Almost cured for one week... and then back to PFS

In the last 2 months I have been using a VED, following the advice of a prestigious urologist I visited in July. He told me that if I didn’t want to take Cialis, I could try with a VED.
Apart from the mental/emotional side effects, I was having an hourglass effect in the middle of the penis, which may be blocking the normal blood flow (the urologist’s hypothesis was that Finasteride may have stopped testosterone from making it’s effect in part of the penis, and using the VED would help to renew the cells, receptors, etc.).
So I bought the VED and started working in September…

After one month, the hourglass was disappearing.
Now after two months it has almost completely disappeared.
A week ago, I suddenly felt the urge to masturbate and was able to do it with libido for the first time in 4 years…
The day after, I was able to have sex with my girlfriend without taking any Viagra nor Cialis.
I was also feeling extremely calm, peaceful, with libido, like in the old days… All this lasted around a week.

But suddenly, 3 days ago, back to PFS. Yesterday I tried to have sex but had no libido, and the erection was very weak. Also that strange sensation in my head (anxiety, worry) came back.

Does anyone has some explanation to what may have happened?
PFS looks like some sort of neuroinflammation: when inflammation disappears, then everything goes back to normal (libido, erections, peace of mind).
Then for some reason, inflammation comes back, and like a dam blocking a river, the normal flow gets disrupted.

Anyway, I feel quite optimistic now. That night I had sex was so much like in the past!!
Will keep trying.
But please let me know if you have any hypothesis :slight_smile:


First, what is VED? Second, did you also had erect size loss along with hourglass? If so, did it come back to 100% normal erect size in that recovery period? I also have flaccid hourglass issue when i go to pee… do you also have curve/bend on penis?
Sad to hear you are back to pfs man… hope you recover again.

Thanks for the update @aldo, I have also had moments of complete recovery, and as you say, it is as if nothing ever went wrong at those times.

I think it’s entirely possible that once we know what to aim at that this whole situation will be able to be fixed.


VED = Vacuum erection device. It’s a pump. You can visit an urologist and ask him about the best model and how to use it. Always do it with the follow up of a specialist because otherwise you can harm yourself.
I had exactly the same symptoms. The hourglass in the middle was probably a consequence of low testosterone during my intake of Finasteride. Then that area became hard-flaccid and the blood flow got impaired. In order to solve the problem, according to my urologist, I needed to force erections.
I used Cialis for one year but it didn’t help much. I guess it’s because Cialis only gives you stronger erections, but actually what you need to solve hourglass and hard-flaccid is longer erections. And if your nocturnal erections are impaired, only VED can give you this result.

All this is so strange. It’s a combination of neurological + penile tissue changes. Like a spasm both in the brain and in the penis.

I’ve had times like this with tribulus as well I feel very close to how I used to felt mentally and sexually but ultimately I cannot maintain the improvements.

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I’ve had at least a dozen temporary recoveries lasting from a few days to a week. Always comes full circle to my normal baseline. The cruelest thing ever. But also serves as a reminder that the “normal” we experience is certainly not normal, and something is terribly wrong.

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yeah going through a bad phase this week myself. Thought I was almost there as had been feeling progressively better over last year, then wham almost like back to square one for no apparent reason


Sorry to hear that EskimoJoe, please know that this comes from a good place, and isn’t at all meant to annoy you, but please fill out the survey.

It will make a difference, it’s something you can control.

how do u fill it out?

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Click on the bar graph between the magnifying glass and the globe in the top right of the computer screen.

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@WeCanBeatThis can you find the bar graph on your screen?

Great, can you finish filling out the survey?

You’ll get a tick on your avatar when it’s done. :slight_smile:

Sad to hear, but even men without pfs have ‘off-days’. Is your hourglass-shape still disappeared? Do you still use the Ved and how is your overall penis now? Do you still see progress in comparison with pre-ved?

What kind of recoveries are that? Can you go on some detail? Would you say you experience semen volume, orgasms, penis size and hardness 100% back to pre-pfs healthy level? Any bend on erect penis resolved too? Wow man! at least we can assume these issues are not permanent i like to read things like this to stay sane… thanks.

hourglass has almost disappeared, although am not sure what will happen if I stop using the VED. Erections are still difficult but stronger than before the VED. I guess it’s a matter of time.
Anyway, am happy I found a way to keep the smooth muscle active, without using daily drugs.

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Things are better but not at 100%. Time and exercise with the VED will help I guess.

I think you made a very good point and useful for a lot of pfs-guy’s

Curious what pressure and time your pumping at? I injured my penis using one of those devices and it’s safe to say it scared me off of them for good. I’ve been numb and limp for 4 days, although the morning elections are getting slightly stronger every day, but I’m getting nerve pain now so it might take me a month or so to recover that. But one of the scariest things ever. Last session I had I went completely numb and Impotent afterwards.