Alpha Adrenergic (type 1) specific blockers for a normal penile state (tested and true)

Bro if you can get xyrem… The doc will prolly hand you alpha blockers out of his pocket. They are not considered a major medication.

I want to point out that there are risk of heart issues with Doxazosin.

Is BlueJay the only one to use Uroxatral. This one has a much longer half life than Prazosin so it is more interesting to me. And it also comes in extended release tablets.

Are these basically the only three tried?

I’ve been meaning to get one of these for a while since moonman first reported their dramatic effects on reversing penile changes, but have never got round to it.

Would one of these do?

Slightly worried about the blood pressure as mine is a bit on the low side anyway.

Yes, I believe so. However, Moonman was talking about using 15-20 mg a day! The high dose one here is 5 mg. Broken Pecker also uses; not sure on his dosage.

Start with 1mg, tirate you dose up slowly. I have heard of people taking 15-20mg daily total through split dosing. I highest in a day I ever took was maybe 6-8mg…

I use 2 mg of Prazosin… But I ran out a few days ago. I used the minimum dose to get the desired physical effect.

have any side effects??

prazosin and viagra cyalis??

How long does it take for them to kick in upon first taking them…I have taken 2mg today…1mg early afternoon and another 1mg 4 hours later. It hasn’t seemed to have much of an effect yet. It said on another site that it could take up to 14 days to take effect!? Is this true?

I was of the understanding they would work straight away given that they only last for 4-8 hours??

I am taking Hypovase/Prazosin.

Considering trying Prazosin and Cialis together.

Any side effects by anyone who has done this?

consider cycling those supps instead do everything daily … although others may have different advice so really weigh your options

I took them together and managed to have sex 3 times in one night. I still was not 100% erect, but a lot fuller than normal.

Just be careful with your blood pressure.

Thanks, I’ll give this a shot within a couple of weeks here hopefully.

Anyone have a trusted site to buy Prazosin from?

Ok so I’ve built up a tolerance to prazosin … now it takes 4 mg to be effective for me.


were you taking it every single day?

Most days yes.

@moonman1, do you still use these alpha blockers to get laid?

No, they lower my BP too much and make me a zombie.

Did you have hard or large flacid syndrome

Hey mate, could u explain why you said that Flomax is not an AB1 type ? Tamsulosin (Flomax) is sold as an α1 adrenergic receptor blocker.

Cheers mate.

I do not really know why I said that, likely I was just wrong.