fast. Low blood pressure is a side effect if you do not tirate. I almost passed out after my first dose because I stood up to go piss too fast.

I have not used in conjunction with Viagra, but it should be a kick ass combo, just watch for low blood pressure symptoms.

Phentolamine and Doxasoin are alternatives to Prazosin, although I have not experimented with them.

Please do not mention Flomax in this thread. It is not an Alpha-1 blocker.

I have been seeing a prostatitis doctor for a few months or so. Started my last antibiotic about a week ago. Thought I had some good improvements in penis fullness and erection function almost immediately. The ab was the generic brand of flagyl.

A few days later I was to add uroxatral. It’s an alpha 1 blocker. It does not shrink the prostate from what I have read on the net. I tried one pill last Tuesday and will agree that it makes the penis fuller… But I thought it made my delayed ejaculation even worse, so I quit after 1 pill.

It’s now about a week on flagyl and today was a very good day. I don’t know if it’s the combination of the ab’s I was on or this one in particular, but, I’m another one that seems to have found some success with ab’s. Who knows why or how long it will last?

Are there risks of developing a tolerance to these drugs?

I do not believe you can develop tolerance.

BlueJays, yes alpha1 blockers can cause some men to take longer to ejaculate, but I would say most PFS men would welcome this.

i was three days on minipress some weeks ago, but it made my veins more prominent

moonman1, do you have general muscle problems in your body and if so does the alpha 1 blocker help with general muscle relaxation? I ask to understand how it’s affected your flexibility in the pelvic drop exercises and in general in your body.

Sorry if it’s off topic… Someone asked me in pm to share some more ab info here.

After numerous tests… Semen, urine, blood, DRE, TRUS… I was diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis. Treatment started with zithromax+amoxicillin then septra and now finally flagyl. All generic brands. Didn’t really have many symptoms other than groin pain.

Since starting the flagyl as stated in my earlier post - penis fullness and sexual function is good. I was able to have two orgasms in one day of sex that has not happened in over 2 years. Even 1 through sex was almost impossible.

I also average 1 cialis a week. Am I pre-propecia sexually, no. Is this a cure, no. Just something that has helped me improve. My penis is much thicker erect now.

Yes, it helps with pelvic floor relaxation. A lot of the “tenseness” goes away, although not 100%. I have only taken small doses, so I still do not know what an average dose does.

I also have not done any pelvic drops or forced pelvic relaxation while on A1b’s. So I can not comment on that.

Last night I combined Prazosin with Viagra and had pretty damn good sex 3 times.

3 times in a night? Jesus, I haven’t had sex 3 times in the last year. Erections are a thing of the past.

Looks like doxazosin and cialis in combination is gaining popularity over at musclechatroom.

Bumping this thread because of so many shrinkage posts and alpha blocker PMs I’m getting…

moonman what was numbness like and how do ab improve this then?

They improve the “numbness” by blocking catecholamines from attaching to the adrenergic receptors in the smooth muscles of the pelvic floor. Blocking this allows the blood vessels to dilate so better blood flow to the whole region, including the penis.

can be taken seriously as an alternative?

Alternative to what? All it does it make the condition more managable. Its not a cure, its a crutch… its helped me a LOT, just the psychological boost I get from not walking around with string cheese dick anymore is worth it in my opinion.

Basically what BP said above ^

Not a replacement for Cialis or Levitra if thats what youre asking. Used great in conjunction with it though if you arent susceptible to low blood pressure.

I find it more useful in just knowing that our dicks are not permanently shrunken rather than practical use of it every single day.

Always work?

Prazosin and Viagra?

how do you get your hands on this stuff, fairly sure you need prescription in aus for alpha blockers.

Ordered mine from an online pharmacy.